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A preview of VIV Russia

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VIV Russia - Preview/Review

  1. 1. EVENTPreview/Review Online & accessible From March 2011 - Until March 2013
  2. 2. P erendale Publishers Limited launches it’s ‘Event Preview/Review’ service for 2011. Each ‘Event Preview/Review’ will focus on one industry event completely, bringing you all the information you’ll need to know in order to attend. We will link you through to the organiser’s website for complete details and also through to those advertisers who are supporting the publication of this document.‘Event Preview/Review’ documents are digital and will be updated following the event to bringyou a variety of views on the outcome from various individuals and companies. The documentwill remain online until the next event takes place, providing useful information to those planningto attend the next! Contents 4 EVENT NEws New initiatives characterise VIV Russia’s fifth edition Russia reverses ban on frozen poultry imports Russia: self-sufficient in poultry by 2013 Feed to Meat exhibitor target groups Feed to Meat visitor target groups VIV Russia: from Feed to Meat Meat safety is a global business - it’s your business! Every step in the meat production process Exhibitors from the entire Feed to Meat chain Special theme: Feedtech-Croptech Russia 2011 Improving meat safety Practical information About Moscow 10 VIV RussIa 2011: KEY FaCTs Admission / Opening Hours Venue How to reach Crocus Exhibition Center Hotel and Travel Visa Information 12 EXHIBITOR INFORMaTION Exhibitor List Provisional Floor PlanPlease join our Twitter list for VIV Russia 2011 and we will keep you up-to-date on all thelatest information, changes and news relating to the event – and published in our digital EventPreview/Review document. 3
  3. 3. eVent newsNew initiatives characterise VIV Russia’s fifth editionWith less than three months to go, already 278 exhibitors from 30 countries have reservedexhibition space for VIV Russia 2011. VNU Exhibitions Europe and ASTI Group, the organisersof this event for animal production and meat processing expect to welcome 300 exhibitorsand expect to cover a surface of 9,000² net; this is 500m² more than the last edition in 2009.VIV Russia is being organised for the fifth time. This fifth anniversary features presentations fromcountries such as China, Italy and France. There are also two new initiatives: a special Feedtech-Croptech Pavilion for the milling, processing, storage and handling of feed and crops and theMeat & Poultry Congress which is supported by the Canada Pork International. Show dates arefrom 17 - 19 May in hall 7 and 8 of the InternationalCrocusExhibitionCenter in Moscow.Growth market Eastern EuropeEastern Europe is a growth market for the world-wide ‘Feed to Meat’ industry. The Russiangovernment is investing heavily in agricultural development programmes. Many of these schemesfocus on the feed and meat supply chain, and the pig and poultry sectors are high on the list ofpriorities.Visitors campaignVIV Russia’s visitors campaign officially starts March 15. Starting onthis date visitors canpreregister on the special online page on . In addition, thetrade fair organiserstogether with the exhibitors are distributingprinted and digital invitation tickets in English andRussian amongst the desired visitor target groups.Country pavilionsThe presentation of countries at VIV Russia includes official pavilions from China (Beijing Tech),Italy (I.C.E. Instituto Nazionale per il Commercio Estero) and France (UBIFRANCE & BretagneInternational). China is represented with 9 companies, Italy with 11 companies and France with15 up to maximuml 18 companies. There is a special presentation with Spanish exhibitors aswell.Feedtech-CroptechFeedtech-Croptech will be presented for the first time at VIV Russia after the recent successesof this Pavilionatvarious VIV exhibitions worldwide. Participants in this presentation are AmandusKahl and Awila (Germany), Bühler (Switzerland), CPM and Van Aarsen (the Netherlands), ESE(United States), Muyang (China) and Walinga (Canada). The concept of Feedtech-Croptechinvolves technology for the production of feed, food ingredients/inputs and fuel. The participatingcompanies focus on the primary processing phases of crops. More specifically, the concept fullycovers the production of feed, pre-mixes, pet food, flour, vegetable oil, raw material feedstuffsand (ingredient) foodstuffs, biomass and biofuel products.Meat & Poultry Congress 2011On May 17, the first day of VIV Russia, the Canada Pork International will be organising itssummit in the shape of a high level conference event for the pig related visitors to the exhibition.This event is especially interesting for industry stake holders and policy makers. High-rankingspeakers will focus on new opportunities for the development of meat production and trade.The conference will be opened by the First Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Mr. V.A. Zubkov andthe Minister of Agriculture of Canada Mr. Gerry Ritz. As well as this, the trade fair organisers arepreparing a conference which focuses on poultry and dairy.www.viv.netThe opening hours of VIV Russia 2011 are Tuesday 17 and Wednesday 18 May from 10:00 to18:00 and Thursday 19 May from 10:00 to 17:00. For more information: reverses ban on frozen poultry importsFriday 24 December 2010 Perendale Publishers - Event Preview/Review of VIV Russia 2011
