Netrac Fault Management Solution


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Netrac Fault Management Solution

  2. 2. N E T R A C FA U LT M A N A G E M E N T NETRAC FAULT MANAGEMENT DELIVERING NEXT GENERATION information for monitoring analysis and reporting. FAULT MANAGEMENT Interact – TTI Telecom offers an interactive, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) need to telecom- oriented GUI for presenting and managing manage large multi-vendor and multi-technology the entire alarm life cycle. networks that comply with different and diverse Manage – A sophisticated alarms-partitioning and standards and infrastructures. CSPs need OSS authorization scheme enables different users to solutions that can quickly identify and resolve service view and manage separate sets of alarms within and network faults, automate business processes, the same system. quickly integrate new technologies from multiple Correlate – Correlator TRS (Topology-based vendors, and significantly improve their customers' Reasoning System), TTI Telecom’s patented Quality of Experience (QoE) and service availability probabilistic root cause analysis system, while reducing their operating expenses. quickly identifies the root causes of network TTI Telecom’s proven Fault Management solution failures and reduces the volume of alarms delivers real-time, centralized monitoring of complex network operators have to manage. networks and empowers CSPs to solve service and Analyze – The Fault Management solution offers network problems swiftly and efficiently, often before sophisticated analysis tools. Among these, one customers are affected. The product line couples can find: rule-based event processing, correlation scalability with a flexible architecture and can deliver algorithms, root-cause analysis capabilities, alarm robust event management to support environments history analysis, alarm statistics and sophisticated of any size. TTI Telecom Fault Management solution reporting tools. enables network operations staff to focus in on the Extend –The Fault Solution supports fast critical problems and automate their isolation and deployment of new services based on TTI Telecom resolution. Implementation Tools. Scale - Using TTI Telecom Mediation infrastructure FAULT MANAGEMENT VALUE CSPs can scale up their system to accommodate PROPOSITIONS their network growth. Collect – Netrac Mediation application supports Improve – The Fault Management Solution ensures collection of events from a multi-vendor, multi- that CSPs improve their productivity and technology and multi-protocol network. operational efficiency, reduce Mean Time To Repair Process – Netrac Mediation supports a wide (MTTR) and increase customer satisfaction. variety of data formats, standard and proprietary. Events are converted from their original data format, normalized, enriched with configuration 2 TTI TELECOM | NETRAC FAULT MANAGEMENT
  3. 3. C L I E N T A P P L I C AT I O N S ALARM MONITORING SERVICES & CUSTOMERS DASHBOARD GIS MAPS SCHEMATIC VIEWS SERVICE MANAGEMENT E X T E R N A L INTERFACES UNIFIED REPOSITORY | SECURITY | ADMINISTRATION SERVICE IMPACT AFFECTED SERVICES AND CUSTOMERS ANALYSIS NETRAC INFRASTRUCTURE THRESHOLD CROSSING ALARMS FAULT MANAGEMENT SERVICE ALARMS CORRELATOR TRS FAULT PRO TOPOLOGY BASED CORRELATION CORRECTIVE ACTIONS STANDARD API NETRAC FAM NORMALIZATION | QUALIFICATION | DE-DUPLICATION | AUTOMATION | EXPERT SYSTEM CORRELATION TROUBLE TICKET B I - D I R E C T I O N A L A S S U R A N C E M E D I AT I O N IMPLEMENTION TOOLS NETRAC MEDIATION AUTO DISCOVERY | CONNECTION | COLLECTION | PROCESSING | ENRICHMENT NETRAC STUDIO xDRs Events Collection Commands Logs TCAs GSM/GPRS 3G VoIP IP ATM SWITCHING SDH/PDH NETWORK FAULT MANAGEMENT SOLUTION multi-technology environment. Such failures are Fault Management Applications common in IP, ATM, wireless and TDM-based TTI Telecom’s Netrac FaM is a highly flexible, robust, (SONET/SDH, DWDM, PDH) core and access feature-rich and scalable network management solution networks. that enables CSPs to identify and resolve the root causes of network failures efficiently based on their FaultPro is a powerful tool for assisting telecom service business needs. Netrac FaM enables work processes providers achieving a high level of NOC efficiency. automation, events consolidation and events FaultPro automates problem resolution that enables enrichment from external sources. These events are better and more efficient operation. prioritized, correlated, and presented using highly interactive Graphical User Interfaces (GUI). Netrac FaM offers standard interfaces and open APIs allowing easy integration into an existing network management environment. Correlator TRS (Topology-based Reasoning System) is a patented probabilistic root cause analysis system that quickly identifies the root causes of network failures that can only be traced using network-wide topology data, in a multi-vendor, multi-domain and Web Fam 3 TTI TELECOM | NETRAC FAULT MANAGEMENT
