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E learning excel vba programming lesson 5


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Recording First Macro ..!

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E learning excel vba programming lesson 5

  1. 1. Excel VBA – 5th Session
  2. 2. First StepFirst Step to Record a Macro :Before recording a macro in 2007 make sure theBelow shown Menu ribbon is appearing in ExcelThis Menu , helps us to do the Macro Activityeasily. To get the same please follow theprocedure mentioned in the next slide
  3. 3. Developer Tab Options1 3 Click on Microsoft Office Button as shown 1. Then Click on Excel Options as shown in 22 Select Customise as shown for 3.
  4. 4. Developer Tab OptionsOnce you open the developer Tab Options as right side picture, you can select all macrorelated menu buttons and press OK, to find below menu bar
  5. 5. Recording a MacroNow you are ready to record your first Macro. 1 Click on Record Macro Button as shown in 1, and you get the Popup as shown in 2. You can write the Macro Name there. Macro should start with Alphabet and it can contain numeric , but should not contain Special 2 Characters and Space. You can have a short cut key, but make sure , it will not contradict with existing shortcut keys of Excel. You can write a brief Description of Macro for your future reference
  6. 6. While Recording Macro
  7. 7. More to come…!Hope you understood, how a macro is recorded.In the Next Class we will discuss , how to editmacro and change macro ( edition VBA Code)