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Victam International 2011 - Show Preview


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A Preview of Victam International 2011 by Perendale Publishers Ltd

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Victam International 2011 - Show Preview

  1. 1. EVENTPreview/Review INTERNATIONAL 2011 Online & accessible From: February 2011 - Until: January 2014
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  3. 3. P erendale Publishers Limited launches it’s ‘Event Preview/Review’ service for 2011. Each ‘Event Preview/Review’ will focus on one industry event completely, bringing you all the information you’ll need to know in order to attend. We will link you through to the organiser’s website for complete details and also through to those advertisers who are supporting the publication of this document.‘Event Preview/Review’ documents are digital and will be updated following the event to bringyou a variety of views on the outcome from various individuals and companies. The documentwill remain online until the next event takes place, providing useful information to those planningto attend the next! Contents 4 EVENT NEws 8 VisiTor iNformaTioN Victam International 2011 Exhibition and Conferences Conferences and Workshops So why Germany? Technical Conferences for 2011 10 CoNfErENCE iNformaTioN The Victam Innovation Awards 12 ViCTam iNTErNaTioNal : KEY faCTs Admission / Opening Hours Venue Hotel and Travel Visa Information 14 EXHiBiTor iNformaTioN Provisional Floor PlanPlease join our Twitter list for Victam 2011 and we will keep you up-to-date on all the latestinformation, changes and news relating to the event – and published in our digital EventPreview/Review document. 3
  4. 4. eVent news PRess ReLeAse 08.10.10. Have you seen who’s going to be at the new ViCTam/ fiaaP/GraPas shows in Cologne? Three related shows will open for the very first time at the prestigious Koelnmesse (the Cologne Exhibition Centre) in Cologne, Germany from the 3 – 5 May 2011. They are FIAAP International, Victam International and GRAPAS International. FIAAP is a new trade show and a series of conferences dedicated to ingredients, additives and formulation for animal feed, aquafeed & dry petfood. Victam International is the world famous exhibition and conferences for technology and processing for animal feed, aquafeed and dry petfood. New for 2011 will be a large number of exhibitors displaying biomass pelleting technology. GRAPAS is also a new show with its own conference. GRAPAS profiles grain processing, flourgrapas milling, pasta, breakfast cereals and extruded snack production. 2011 inter national Henk van de Bunt, the General Manager of Victam, said this at a recent interview “The new combination of shows and conferences and together with the new venue of Cologne will prove to be an undoubted success and is also proving to be very popular with the exhibitors. You only have to go to our website – and look at the exhibitor list and the floorplan of the enlarged exhibition area to realise that when the shows open next May it will truly be the largest dedicated animal feed and grain processing event in the world.” Mr van de Bunt went on to say “You only have to look at the floorplan of our new show to see the undoubted investment and commitment being made by the suppliers to the feed and grain processing industries. Many of the exhibition stands have grown in size and complexity. I have never experienced a show where the demand for exhibition space has been so high and especially early. Judging by the floorplan and the number of requests for exhibition space I think that this new show will be entirely sold out.” Early indications also point to a great interest in the shows not just from visitors from Germany,FIAAPInternational 20 1 1 but also The Netherlands, the base of Victam, and indeed all over the world” Van de Bunt also discussed the series of conferences that will be held alongside the shows. He said “We are excited about the quality and number of conferences that are being organised to compliment the three exhibitions. We have seven in all, and that is without the programme of technical seminars by exhibitors, they cover the entire spectrum of animal feed, aquafeed and dry petfood processing and ingredients, grain processing and flour milling and lastly biomass pelleting technology. Biomass is getting even more important as an alternative green energy source. In 2011 visitors to the show will be able to see probably the