  4. 4. Russia reverses ban on frozen poultry importsRUSSIA - The authorities have reversed an earlier decision to ban the sale of frozen chicken,which was to have come into force on 1 January.Russia’s consumer rights watchdog will allow frozen chicken meat imports from the start ofthe year, after thinking again on the issue, its head Gennady Onishchenko said yesterday, 23December.RIA Novosti reports Mr Onishchenko as saying: “As for a total ban, we have postponed it for theforeign market, and we will continue increasing chilled meat turnover on the internal market.”.Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, said in October that Russia could do without poultry importsfrom 2011.In November, Mr Onishchenko said poultry freezing was an outdated and crude technology,which led to a loss of many of the useful qualities of meat. He also praised the inert gastechnology, which, he said, allowed storage of poultry for up to 120 days.But the National Meat Association said at the time that a technology for chilling poultry in inertgas did not exist, while the intention to ban freezing raised the question of whether Russiaintended to export meat, as it could not be exported chilled.In his latest statement, Mr Onishchenko said that in negotiations with the EU Russia “hadmanaged to win 400,000 tons in the deli segment.” He has said that Russia will prohibit makingdeli food from frozen poultry.RIA Novosti adds that US poultry has traditionally accounted for almost 80 per cent ofchicken imports in Russia with this year’s quota standing at 600,000 tons. But in January, Russiachanged its hygiene requirements, prohibiting processing of poultry with chlorine with a higherconcentration than in drinking water. The bulk of imports was banned because the chlorineconcentration was higher than the new norms. Poultry supplies were renewed in September2010.Russia: self-sufficient in poultry by 2013Russia, a major importer of poultry could become self-sufficient in three years, which is withinthe 2013 target set by the government to reach this goal. Russia, which has been developingdomestic pig and poultry breeding to cut its dependency on imports worth hundreds of millionsof dollars, has said it should stop poultry imports in three years. “As far as poultry meat isconcerned, the target (of reaching self-sufficiency) may be achieved even earlier (than 2012-2013),” Sergei Mikhailov, the CEO of Russian meat producer, Cherkizovo told the Reuters RussiaSummit.Poultry imports“Imports from the start of the year to July 1 were some 150,000 tonnes. We survived and canmake a preliminary conclusion that maybe imports are not necessary and we may reach self-sufficiency.”According to official customs data, Russia imported 169,800 tonnes of poultry meat in January-July of this year, 75% less than in the same period of 2009 after banning imports from topsupplier the United States for more than six months.“Therefore the talk is no longer about volumes on which Russia is dependent. Imports willcontinue, maybe 400,000-450,000 tonnes in the whole year (of 2010),” Mikhailov said.“If there is an increase of production by 200,000 tonnes this year and an equal volume, ifnot more, next year this will reduce imports to minimal volumes of 200,000-300,000 tonnes(annually).” 5
  5. 5. Visitor informationFeed to Meat exhibitor target groups • Industrial feed processing equipment, supplies, raw materials • Feed ingredients and additives • Feed • Animal health • Animal breeding • Farm equipment • Slaughter equipment • Meat ingredients • Meat processing, -packaging, -handling, refrigeration, egg processing, dairy processing • Meat-, dairy-, eggproducts • Subjects covering parts or all of the above-mentioned items in the meat supply chain • Knowledge transfer and consultancyFeed to Meat visitor target groups • Feed mills • Poultry farms • Pig farms • Cattle farms • Fish farms • Agricultural farms • Meat slaughtering companies • Meat (further) processing companies • Feed ingredients and additives companies • Farm / industry equipment suppliers • Distribution / wholesale / retail / trade meat (products) • Other distribution / trade agencies • Veterinarians • Research / consultancy • Large-scale integrated companies • National / local authoritiesVIV Russia: from Feed to MeatIn its role as the nation’s platform on animal production and meat processing,VIV Russia showcases the industry’s developments by the Feed to Meatconcept. Feed to meat brings together supply and demand within thecomplete animal protein chain. The driver behind the chain concept is thatanimal feed and animal health are vital for meat quality and safety. VIV Russiawill represent every step in the meat production process. Related topics willbe featured in the VIV Russia Conference.Meat safety is a global business - it’s your business!Every step in the meat production processFrom 17 to 19 May, VIV Russia 2011 kicks off in Moscow. In its role as thenation’s platform on animal production and meat processing, VIV Russiashowcases the industry’s developments by the Feed to Meat concept. At VIVRussia, Feed to meat brings together supply and demand within the completeanimal protein chain. Perendale Publishers - Event Preview/Review of VIV Russia 2011