  4. 4. Netrac Mediation Applications TTI Telecom’s implementation tools also include wizards TTI Telecom’s Mediation applications comprise of a for automatic creation of fault libraries based on SNMP flexible, scalable and extendable multi-protocol MIBs. TTI Telecom’s Report Studio is an intuitive and integration platform which provides bi-directional efficient reporting and query tool which provides interface with the network or external OSS /BSS capabilities for creating both ad-hoc and predefined systems for data collection, synchronization, sophisticated reports and charts. transformation and forwarding. TTI Telecom Fault and Performance Management solutions use this platform to collect data, parse, transform, enrich, validate and TTI – Telecom is our Business Knowledge and Experience - TTI Telecom has over store inputs in a specialized database or raise them a decade of Telecom related experience. TTI as alarms. The Netrac Mediation layer is used to Telecom uses this knowledge and experience to establish communication with external elements, better build and implement fault management regardless of vendor, version, protocol or topology. products that fit current CSPs needs. The data processing rules (libraries) are fully Multi-vendor – TTI Telecom offers multi-vendor customizable and manageable using TTI Telecom’s and multi-technology network adaptors. TTI Netrac Studio graphical Software Development Kit. Telecom’s Fault Management solution c o l l e c t s monitors and correlates data from multiple Service Management Applications vendors and technologies. TTI Telecom’s ServiceImpact is a business-oriented Extensibility – TTI Telecom’s powerful Mediation product that assesses the impact of various types of enables CSPs to quickly adapt to frequently network data such as network alarms, probe changing network requirements as they deploy information, Key Quality Indicators (KQI), and Threshold and manage 3G wireless, IP, and broadband data Crossing Alarms (TCA) on services and customers. networks along with legacy voice networks. ServiceImpact is an innovative product that helps Automation – TTI Telecom offers state-of-the-art CSPs focus on business-critical events before they tools that assure Quality of Service by defining are detected by customers. With ServiceImpact, CSPs automatic rules and network problem resolution can identify, prioritize, and resolve network problems procedures. based on Service Level Agreement (SLA) categories, Pre-integrated Assurance Solution – TTI Telecom impacted services and impacted customers. bundles Fault and Performance solutions to offer a complete Service Assurance offering. As new network technologies emerge, the combination of Implementation Tools the two worlds becomes essential in order to Netrac Studio is a powerful framework for integrating control and manage services and keep service systems based on business rules with automated and level and quality at the level that customers expect. flexible library-creation and administration tools. 4 TTI TELECOM | NETRAC FAULT MANAGEMENT
  5. 5. TTI APPROACH degradation, longer time-to-repair, and unnecessary Powerful rich client service degradation. Netrac FaM 10 Cruiser is TTI Telecom’s next generation TTI Telecom’s Correlator TRS solves this problem by real-time alarm surveillance and fault management rich utilizing a breakthrough probabilistic algorithm. It client. Designed for “heavy duty” usage within Network identifies root-cause alarms by using network-wide Operation Centers (NOC), the client covers all aspects topology data in a fraction of the time it has traditionally of Fault Management functionality in modern taken. consolidated networks. TTI Telecom’s Fault Management Expert System The friendly user interface and rich client application embedded in Netrac FaM simplifies the decision- enable operators to efficiently evaluate large amounts making process and shortens the operator's reaction of