largest and greatest concentration of companies supplying biomass pelleting technology in the world. This is especially encouraging as Germany and many of its neighbours are utilising biomass as alternative energy source in the planning of their national energy programmes. I have also understand that a number of companies will be launching exciting new products at the event and that many of these will be aimed at increasing efficiency whilst reducing energy consumption, something I’m sure the industry and our visitors will want see and hear about!” The conference programme: 1. Aquafeed Horizons 2. The IFF Feed Processing Conference 3. Petfood Forum Europe 2011 4. The FIAAP Conference 5. Feed Safety Assurance in a Globalising Industry 6. The GRAPAS Conference 7. Pellets for Bioenergy: The market takes off 8. Technical Seminars For further information on the conference secretariats, free visitor registration, exhibitor lists and the floorplan please visit the organisers website – E-mail: Perendale Publishers - Event Preview/Review of Victam international 2011
  5. 5. PRess ReLeAse 08.10.10 Victam international 2011. 3 – 5 may 2011, Cologne. “I am pleased to announce that Mr. Vanden Avenne, the President of FEFAC ( the European Feed Manufacturers Federation) will participate at the official opening ceremony of the new FIAAP, Victam & GRAPAS International 2011 exhibitions and conferences. Mr Vanden Avenne will help in the ribbon cutting ceremony alongside other dignitaries from the Feed & Grain Industries.” Henk van de Bunt announced at a recent Press gathering. Mr van de Bunt went on to say “It will be four years since the last Victam International exhibition and a lot has happened within the industries that this world famous exhibition serves. This will be reflected in this new event – there will now be three trade shows within the exhibition hall and seven different conferences for the international delegates to attend. It is new home for the event, our last show was held in 2007, yes 2007 it is a long time ago, and in Utrecht in The Netherlands. Now the new event will be held within the largest exhibition hall within the Koelnmesse in Cologne, Germany. Hall 6 of Koelnmesse is their newest hall. It has no pillars within it to disturb visitor traffic flow, and has a wide range of restaurants and pubs where you can catch up with old friends and colleagues. Cologne/Bonn international airport is directly connected to 135 destinations. A further four international airports can be reached within a short time from the ICE train station which is situated directly at the fairgrounds; one of them is Frankfurt which is less than one hour. Ten motorways around Cologne connect to the European highway network and there is easy parking with Koelnmesse having approximately 15,000 parking-lots. This year our exhibitors have an enormous range of products on display. With almost 300 exhibiting companies, and from 28 countries. The displays and number of products for our visitors to see and discuss is impressive.” “Victam International is now the largest exhibition in the world for animal feed processing technology and systems. Our visitors will see the latest specialist appropriate technology that is used in the safe and cost effective manufacture of animal and aqua feeds as well for dry petfood. There will also be a wide selection of companies that supply the “nuts & bolts” equipment that are so necessary for a modern and efficient production plant and distribution system. These include silos, conveyors, IT, magnetics, coolers/dryers, bagging systems, trucks, and much, much more. Many of our specialist feed equipment suppliers have diversified into other important industry sectors and Biomass is now one of those that is particularly important. Many countries, especially here in Europe have regulated that biomass must be an alternative energy source within their national energy programmes. Pelleting of organic waste/materials has therefore become increasingly important to energy generators and providers a source of “green” material for alternative power generation. Within our show you will find and see probably the largest assembly of companies and equipment that is used in the production of biomass pellets. Like any other production plant it requires ancillary equipment for its efficient operation, and plant managers will see a wide range of these systems and appliances. FIAAP is our new trade show with conferences organised specifically for ingredients, additives and formulation