  6. 6. Exhibitors from the entireFeed to Meat chain Feedtech-Croptech Russia 2011 Throughout Russia investments grow rapidly in technology andVisitors will be able to connect with companies from equipment for the Milling, Processing, Storage and Handling of rawglobal feed to meat industry including producers of materials for the purpose of Feed, Food and Fuel. The aim to becomeindustrial feed processing equipment, industrial feed independent in eggs and meat supplies and the focus on food safetysupplies and raw materials, producers of feed, feed requires significant investments. As one of the key emerging markets,ingredients and additives, animal health and breeding Russia offers a world of opportunities. In addition to Feed, a series ofexperts, producers of farm and slaughter equipment trends also indicate significant investments in milling equipment for theand many more. Food and Fuel sectors.special theme: Feedtech- Event structureCroptech Russia 2011 FCR 2011 will be presented at VIV Russia 2011 and includes:Throughout Russia investments are growing in Feedtech-Croptech Russia 2011 Paviliontechnology and equipment for the Milling, Processing,Storage and Handling of raw materials for the Exhibitors presenting their equipment for Milling, Processing, Storagepurpose of Feed, Food and Fuel. The aim to become and Handling for Feed, Food and Fuel at the dedicated Pavilion.independent in eggs and meat supplies and the focus Feedtech-Croptech Russia 2011 Conferenceon food safety requires significant investments. As Program of keynotes on trends and developments, and productone of the key emerging markets, Russia offers aworld of opportunities. In addition to Feed, a series of presentations by exhibitors.trends also indicates significant investments in milling Feedtech-Croptech Russia 2011 Walkequipment for the Food and Fuel sectors. A guided tour for visitors of all exhibitors active in Milling, Processing,Because of these trends, VIV Russia will organize a Storage and Handling at VIV Russia 2011.special theme: Feedtech-Croptech Russia. This conceptinvolves the technology of production for Feed, Foodingredients/inputs and Fuel. Feedtech-Croptech Russia focuses on the primary processing phases of crops. More specifically,the concept fully comprises the production of feed, pre-mixes, pet food, flour, vegetable oil, raw material feedstuffs and(ingredient) foodstuffs, biomass and biofuel products. To conclude, FCR 2011 covers the milling, processing, handling and 7
  7. 7. Visitor information Perendale Publishers - Event Preview/Review of VIV Russia 2011
  8. 8. storage of corn, wheat, rice, soybeans, rapeseed, nuts, sugar crops, fodder crops, root crops and other primary crops.At VIV Russia, Feedtech-Croptech will include a special pavilion with exhibitors showcasing their equipment for Milling,Processing, Storage and Handling for Feed, Food and Fuel at the dedicated Pavilion. A special conference with keynotes ontrends, developments, and product presentations, is held at the pavilion. Also included is the Feedtech-Croptech Walk. Thisguided tour will lead you to all exhibitors active in Milling, Processing, Storage and Handling at VIV Russia 2011.Improving meat safetyConsumer attitudes and behaviors towards food are rapidly changing on a global scale. Demands for healthy, convenient,fresh and safe products are increasing. Packaging is becoming more important with the selling process, as fresh foods areexpected to be conveniently packaged and easy to store. Animal production and processing is facing a difficult time. Aftermad cow, classical swine and avian influenza, consumers are skeptical and want guarantees about the meats they eat. Meatsafety can only be guaranteed if every step in the meat production chain is carefully monitored and controlled.Meat producing and – (further) processing companies adapt and improve their production processes to meet demands.International food quality institutions developed standards for quality assurance and secured traceability. The trend istowards systems that cover the entire food chain from primary production to finished products: from feed to meat. Andthat’s where VIV comes in. The driver behind the Feed to Meat concept is that animal feed and animal health are vital formeat quality and safety. VIV Russia will represent every step in the meat production process. Related topics will be featuredin the VIV Russia Conference.Practical informationVIV Russia 2011 