information, analyze network behavior, understand time by identifying root-cause incidents within massive the impacts of the incidents on the revenue flows and alarm streams. prioritize repair actions. Service Oriented Fault Management Solution CSPs face the challenge of providing better QoE and service availability. CSPs are looking for service and customer based solutions for managing service quality and customer level of experience. Service Oriented OSS (SOO) is TTI Telecom’s innovative unique solution for managing services and networks in a customer based approach that harnesses all levels of service assurance solution to provide a comprehensive service management solution. Cruiser Active Alarms TTI Telecom’s Service Management solution contains dedicated service and customer impact and analysis Effective data processing capabilities products as well as fault and performance management TTI Telecom’s Fault Management solution collects products that are enhanced with service and customer network events, enriches them with configuration layers of information and functionality. TTI Telecom’s information, normalizes qualified events and removes Service Management solution analyzes and monitors duplications. services, Quality of Service (QoS) and business impact from a customer based point of view. Primary alarms of critical importance may be obscured by the flood of secondary alarms and slipped by operations personnel, causing further system 5 TTI TELECOM | NETRAC FAULT MANAGEMENT
  6. 6. evaluate enormous amounts of information from multiple sources to identify and resolve root-cause network failures and improve quality of service and service availability while reducing their operating expenses. TTI Telecom's well known and field-proven Fault Management solution has won the recognition of many leading telecommunications service providers all over ServiceImpact the world. TTI Telecom's Fault Management solutions are used by TTI Telecom's leading customers such as France Telecom, Wind, TELE2, Teracom, Orange, Consolidated Fault and Performance Hutchison 3G, Bezeq, and many others. All these Offering customers choose TTI Telecom to help them overcome TTI Telecom succeeds in meeting today's challenges the challenges in managing Next Generation converged of managing various types of networks: 3G wireless, Networks. IP and legacy, multi-vendor and multi-domain networks. TTI’s consolidated offering makes it easier for CSPs to measure, monitor, track, troubleshoot and report any network activity. Dashboard MARKET RECOGNITION Managing a consolidated multi-vendor and multi- technology network is a significant challenge for CSPs. They need an OSS solution which is able to intelligently 6 TTI TELECOM | NETRAC FAULT MANAGEMENT
  7. 7. We found in TTI Telecom a technologically leading solution that will allow us to have a unified system across France Telecom group and yet provide the specific needs for all different affiliates… TTI Telecom’s solution will enable us to streamline our operations and improve our service quality to our customers Luc Henri Pampagnin OSS domain manager, France Telecom group 7 TTI TELECOM | NETRAC FAULT MANAGEMENT
  8. 8. TTI Team Telecom International Ltd. (Nasdaq: TTIL) is a leading provider of next generation Operations Support Systems (OSSs) to Communications Service Providers (CSPs) worldwide. For incumbent and emerging CSPs in the fixed, mobile and cable markets, we provide robust OSS solutions that help manage their networks and services effectively. Our Netrac product portfolio delivers an automated, proactive and customer-centric approach to Service Assurance, including Fault Management, Performance Management and Service Management, complemented by network synchronization and activation. Netrac is compatible with multiple technologies and industry standards, and is uniquely positioned to converge legacy and next-generation networks. North America International Legal and copyright notice: All rights reserved by TTI Telecom 2 Hudson Place, 6th Floor 12 Amal Street, Afek Park Team Telecom International Ltd. Hoboken, NJ 07030 Rosh Ha'ayin, Israel 48092 Tel: +1 201 7953883 ext.200 Tel: +972 3 9269700 (including its affiliates and Fax: +1 201 7953920 Fax: +972 3 9221249 licensors). The information, specifications and other materials contained in this document are For more information about our products and solutions: general and subject to change w w w . t t i - t e l e c o m . c o m without notice.