technology used within animal feed, aquafeed and dry petfood processing. Exhibitors will be displaying a wide range of feed ingredients, feed additives, formulation programs, laboratory and quality control equipment.511314Grain_Feed_190x58gb_4c:Dammann Services conference and 13:25flour milling, grain processing, storage GRAPAS is also a new exhibition and 28.02.2011 is for Uhr Seite 1 ... Follow the leader in bulk goods handling, dust-extraction and ventilation plants he est t The QUICK CONNECT pull-ring makes the acclaimed Original Quality to a Modular Design ® Requ talogue! ca Jacob modular pipe system even more economical • Straight welded, lipped-end pipes and components. NEW otline or at H 80 u 1 955systems.e for installation. In new plants for animal feed, • ø 60 mm to ø 800 mm in a standard range. (0)57 +49 acob-pipe .j www pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food, glass, semi- • Larger diameters / special requirements upon request. conductors or environmental technology as • Larger than ø 350 mm also available with flange connection. Fr. 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  6. 6. eVent news 8:20Pub Grain&Feed_VICTAM 2011 2/03/11 P & preservation, pasta, breakfast cereal and extruded snack production. Visitors will be able to see a wide range systems and equipment used in these production processes and will include: flour & rice milling technology, extruders, flakers, additives & flavours, etc. Again as with all production plants ancillary equipment is required to supplement the specialist technology - dustPRODUCE COMPONENTS explosion prevention systems, silos, conveyors, elevators, FOR YOUR SUCCESS magnetics, coolers/dryers, instrumentation & automation, bagging systems, to name a few. All of these and more will be on display at the exhibition in Cologne. We have introduced a new visitor registration system. All a 7 B 029 visitor needs to do is visit our website! , click Stand on “visitor registration” and then complete the online form. He or she will then receive, by return, an automated confirmation of their FREE visitor registration. Print your confirmation BUT they MUST bring this when they come to the show. The printed confirmation must be presented to our receptionists at the desk marked “PRE-REGISTERED VISITORS” and there they will receive their entrance badge. This badge must be worn whilst in the exhibition and will allow entrance to all three shows on all three. OUR SOFTWARE = YOUR BEST PARTNER Operra® Decision-support systems for purchase and supply planning Libra® Optimization of recipes and logistic flows integrated with a quality control system Leernsesteenweg 128D Integra® 9800 Deinze Overall solution for management of Belgium production and administration Tel: +32-9-280 83 73 STIF France STIF Asia Overall Solutions (Head office) Singapore Overall solution for management ofemail : email : production and administration Perendale Publishers - Event Preview/Review of Victam international 2011
  7. 7. COMPLETEGRAIN HANDLINGSOLUTIONSGET THE COMPLETE PICTUREDesign | Manufacture | InstallationT: +44 (0)1480 216618E:
  8. 8. VisitoR infoRmAtion grapas 2011 inter national FIAAP International 20 1 1Koeln messe, Cologne, Germany3 - 5 May 2011The new Victam event that will open in these modern, user friendly halls will be verydifferent from previous shows in Utrecht without losing any of the fundamentals thatVictam has always been renowned for:* An event for the international feed industry* The showcase for new technology and innovations for the feed industry* The place where the animal feed, aquafeed and petfood industries meet, and where suppliers come together with the producersBut now there will be much more than this...Because the event will be transformed to:“a partnership with synergy, your key to success”- as there will be Victam International 2011, FIAAP International 2011 and GRAPASInternational 2011.These exhibitions and conferences form “A PARTNERSHIP WITH SYNERGY”. Eachevent subject has a relationship with the other events, therefore offering the opportunityfor companies to exhibit within the multi-related shows and for the visitors to visit all of them with one free visitor ticketin one easily accessible modern venue.Victam international 2011 Exhibition and ConferencesSo, what will you see at Victam International?You will see what you have always expected to see at the show – the very latest technology and equipment from all overthe world that is utilised in the manufacture and production of animal feeds, dry