is held from 17 to 19 May at the International Crocus Exhibition Center in Moscow. Go to for more information on registration, the exhibitor list and visa support.about MoscowThe first stops on any tour of Moscow are Red Square and the Kremlin - the heart, not only of the city but also thesymbolic heart of the Russian nation. Radiating out from the Kremlin and nearby Manezhnaya Square are famous streetssuch as ulitsa Petrovka and Tverskaya ulitsa, which runs north to Pushkin Square, and immediately south is the MoskvaRiver (Moscow River), which curls through the center in a series of winding bends.The Garden Ring Road encircles the city center and most of the famous sights are contained within thisboundary. Manyattractions are southwest of the Kremlin, along the river, including Gorky Park, the pedestrianized boulevard of ulitsa Arbatand the parklands surrounding the Luzhniki Stadium and Moscow State University. It is worth noting that most museumsare closed on Monday. 9
  9. 9. ViV russia 2011: KeY faCtsadmission / Opening HoursTuesday 17 May: 10:00 - 18:00 hrs.Wednesday 18 May: 10:00 - 18:00 hrs.Thursday 19 May: 10:00 - 17:00 hrs.The OrganisersVIV Russian Team:Renate Wiendels Rob BornsteinSales & Account Manager Sales & Account ManagerTel. +31 30 295 2788 Tel. +31 (0)30 295 2719Fax. +31 30 295 2809 Fax. +31 (0)30 295 2809Email: Email: rob.bornstein@vnuexhibitions.comErna Borrias Local contact in RussiaProject Coordinator Mrs Nariner BagmanyanTel. +31 (0)30 295 2721 Tel: +7 495 7976914Fax. +31 (0)30 295 2809 Fax: +7 495 7976915Email: E-mail: nbagmanyan@astigroup.ruVenueInternational Crocus Exhibition CenterPavilion 2: Hall 7 & 8Moscow, Russia aerotour Tel.: +7 (495) 925 30 40, 925 30 41How to reach Crocus Exhibition Center Fax: +7 (495) 925 30 44On December 26, 2009 a new metro station opened at the E-mail: visarf@aerotour.ruCrocus Expo Exhibition Centre, called Myakinino. visa@aerotour.ruThis station opened as a section of the Arbatsko-Pokrovskayaline. Myakinino is the first station of Moscow metro locatedoutside Moscow city. It’s situated in Krasnogorsk district of Moscow region close to the new headquarters of theMoscow region administration.The station features island platforms and three vestibules and it is integrated in the multi-storey car park. Two of thestation exits lead outside, another two exits lead to underground pedestrian walkways, and two more exits connectthe station with the exhibition centre. Each of the three vestibules has access to both platforms.Hotel and TravelAs for previous editions of VIV Russia Aerotour have been appointed as the travel agent. They can assist you in findingaccommodationVisa InformationAs for previous editions of VIV Russia we appointed Aerotour as our official travel agent. They can assist you in gettinga visa:Visitors from almost all countries will need a visa to Russia. It cannot be obtained at the border; therefore you shouldapply for it before travelling.The granting of a visa is at the discretion of the Russian Consulate.Aerotour has the power to grant visa support being officially registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They canassist you with support for the following types of Russian visas:Tourism or leisure, if you travel to Russia for a short period of time or with the purpose of tourism. For a tourist visato Russia, allowing foreigners to travel as tourists, you must have visa support documents (confirmation of a foreigntourist acceptance, tourist voucher and confirmed accommodation for every night of your stay in the country)covering the itinerary and no longer than for the duration of the stay at the hotels. We provide tourist visa support
  10. 10. documents free of charge and on the basis of hotel booking via Aerotour. Your hotel reservation should be paidin advance (invoice or credit card). After they receive your payment and scanned copy of your passport, they willprepare the documents and send them over to your fax or email. If hotel accommodation is not booked throughAerotour, tourist visa support is not provided. Please keep in mind that voucher and/or confirmation are not a visa,they are visa support documents! Tourist visa can not be extended in Russia.Business, if you visit Russia on official or private business, want to stay in Russia longer than for 30 days or need toenter Russia on frequent occasions within a certain period of time. Having support of the Department for FederalMigration Service of Russia in Moscow, Aerotour offers you assistance in obtaining business invitation for applyingRussian business visa. Business visa stamp in your passport gives you freedom of choice of places to stay at. If enteringRussia you prefer to stay at a hotel, Aerotour has the pleasure to book the most suitable one for you. If it is convenientfor you to stay at any other place, please remember that within 3 business days you must get registered! Aerotour ontheir part is ready to assist you with registration. Please keep in mind that visa has to be stamped into your passportby the Russian consulate in your home country before you leave for Russia!If you travel via Russian cities / towns to any other country, transit visa support can also be provided. “Moscow is the capital of Russian Federation. The city area is about 30 km in diameter and the population reaches to almost 10 million people”
