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Slideshow - Part 2


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Published in: Sports, Technology
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Slideshow - Part 2

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  7. 7. ETHICALUsing online sourced images from the internet to create thisslideshow, is where you need to check that you have the rights touse the images of another persons and to copy it and use it as oneof your resources. I just hope that I have left most people happyfrom what photos that I have copied onto this slideshow.The photos that I have used, I have referenced, most, where Isourced them from, so people know where they originally camefrom, and who they were produced by. So for future interests,people and myself can find these sources if required.I have provided photos of my own in the slide which I believe showsome good examples of socialization, but also provides the peoplein the photos some respect towards their identifications. It isdisrespectful enough that I am putting these photos onto the internetwithout asking them, even through I took them out in the public;because things can just go totally viral on the internet these dayswithout you knowing.
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  9. 9. The End