petfood and aquafeed. There will alsobe a vast array of ancillary equipment and systems for the safe storage and handling of the raw materials and ingredientsthrough to the packaging and final transportation of the finished products.However, it is not just senior executives from the feed industry that will visit this new show because in Germany and aswith many of its neighbours there is a large biomass industry.Within the halls there will the largest selection of the world’s elite suppliers of technology that is used in the production,distribution and storage of biomass pellets.This is a major and important element within the process of recycling natural waste that can be used as an alternativeenergy source within municipal, commercial and industrial power generation, as well as within the home.fiaaP international 2011 Exhibition and ConferencesThis highly successful exhibition and series of conferences was first introduced to the market alongside VICTAM Asia 2008.PhotoIt was an instant success, not just in the number of exhibitors who realised the market opportunity of havingan event devoted solely to the high cost ingredients and additives that are now used within the manufacture of feedsfor animals, fish, shrimp and pets, etc. BUT also the visitors and conference delegates – nutritionists, feed formulators,veterinarians etc., from compounders, co-operatives, integrators, large farms and hatcheries, knew that by attending theevent they would find the only trade show and series of conferences that were specifically organised for them.These senior business executives also had the added advantage of being able to attend the Victam show. Why? –SYNERGY.The synergy between these and all of the events is the key to their success. In Cologne visitors to FIAAP will also be ableto visit Victam exhibitors and so learn how technological developments in feed processing will impact upon their ownfunction in the design and formulation of safe and competitively priced feeds. Perendale Publishers - Event Preview/Review of Victam international 2011
  9. 9. GraPas international 2011 Exhibition and Conferences The SYNERGY continues. GRAPAS is a newly introduced exhibition and conference for the Flour Milling, Grain & Rice Processing and Pasta & Noodle Production Industries. Much of the original technology employed in feed mills was developed from that used in flourmills. That technology has now moved on, but there still exists a crossover of suppliers, etc. GRAPAS will become the international showcase for equipment and additives used in flour milling, the processing, handling, storage and distribution of grain and rice, as well as, the specialist technology used for the production of pasta and noodles. Germany has a large and sophisticated flour milling industry. There are approximately 130 mills in the country, many of these are family run enterprises each producing about 5,000 tonnes per year. There are also a number of large millers producing in excess of 200,000 tonnes per year. Europe as a whole mills 43 million tons of soft wheat and rye on an annual basis, this producing 34 million tons of flour. Executives from these markets as well as those from elsewhere in the world will recognise the importance of such an event for them to visit. As with all the other event sectors GRAPAS International 2011 will have its own conference. Technical Conferences and workshops The following technical conferences and workshops will be held alongside the trade shows: * Petfood Forum Europe 2011 * Aquafeed Horizons 2011 * The Biomass Conference * The FIAAP 2011 Conference * The GRAPAS 2011 ConferenceSilo Construction & Engineering Modular square bins more profits through smart storage Visit us at booth C030 SCE SCE is a partner with the internationalTel. +32- 51-72 31 28 feed & food industries •Fax +32- 51-72 53 50 consultancy & engineering firms • E-mail machine & plant designers • 9