  11. 11. eXHiBitor information Provisional Floor PlanExhibitor ListCompany name stand exhibiting inAcdivet, Acdima For Veterinary Medicines Industry Ltd 8.13A3 VIVR Animal HealthACTINI SAS VIVR Slaughter equipmentAgricultural revuew, magazine 8.12.A2 Knowledge transfer/ consultancyAgriculture of Omsk and regions 8.29.A3 Knowledge transfer/ consultancyAgriGo 8.6.F1 Animal housing & farm equipmentAgritech S.R.L. 7.18M2 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentAGRO-3 8.17.E1 Animal housing & farm equipmentAgrobusiness, magazine 8.29.A4 Knowledge transfer/ consultancyAgroforum, Publishing house 8.45.A2 Knowledge transfer/ consultancyAgroinform northern Kazakhstan journal 8.29.A5 Knowledge transfer/ consultancyAgroinvestor; agritechnics and technologies magazine 8.12.A5 Knowledge transfer/ consultancyAgromax 8.6G5 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentAgromir Chernozemya, journal 8.29.A6 Knowledge transfer/ consultancyAgronavigator 8.6.F3 Animal housing & farm equipmentAgrorinok magazine 8.12.A6 Knowledge transfer/ consultancy Perendale Publishers - Event Preview/Review of VIV Russia 2011
  12. 12. Agrosistema 8.18.E1 Animal housing & farm equipmentAGROSPROM Knowledge transfer/ consultancyAgrotechmontage 7.18.M6 Animal housing & farm equipmentAgrotechnology 8.5.K.3 Industrial feed, grain & raw material processing equipmentAgrovent-M 7.1.N1 Animal housing & farm equipmentAgrovetzaschita 7.26.P1 Animal HealthAgrovo Handelsges. mbH 8.39G1 VIVR Egg proc, packaging, handling, refrigerationAitera, agency of information technology Knowledge transfer/ consultancyALFA Contracting GmbH 8.56.F1 Meat proc, pack, handl, refrigAll about meat, magazine 8.29.A2 Knowledge transfer/ consultancyAll-Russian Meat Research Institute Knowledge transfer/ consultancyAll-Russian Scientific ResearchInstitute for poultry processingindustry 8.31.B2 Knowledge transfer/ consultancyAlltech 8.19.G1 Feed Ingredients & AdditivesAlt Group 7.22N3 Animal housing & farm equipmentAlvik 8.21.K3 Animal housing & farm equipment 13
  13. 13. eXHiBitor informationAmandus Kahl GmbH & Co KG 7.31.M8 Industrial feed, grain & raw material processing equipmentAngri 8.56.F2 Animal housing & farm equipmentAnimal husbandry of Russia magazine 7.14.R1 Knowledge transfer/ consultancyARC Nutrition 8.44.B3 Feed, Feed Ingredients & AdditivesARUAS Poultry Equipment S.A. 8.4H1 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentAstravet 8.34.E2 Animal HealthAviagen LLC 7.23O1 Animal BreedingAvis 7.13.P1 Animal housing & farm equipmentAWILA Anlagenbau GmbH 7.32N2 VIVR Industrial feed processing equipmentAZA International SRL 7..18M4 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentBalt ISA 8.33D1 VIVR Animal BreedingBaltTechMash Project 7.6.O1 Animal housing & farm equipmentBayle S.A. VIVR Meat processing, packaging, handling, refrigeBCF Technology 8.15C2 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentBegokon, CZ, S.R.O. 7.16O5 VIVR Egg productsBeijing Renhe Machinery Factory Especial for pig equipments 7.5P2 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentBest Poultry Technology 7..10M9 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentBiemmedue S.P.A. 8.15C8 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentBig Dutchman 8.34.E3-35.F1 Animal housing & farm equipmentBio, magazine 8.45.A3 Knowledge transfer/ consultancyBioenergia 8.5.K1 Feed Ingredients & AdditivesBiokompleks 8.9.L1 Animal housing & farm equipmentBiomin 8.56G1 Animal HealthBioprom 8.22.H4 Animal HealthBoehringer Ingelheim 8.22.H6 Animal HealthBolidt Synthetic Products & Systems 7.18M1 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentBrodhan Agri Equipment B.V. 8.25E2 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentBroMargo Sp.z.o.o. 7.15P2 VIVR Animal BreedingBuhler Group 7.29M1 VIVR Industrial feed processing equipmentBusiness card privet, joint-stock company Knowledge transfer/ consultancyBusiness of food ingredients, magazine 8.!2.A3 Knowledge transfer/ consultancyCARFED S.A. 8.4H2 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentCargill 8.24.F3 Feed, Feed Ingredients & AdditivesCBH Qingdao Co., Ltd. 7.5P1 VIVR Feed ingredients & additivesCeva Sante Animale 8.36.G2 Animal HealthCFS 8.26.D1 Meat proc, pack, handl, refrigChick Master UK Limited 8.23G2 VIVR Animal BreedingChina Meheco Pharmaceutical & Chemicals Import & Export Corp.7.5P3 VIVR Animal HealthChistozor 8.3.F.1 Animal housing & farm equipmentChore-Time Europe B.V. 8.6G5 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentCipla Ltd. 8.13A2 VIVR Feed ingredients & additivesClima-Vision 7.20L5 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentCobb Europe 7.6O0 VIVR Animal BreedingCompound feeds magazine 7.14.R11 Knowledge transfer/ consultancyConception Ro-Main Inc. 8.51F4 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentContract Publishers 8.45.A8 Knowledge transfer/ consultancyCPM Europe B.V. 7.30L1 VIVR Industrial feed processing equipmentCTCBIO INC. 7.20L3 VIVR Feed ingredients & additivesDACS A/S 8.4K1 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentDanlen 7.19.L5 Animal housing & farm equipmentDansk Vilomix A/S 8.27C3 VIVR Egg proc, packaging, handling, refrigerationDanzim 8.24.F6 Feed Ingredients & AdditivesDeutsche Vilomix Tierernährung GmbH 8.20H3 VIVR Feed ingredients & additives Perendale Publishers - Event Preview/Review of VIV Russia 2011