  10. 10. ConfeRenCe infoRmAtionso why Germany? opening hoursMuch of what you have just read will have answered this question for you. Buthow will our exhibitors and visitors benefit from moving our exhibitions and Tuesday, 3rd May 2011conferences to Cologne? 10.00 – 18.00* Excellent new exhibition halls, conference rooms & refreshment facilities. Wednesday, 4th May 2011* The exhibition centre is served by a comprehensive railway system which 10.00 – 18.00 also links with the international rail services. Thursday, 5th May 2011* Excellent national and international airline services to and from Cologne, 10.00 – 17.00 Düsseldorf & Frankfurt.* Large and varied hotel accommodation.* Easy road access from anywhere in Europe.* Easy access to and from Eastern Europe.* Cologne is a beautiful city that offers wonderful historical sites as well as catering for all the requirements of the 21st century business traveller.* Large important home feed market.* Large home flour milling industry.* Large home and neighbouring biomass markets.The last event in UtrechtThe last VICTAM International event was held in May 2007 in Jaarbeurs Exhibition Halls in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Thetrade show was very successful with an increase of visitors from throughout Eastern Europe, Asia, the Middle East andAfrica. Visitors came from 110 countries.An independent survey conducted on behalf of Victam showed there was an increase in visitors from developing marketsand especially in the Petfood sector (+ 60%) and from the Aquafeed sector (+ 54%). The number of visitors from theBiomass sector even doubled.An important cause for this increase is undoubtedly the considerable interest shown in the conferences that were held forthese sectors. For that matter, all the technical conferences were better attended than in the past.Visitors to the trade show were also enthusiastic about the large number of exhibitors, the varied products available,both in terms of technology and also additives and the high quality of the products and services on show over the threedays of the event. The number of new products being introduced to the market was also impressive and underlines theimportance exhibitors view the show as being the showpiece event for the industries they serve.Conference informationVictam, FIAAP and GRAPAS International 2011 will be supported by a series of technical conferences and workshops. Forfurther information on these and other related conferences at the event please select from those shown below, you willthen be directed to the conference secretariat.* Petfood Forum Europe 2011 - Organiser: Petfood Industry Magazine, Watt Publishing* Aquafeed Horizons 2011 - Organiser: Linx Conferences* Pellets for Bioenergy: The market takes off - Organiser: AEBIOM* The IFF Feed Processing Conference - Organiser: IFF - International Research Association of Feed Technology* Feed safety and sustainability assurance in a globalizing industry - Organiser: GMP+ International* The FIAAP 2011 Conference - Organiser: Linx Conferences* The GRAPAS 2011 Conference - Organiser: Linx ConferencesThe Victam innovation awardsFor the fourth time the renowned magazines Feed Tech andFeed Mix, in close co-operation with Victam International,will present the Victam Innovation Awards for the moststriking innovations that come to Victam, FIAAP and GRAPASInternational 2011. Perendale Publishers - Event Preview/Review of Victam international 2011
  11. 11. GfmT innovation award The Victam Award for Milling 2011 Grain and Feed Milling Technology magazine, the oldest English milling magazine - established in 1891 – has joined Victam International to sponsor a new Victam Award for Milling in May 2011. The award will be made to the most innovative and economically beneficial equipment, process or service at GRAPAS International and Victam 2011 in Cologne, Germany on May 3-5, 2011. GRAPAS is the new exhibition for the flour and rice milling industry running under the umbrella of Victam 2011 together with FIAAP International 2011, a new exhibition for the ingredients, additives and formulation sectors of the grain and feed milling sector. All nominations will be published in a special edition of Grain and Feed Milling Technology along with a review of the event itself. This special issue will not only reach our print readers, but will be promoted widely through the digital media to ensure maximum awareness of the award winner is achieved within the milling industry globally. A two-page feature of the Victam Awards for Milling will also be published in the 20th Anniversary issue of the Milling Directory to be published in May 2011. Nominations for the award will be clearly identified on the exhibition and in the show guide in order to attract visitor attention. Entries can be from one of the three following categories: • A milling technology development (flour, rice or other cereal) • A production process or refinement that makes for more efficient and/or safe production • A service (online or otherwise) that helps millers achieve their goals more efficiently All entries are subject to the utmost confidentiality until publication of the special show issue (March-April 2011). Please contact Nicky Barnes separately if you do not want your innovation to be published! A panel of independent industry experts will judge the entries. The award will be presented during the GRAPAS International 2011 exhibition. 