  14. 14. Dosatron International S.A. 7.19L1 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentDSM Nutritional Products 8.40.F3 Feed additivesEFPIT, Publishing house Knowledge transfer/ consultancyEkoton 7.9L2 Animal housing & farm equipmentElemer 8.56G2 Animal housing & farm equipmentElster Instromet B.V. 7.20L5 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentEMF Lebensmitteltechnik - Anlagenbau GmbH 8.20H1 VIVR Slaughter equipmentEmka Incubators N.V. 8..21L3 VIVR Animal BreedingEmpire of cold 7.14.R8 Knowledge transfer/ consultancyEvrovetagro 7.1.N3 Animal HealthEWABO 8.24.F5 Animal HealthFacco S.P.A. 7.8M2 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentFalcon S.R.L. 7.15P1 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentFancom B.V. 8.26D2 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentFarmaWord Rus / Neva-Vet 7.27.O1 Animal 8.45.A10 Knowledge transfer/ consultancyFit Farm Innovation Team GMBH 8.23G1 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentFood industry, Publishing house 8.12.A9 Knowledge transfer/ consultancyFoodmate B.V. 8.49D1 VIVR Meat processing, packaging, handling, refrigeFoodstuff industry, magazine 7.14.R3 Knowledge transfer/ consultancyGasolec B.V. 7.19L1 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentGEM Company 7.29M2 VIVR Industrial feed processing equipmentGigola & Riccardi Spa 7.17N2 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentGoros21 7.25.R3 Animal HealthGrand Valley Fortifiers 8.44.B1 Feed ingredients & additives 15
  15. 15. eXHiBitor informationGrimaud Frères Selection 8.33D1 VIVR Animal BreedingGS1 Russia 7.4R1Haarslev Industries 8.36G3 Offals processing equipmentHartmann Lebensmitteltechnik Anlagenbau Gmbh 8.8.E.1 Meat proc, pack, handl, refrigHatchTechRus 8.38.H1 Poultry housing & farm equipmentHendrix Genetics BV 7.17N5 VIVR Animal BreedingHermitage Genetics 7.21M2 VIVR Animal HealthHiton 8.32._2 Animal housing & farm equipmentHolland Heater De Lier BV 8.9D0 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentHotraco Agri B.V.Hubbard S.A.S. 8.33D1 VIVR Animal BreedingHybrid Turkeys Inc. 7.17N5 VIVR Animal BreedingI.C.E. Instituto nazionale per il Commercio Estero 7.10M6 VIVR (VIV Russia)Impex Barneveld B.V. 7.20L1 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentIndian Herbs Overseas 8.21K2 VIVR Feed ingredients & additivesINDIV - INTERNATIONAL DIVISION 8.32C3 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentInformunion Publishing house 8.45.A7 Knowledge transfer/ consultancyInstitut de Sélection Animale B.V. 7.17N5 VIVR Animal BreedingIntek 8.15.C3 Animal Housing & farm equipmentInterdamo S.R.L. 7..10M7 VIVR Animal HealthInternational Genetics Ltd. 8.44.B2 Animal BreedingIntervet 7.28N1 Animal HealthInter-Vet-Service 8.24.F5 Animal HealthJamesway Incubator Company Inc. 7.17N1 VIVR Animal BreedingJyga Technologies 5.1F4 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentKauno Grudai 8.24.F4 FeedKBNP, INC 8.4R2 Animal HealthKDN Biotech Group 7.25R2 VIVR Feed ingredients & additivesKemin Agrifoods 8.2D2 VIVR FeedKomipharm International Co., Ltd 7.15P4 VIVR Animal HealthKormozagotovka 8.24.F4 Feed ingredients & additivesKoudijs Mkorma 7.7.N1 FeedKrestyanskie vedomosti Media group 8.12.A8 Knowledge transfer/ consultancyKriotek 7.1.N2 Meat proc, pack, handl, refrigKunlong International Co., Ltd. 8.16D5 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentKutlusan Kafes Ekipman Ve Hayvancilik San 8.33D2 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentL.B. White Co., Inc. 7.17N4 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentLA BUVETTE VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentLAE-Anlagenbau GMBH 8.51F2 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentLeches Maternizadas, S.A. (LEMASA) 7.12O3 VIVR Feed ingredients & additivesLenptitceprom-Ingeeniring 8.31.B3 Agro building & RecyclingLINCO Food Systems A/S 7.11.N2 Poultry processing equipmentLipsia 7.12.O2 Meat proc, pack, handl, refrigLissant 8.34.E1 Animal housing & farm equipmentLongcom Enterprise Ltd. 7.6O8 VIVR Feed ingredients & additivesLUBING Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG 8.51F1 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentMAD 7.16O2 Poultry housing & farm equipmentMarel Food Systems 8.7.F.1 Slaughter equipmentMeat industry, Editorial house 8.29.A7 Knowledge transfer/ consultancyMeat technology, magazine 7.14.R6 Knowledge transfer/ consultancyMeatmaker 8.12.A4 Knowledge transfer/ consultancyMeller Anlagenbau GmbH 0.8.51F2 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentMeyn Food Processing Technology B.V. 8.41E1 VIVR Slaughter equipment Perendale Publishers - Event Preview/Review of VIV Russia 2011
  16. 16. Miasnoy riad, magazine-catalogue 8.45.A1 Knowledge transfer/ consultancyMicroel 7.28.N1Milk & Feeds management 8.29.A8 Knowledge transfer/ consultancyMilk and meat cattle-breeding magazine 7.14.R7 Knowledge transfer/ consultancyMontajat Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd. 8.9D1 VIVR Feed ingredients & additivesMorris Hatchery 7.18M5 VIVR Animal BreedingMPS Red Meat Slaughtering B.V. 8.21K1 VIVR Slaughter equipmentMTech-Systems USA 8.26.D3 Knowledge transfer / consultancyMultivac Rus 7.9.L4 PackagingMunters Europe AB 8.9D9 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentMyrTech 7.4.R3 Transportation of chickensNanchang Li Feng Industry and Trading Co.,Ltd 7.15P7 VIVR Feed ingredients & additivesNational Russian Pig Union Knowledge transfer/ consultancyNational Swine Breeders Association 8.31.B6 Knowledge transfer/ consultancyNeoforce 7.11.N3 Engeeniring companyNew agriculture, magazine 7.14.R4 Knowledge transfer/ consultancyNovartis 8.5.K4 Animal HealthNovogen S.A.S. 8.33D1 VIVR Animal BreedingNutriad 7.17N3 VIVR Feed ingredients & additivesOfficine Sperotto SPA 7.10M5 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentOlmi, Schauer 8.19.G2 Animal housing & farm equipmentOlmix 7.24.P3 Feed ingredients & additivesOlnis 8.48.C1 Animal HealthPanorama Publishing house 8.45.A5 Knowledge transfer/ consultancyPas Reform Hatchery Technologies 8.43C1 VIVR Animal Breeding 17
  17. 17. eXHiBitor informationPeja International 8.42 D1 Poultry housing & farm equipmentPerfect agrotecnologyes 7.14.R9 Knowledge transfer/ consultancyPetersime 8.3.F3 Poultry housing & farm equipmentPfizer 8.54.K1 Animal HealthPfizer Animal HealthPhytobiotics Futterzusatzstoffe GmbH 8.20H2 VIVR Feed ingredients & additivesPIC Genetics 8.14.B3 VIVR Animal BreedingPigtek Europe 6.G3 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentPjatigorskselmash 7.28.N1 Poultry housing & farm equipmentPoly-clip System GmbH & Co. KG 8.7F2 VIVR Meat processing, packaging, handling, refrigePolysem VIVR Animal HealthPortaluppi Rubber Industry 7.10M6 VIVR Meat processing, packaging, handling, refrigePoultry & chicken products, magazine 7.14.R12 Knowledge transfer/ consultancyPraxis 8.36.G1 Animal housing & farm equipmentPRE.FER. SRL 7.10M4 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentProdmash 7.27.O3 Industrial feed, grain & raw material processing magazine 8.45.A11 Knowledge transfer/ consultancyProstor 7.2.O1 Animal HealthProtec Kunststoff - Produktionstechnik GmbH 8.51F1 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentProvet 7.22.N2 Animal HealthProvimi 7.11.N1 FeedPrüllage Systems GmbH 8.50E3 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentPublishing group Bossfor media, the magazines Sfera 8.12.A7 Knowledge transfer/ consultancyPuyang Hotway Pharma- ceuticals Co., LTD 7.5P4 VIVR Feed ingredients & additivesQingDao Xingyi Electronic Equipment / Sina-Agro 8.28.B2 Animal Housing & farm equipmentRatsvet-inform, magazine 8.45.A12 Knowledge transfer/ consultancyRazvitie ECO 8.17.E2 Animal housing & farm equipmentRefrigeration business, magazine 8.12.A1 Knowledge transfer/ consultancyRezerv 8.40.F1/8.29.A1 Animal housing & farm equipmentRidder Drive Systems BV 7.20L5Ronar Russ Ltd. 8.6G3 VIVR Egg proc, packaging, handling, refrigerationRosal Instalaciones Agro- Industriales, S.A. 7.16O4 VIVR Industrial feed processing equipmentRosinformagrotech, FGNU 7.14.R5 Knowledge transfer/ consultancyRost Agro 8.44.B4 Feed ingredients & additivesRostplastik 8.5.K2 Animal housing & farm equipmentRotecna SA 8.15C1 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentRotem Computerized Controllers 8.16D1 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentROXELL N.V. 8.2D1 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentRural region today, magazine 7.14.R2 Knowledge transfer/ consultancyRussian Poultry Union 8.31.B1 Knowledge transfer/ consultancyRussian Union of Cooling Industry Enterprises 8.31.B5 Knowledge transfer/ consultancyRuukki Rus 8.26.D4 Animal housing & farm equipmentSANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP 8.41E3 VIVR Egg proc, packaging, handling, refrigerationSchaumann Agri 8.37K1 VIVR Feed ingredients & additivesSchönhammer GMBH 0.8.51F2 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentSchulz Systemtechnik 8.40.F1 Animal housing & farm equipmentSD Group, Ltd 8.45.A4 Knowledge transfer/ consultancyShanghai Gongyi Veterinary medicine Plant 7.6O5 VIVR Animal HealthSHAOXING KANGERDA APPARATUS CO.,LTD. 7.6O6 VIVR Industrial feed processing equipmentSKA S.r.l. 7.10M3 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentSOCOREX ISBA S.A. 7.19L1 VIVR Animal HealthSouthwest Agri-Plastics Inc. 7.21M3 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentSpecht - Ten Elsen GmbH & Co KG 8.53H1 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipment Perendale Publishers - Event Preview/Review of VIV Russia 2011