11 20 M 43 TA 0VIC ooth C B Save money and improve qualityThe road to profitabilityhas never been clearerOur well proven bench top DA 7200and the DA 7300 On-Line NIR analyzersimprove quality and profitability ofyour feed.• Save on ingredients & reduce waste• Optimize moisture content DA 7300 On-Line• Improve feed quality and consistencyLearn more about our NIR feed analysissystems, visit 11
  12. 12. ViCtAm inteRnAtionAL : KeY fACtsadmission / opening HoursAdmission is 40 Euros or free of charge for those who pre-register via thewebsite.Opening hours:3 and 4 May, 10.00-18.00 hrs.5 May, 10.00 - 17.00 hrs.The organisersVictam International BVP.O. Box 197, 3860 AD Nijkerk, The Netherlands.Tel.: +31 33 246 4404Fax: +31 33 246 4706E-mail: expo@victam.comInternet: www.victam.comRegistration: Exhibition will be held in Hall 6 of the Koeln Messe.Hotel and TravelCologne venueCologne is served by a wide range of hotels offering a great selection of accommodation to suitbudget requirements of exhibitors, conference delegates and visitors alike.The exhibition centre (pictured to the right) has its own railway station and connects directly to both CologneInternational Airport and the city centre, the latter being approximately ten minutes. International railway travellerscan also connect to Cologne through a fast and efficient railway network.Cologne is an international airport with major airlines accessing from all over the world. The international airports ofDuesseldorf and Frankfurt are nearby and have excellent train connections to Cologne. The city is also at the centreof the impressive German “autobahn” road system. This allows fast and easy access from throughout Europe. Theexhibition centre has extensive car parking facilities.For more hotel information please click hereFor Tourist information please click hereVisa informationIf you are traveling to our exhibition from a country whose citizens require a visa for Germany, you will need anofficial letter from Victam International.In order for us to formulate this letter as precisely as possible, you must provide us with various details. Pleasecomplete all of the points listed below. We will then send you the official letter by fax and will also forward a copy tothe nearest German consulate in your country.Would you please inquire about the entry requirements applying to you (e.g. visa requirement) in good time beforeyou come to the event. Would you also please carry out the necessary formalities yourself. Victam International willaccept no responsibility if you do not receive a visa or do not receive it on time, or if you are unable to travel to theevent due to other reasons.To find out if you need a visa to visit our exhibition in Germany please check the list on the German government’swebsite here.Please note that if you do need a visa the German government demands a number of things from you. Moreinformation and application forms can be found at the link above.As you can read on the above website an invitation letter from the organizer will not be of any use but you can usethe form below to request one.This online form can be used to request an invitation letter from Victam International BV to visit FIAAP / GRAPAS /Victam International 2011 in the Koeln Messe, Cologne, Germany from 3 - 5 May 2011.Please note that: * Victam International BV does not take responsibility for any costs and/or expenses made by the visitor. * Victam International BV can in no way influence the decision of the German embassies or consulates. Perendale Publishers - Event Preview/Review of Victam international 2011
  13. 13. “Cologne is the largest city in the Rhineland regionof Germany, with a population of about 1 million”“Cologne is best known for its magnificentGothic cathedral, which was once thetallest building in the world” “Every leading industrial sector is represented here: in addition to the automotive industry, large international chemical and pharmaceutical firms are also prominent here, as well as the electrical and mechanical engineering industries and food production industries” “Cologne is a bustling modern city with much to see, from ancient Roman artifacts to magnificent Romanesque churches”
  14. 14. eXHiBitoR infoRmAtion Provisional floor Plan Provisional Floorplan Victam / FIA Location reservations m Hall 6, Koe Mechanika Polem efeedlink Altinbilek I.C.K Unity Rembe KOAN C.A.Picard Cargotec Kraftfutter Adifo A077 A075 A073 A071 A067 A065 A063 A061 A057 A055 A053 A051 Gime A0 A078 A074 A072 A070 A066 A064 A062 A060 Chenzhou Extruder Ugur Makine San Gida Actemium Schrauwen Super B Int IFF Proleit AllAboutFeed Internetcafé 7x5 Experts SPE Bitzer A050 A048 COFFEE TERRACE Sonac Daniit Mutimix BEHN & Scott IMAS E.S.E. Eurotier Bates Bioenergy Mulmix Rueter Xiangliang Yi B077 B075 B073 B071 B069 B067 B065 B063 B061 B059 B057 B053 B051 B049 B066 B062 B058 B056 B046 FOSS Vitamex Format CFE Ltd. Schulz Walinga Fragola SAT Derichs GmbH Behlen Vortex KMZ Schrage Hansmeier Precia Mol C071 C069 C067 C065 C063 C061 C055 C053 C051 C045 C078 C074 C070 C058 C050 CPM Paglierani Pfeuffer Goudsmit Concetti Petkus Munch Cusinato Welgro Salmatec D071 D069 D063 D061 D051 DMT Arodo AWILA Dinnissen Geelen Wynveen E081 E075 E071 E067 E065 E061 E051 5x3 E076 E074 E068 E064 5x3 E078 E072 E070 E066 E062 E060 E058 E056 E054 E052 E050 Verbruggen MTD Golfetto 4x5 Master PAP Doscher Brice- Baker Technofood E064A E080 5x3 Sangati Imtech Technex Mogensen UWT Aerox CTB Fawema Tout 5x3 Bakker Tekno Bipea Nerak Forberg p l grain Growth 5x3 Tornum Kombi- Rosal Chopin Riela Symach Ag korma F081 F079 F077 F075 F073 F071 F069 F067 Chief F065 F063 F061 F059 F055 F053 F051 F049 5x3 F060 F080 F074 F072 F070 F068 F066 F062 F058 F056 F054 F050 F048 siloexport General La meccanica F058A Prediktor F064 5x3 4x4 Dies Hoekstra Prodmash CelticSea F060A FMS WAM Watt Molino Multi G081 F070A Witte Fjordvejs Global ILPERSA Moritz -S G059A Context Verlag Ten Kate CFS Cracker Cetec Crowley Brabender G077 G075 G073 G071 G069 G065 G063 G061 G059 G057 G055 G053 G051 G047 G080 Supertech Unique Bruker WPSA Pent- Laidig Ludwig G058 G054 G052 G050 Organics Prokop Lands Agri CROP G076 G074 G072 G070 G068 G066 G064 G062 Alvan Blanch media Nukamel Uni protectoExhibitor listCompany name Country stand exhibiting in4B Braime Elevator Components UNiTED KiNGDom B040 Victam GraPasAB Liros Electronic SWEDEN E081 Victamabraziv ltd HUNGarY B017 VictamACTEMIUM NETHERLANDS B059 Victam GRAPASAdifo NV BELGIUM A063 Victam FIAAP GRAPASAeroglide / Buhler Aeroglide UNITED KINGDOM D-E041, D-E039 VictamAerox NETHERLANDS E054 Victam GRAPASAg Growth International (AGI) CANADA F069 VictamAgriMedia GmbH & Co. KG GERMANY G054 Victam FIAAP GRAPASAgromatic AG SWITZERLAND D001 Victam GRAPASAlfra Dosing and Weighing Technology NETHERLANDS B011 Victamalmex b.v. NETHErlaNDs G014 VictamALTINBILEK MAKINA TURKEY A071 VictamALTUNTAS HAV.VE HAYV. SAN .TİC. A.S. TURKEY G020 Victam GRAPASAlvan Blanch UNITED KINGDOM G058 Victam GRAPASAmandus Kahl GERMANY D011 Victam Perendale Publishers - Event Preview/Review of Victam international 2011
  15. 15. AAP / GRAPAS International 2011may be subject to change. eln Messe Ritan Sanwei FCM EZM SABE Fundiciones DSL DMN Datast Chiritotti Scafco Promtek S-tec MEAPSchothorst ANS Editori047 A045 A043 A041 A037 A035 A033A A033 A031 Cal A027 A025 A023 A021 A019 A017 A015 A013 A011 A036 A034 A028 A038 Perendales A032 A030 A024 A022 A016 POET NeuFF Morillon Farmet A046 A044 A042 A040 Bruins GIP MBH Jesma Jäckering EFS KSE Tijdhof Swiss Abraziv ingchun Yufeng MitchellsYongxiang NIR online Engormix Combi Van Mourik STIF Ze pi Anitox B047 B045 B043 B041 B039 B037 B035 B031 B029 B023 B021 B019 B017 B011 B044 B042 B040 B038 B036 B034 Högemann ZCME Büchi 4B Braime Vigan Sizer Jacob Lachenmeier ZCME simatek Van Aarsen Wiese len Perten Frigortec Stela NEUERO C043 C041 C039 C035 C033 C031 C021 C019 C011 C001 C030 Agromatic SCE Buhler Buhler Andritz Amandus Kahl Muller Beltex D001 D041 D039 D031 D021 D011 D030 ← Andritz Clextral Buhler Buhler D020 CPM E001 VAV Jiangsu Muyang E041 E039 E031 E021 E011 IVS E044 E038 E003 Graf SMS Intelscan Wenger Jiangsu Muyang Ottevanger Extrutech SFT Ruberg Source APP F047 F041 F039 F035 F031 F021 F011 Insta pro F046 F038 F036 F034 F020 F001 Vi -Cor Poeth Stolz NORO TEWS Cimbria A/S Jiangsu Muyang Tebodin PTN Radar Endress & Unormak Rova - Hauser Frame Fischbein Milling Rovasac n.v. Chronos G039 PLP G043 G041 G037 G035 G031 G029 G027 G023 G021 G019 G011 Mathews G038 SOSland G028 G026 G024 G020 G012 G010P OET Tapco G014or G048 G046 EMT G042 PTM G036 G034 G032 FAM Aquafeed Vibronet Altuntas Almex Breitenbach Symaga Preliminary floorplan. The reserved positions indicated on this floorplan are subject to change at the = Firehose = Available = Reserved = Option discretion of the organiser unless the positions is confirmed in writing by the organiser and payment in full is received by the requird date(s). All dimensions are in meters. Total Solutions for Grain Storage From individual silos to complete storage & handling hopper bottom silos up to 4,300 m³ capacity & a full range facilities, FRAME one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of accessories to suit. Check our web site & contact us of storage silos,provide total solutions for your storage now to see how we can offer the complete package of requirements, with flat bottom silos up to 18,000 m³ & design, manufacture & erection of your storage facility. FRAME: Via Bertella, 2 - 40064 Ozzano Emilia (BO) Italy Tel.: 0039 051 798107 Fax: 0039 051 796300 15
  16. 16. eXHiBitoR infoRmAtion andritz feed & Biofuel a/s DENmarK D020, D021 Victam aNiToX UNiTED KiNGDom B021 Victam ANS - Agro Natural Solutions part of Herbavita BELGIUM A031 Victam FIAAP Applied Plasma Physics AS NORWAY F039 Victam FIAAP GRAPAS AQUAFEED,COM UNITED STATES G026 Victam aroDo BVBa BElGiUm E065 Victam GraPas AWILA Anlagenbau GmbH GERMANY E075 Victam GRAPAS Bakker Magnetics b.v. NETHERLANDS F075 Victam Bechtel GmbH GERMANY E031 Victam GRAPAS Behlen mfg. Co. UNiTED sTaTEs C065 Victam GraPas BEHN + BATES Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG GERMANY B061 Victam GRAPAS BioEnergy Decentral GERMANY B063 Victam Bioenergy International SWEDEN B057 Victam Bipea FRANCE E064A Victam FIAAP GRAPAS Bitzer Wiegetechnik GmbH GERMANY A064 Victam Bovine & Ovine LEBANON A033A Victam Brabender GmbH & Co. KG GERMANY G061 Victam GRAPAS Breitenbach GmbH GERMANY G012 Victam GRAPAS Brice- Baker Group UNiTED KiNGDom E068 Victam Brock Grain Systems UNITED STATES E052 Victam GRAPAS Bruins Instruments GERMANY A038 Victam Bruker optik GmbH GErmaNY G070 Victam fiaaP BÜCHI Labortechnik AG SWITZERLAND B042 Victam FIAAP GRAPAS Buhler aG swiTZErlaND D-E041, D-E039 Victam GraPas SACK-FILLING SYSTEMS DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT PALLETISING SYSTEMS AND MANUFACTURE CUSTOM-MADE PACKAGING SYSTEMS for low-fat dehydrated milk to wet sand  in plastic or paper sacks   from tubular film to pre-made sacks    with or without gussets     from 1 to 50 kg      by weight or volume       from 100 to 2500 sacks per hour        with any closure         palletised in any pattern          with water-resistant stretchhood ARODO BVBA,  Hoge Mauw 740,  2370 Arendonk Belgium Tel. +32 14 67 23 32,  Fax, +32 14 67 17 60 Perendale Publishers - Event Preview/Review of Victam international 2011184x134_UK.indd 1 9/06/09 13:04
  17. 17. C.A.PICARD Extruder Technology GERMANY A053 GRAPAS Cal Software Limited UNITED KINGDOM A027 Victam GRAPAS Cargotec SWEDEN A051 Victam Carrosseriebedrijf Hoekstra B.V. NETHERLANDS F062 Victam CELTIC SEA MINERALS UNITED KINGDOM F068 FIAAP Cereal and Feed Industry CHINA Victam GRAPAS Cetec Industrie FRANCE G047 Victam CFE Ltd IRELAND C071 Victam CFS A/S DENMARK G057 Victam Chief Industries UK Ltd UNITED KINGDOM F065 Victam FIAAP GRAPAS Chiriotti Editori Sas ITALY A017 Victam Chopin Technologies FRANCE F055 Victam GRAPAS Chronos BTH B.V. NETHERLANDS G021 Victam GRAPAS CIMBRIA DENMARK G031 Victam GRAPAS ClEXTral fraNCE D030 Victam GraPas CONCETTI S.P.A. ITALY D069 Victam GRAPAS Context Publications UNITED KINGDOM G063 Victam FIAAP GRAPAS CPm NETHErlaNDs E011, C074 Victam crowley engineering IRELAND G080 Victam GRAPAS CUSINATO GIOVANNI SRL ITALY C050 Victam GRAPAS Daniit A/S DENMARK B077 Victam Datastor Systems Ltd UNITED KINGDOM A019 Victam GRAPAS DENis fraNCE f053 Victam Derichs GmbH Verfahrenstechnik GERMANY C069 Victam FIAAP GRAPAS Deutscher Fachverlag GmbH GERMANY A065 Victam more than 100 years a reliable partner Feed mills Silos Flourmills Bulk handling systems Pet Food plants Electric control & Aqua feed mills Automation systems Premix & concentrate Your partner in technology, plants equipment and plants for animal- and aqua feed and Cereal Processing plants petfood. Oil seed processing Wynveen for:WWW.OTTEVANGER.COM • osing and weighing of raw D materials Aalten - Holland Moerkapelle - Holland • Grinding and mixing T +31 (0)543 47 26 88 T +31 (0)79 593 52 97 • Pelleting lines F +31 (0)543 47 54 75 F +31 (0)79 593 11 47 • Extrusion lines E E • Finished product handling Wynveen International b.v. P.O. Box 38 6666 ZG Heteren The Netherlands Tel : +31 (0)26 - 479 06 99 Fax: +31 (0)26 - 479 06 98 info@wynveen.comCRAFTMANSHIP IN THE ANIMAL FEED AND FOOD PROCESSING INDUSTRY 17