  18. 18. Specsintez 7.20.L2 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentS-TEC 8.32.C3 FeedSteelinvest 7.26.O2 BuildingStimul-Ink 8.40.F4 Animal Housing & farm equipmentStork Food Systems 8.7.F1 Slaughter equipmentStroytechalliance 8.30.A1 Building of food processing industryStylab 8.21.K4 Knowledge transfer / consultancyTagris 7.9.L2 Dairy & CarmaTavsan Poultry Equipment Manufacturing and Trading Co. 7.18M7 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentTechnex 8.26.D5 Industrial feed, grain & raw material processing equipmentTechnology Consultation Service - TE.Co.S. srl 7.10M8 VIVR Knowledge transfer/ consultancyTecno Poultry Equipment 7.21M1 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentTehkorm 7.12.O1 FeedTehnosvet Group 8.44.B3TENDERFOOT Stallböden Vertr. GmbH 8.16D6 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentTermotecnica Pericoli Srl. 7.10M2 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentThe Technology of husbandry 8.45.A9 Knowledge transfer/ consultancyThermocool 8.22.H1 RefrigerationTipper Tie Alpina GmbH 8.24F1 Meat Industry PackagingTPI-Polytechniek B.V. 7.6O2 VIVR Animal Housing & farm, Information agency 8.45.A6 Knowledge transfer/ consultancyTsenovik, magazine; Agriculture of Russiabusiness partner, Annual Directory 7.14.R10 Knowledge transfer/ consultancyTuffigo - Rapidex 8.16D2 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentTulderhof Agrosystems BVBAVAL-CO Europe 8.25E1 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipment 19
  19. 19. eXHiBitor informationValli S.p.A. 7.18M3 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentVan Aarsen International BV 7.28N4 VIVR Fish processing, packaging, handling, refrigeVerderio Impianti SNC 7.6O1 VIVR Slaughter equipmentVetprom 7.8.M1 Animal HealthVIC 7.7.N2 Animal HealthVICTORIA S.r.l. 8.11B0 VIVR Animal BreedingVolgskiy Engineering Center 8.22.H2 Poultry housing & farm equipmentVostermans Ventilation B.V Multifan 7.20L5 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentWalinga Inc. 7.28N3 VIVR Industrial feed processing equipmentWEDA Dammann & Westerkamp GmbH 7.23O2 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentWeles-Agro 7.24.P2 Animal BreedingWoo Sing Industrial Co. LTD. 7.25R6 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentWPSA Worlds Poultry Science Association 7.32N0 VIVR Knowledge transfer/ consultancyWuhan Sunhy Biology Co. Ltd (Sunhy Group) 8.13A1 VIVR Feed ingredients & additivesWynveen International B.V. 8.6G3Xuzhou Havay Feed Co., Ltd. 7.5P5 VIVR Feed ingredients & additivesXuzhou Kaixin Electronic Instrument Co. LTD. 7.6O7 VIVR Animal BreedingYixing Tianshi Feed Co.,Ltd 8.44.B4 Feed ingredients & additivesZhejiang Xianju Pharmaceutical Co., LTD 7.15P6 VIVR Animal HealthZnamenskoye/ ZSGC 8.3.F2 Animal BreedingZootecnica International 7.10M1 VIVR Knowledge transfer/ consultancyZucami Poultry Equipment 8.50E1 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentBerthault-Consulting VIVR Knowledge transfer/ consultancyCOOPEX VIVR Animal BreedingE.P.S. Eco Plastic System VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentE.S.E. & Intec Midland Companies 7.28N5 VIVR Fish processing, packaging, handling, refrigeELANCO Animal HealthFrancexporc Services VIVR Animal BreedingGUERLETUB S.A. VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentHeering Transport Solutions B.V. 8.27C1 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentHog Slat Europe sp. Z o.o. 7.28N1 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentIMV Technologies Instruments de Médecine Vétérinaire VIVR Animal HealthLARSA 8.4R2 Animal HealthMegamix Group 836G3 Animal HealthNedap Agri 8.6G6 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentNucleus SA VIVR Animal BreedingPlumatech VIVR Slaughter equipmentQingdao Big Herdsman Machinery Co.,Ltd 8.27C2 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentSimvol 8.24.P2 Meat processingSommen Automatisering + Elektrotechniek 8.55H1 VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentSystel VIVR Animal Housing & farm equipmentUBIFRANCEChinaBeijing Renhe Machinery Factory,CBH Qingda,China Meheco Pharmaceutical & Chemicals,Longcom Enterprise,Puyang Hotway Pharma- ceuticals,Shanghai Gongyi Veterinary medicine Plant,SHAOXING KANGERDA APPARATUS,Xuzhou Havay Feed, Perendale Publishers - Event Preview/Review of VIV Russia 2011
  20. 20. Xuzhou Kaixin Electronic Instrument,feedtech PavilionAmandus Kahl,Awila,Bühler,CPM,ESE,Muyang,Van Aarsen,Walinga.ICE ItalyAgritech,AZA International,Best Poultry Technology,Interdamo,Officine Sperotto,Portaluppi Rubber Industry,PRE.FER,SKA,Technology Consultation Service,Termotecnica Pericoli,Valli,Zootecnica.UBIfrance 21
  21. 21. St. Basil’s Cathedral on the Red Square inMoscow, Russia Perendale Publishers - Event Preview/Review of VIV Russia 2011 Is produced by Perendale Publishers Ltd For more information visit: