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The Secret to Brand Growth? Mental and Physical Availability

This presentation covers the importance of mental and physical availability, the key to brand success. Are customers thinking of your brand and are they able to access it when they’re thinking of it? Brands largely compete not in terms of differentiation or even product offering, but in terms of mental and physical availability. When a brand is strong in those two regards, more people can more easily buy it in more situations.

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The Secret to Brand Growth? Mental and Physical Availability

  1. 1. TheSecrettoBrandGrowth? MentalandPhysicalAvailability
  2. 2. Thekeytobrandsuccessisboth mentalandphysicalavailability.
  3. 3. Wetookascientificapproach tomarketingto unlockthe truthbehindbrandgrowth. Check out our blog post here.
  4. 4. Brandslargelycompetenotin termsofdifferentiationoreven productoffering,butintermsof mentalandphysicalavailability.
  5. 5. Whenabrandisstrongin thosetworegards,more peoplecanmoreeasily buyitinmoresituations.
  6. 6. Let’sbegin.
  8. 8. Whatarementalandphysicalavailability?
  9. 9. the breadth and depth of your distribution in time and space MENTAL AVAILABILITY PHYSICAL AVAILABILITY Brandscompeteintermsof: the probability of a consumer noticing, recognizing, 
 and thinking of your brand in a buying situation
  10. 10. Mental availability extends beyond brand awareness: it depends on the quality and quantity of a consumer’s mental structures. Anoteonmentalavailability
  12. 12. “Makeyourbrandeasiertoaccessin consumermemoryinmorebuying situationsandformoreconsumers.” — Byron Sharp, How Brands Grow
  13. 13. — Create distinctive assets — Get noticed — Continuously reach potential buyers — Refresh brand-linked memories — Be consistent Howtoincreasementalavailability
  14. 14. Physical availability is a supply chain problem: how can brands get their product physically in front of their consumer wherever they are, right when they want it? Anoteonphysicalavailability
  16. 16. “Thoughbrandsmayclaimtohave achieved100%availability,nobrand hasactuallyaccomplishedthisyet.” — Byron Sharp, How Brands Grow
  17. 17. — Supply all desired pack types and sizes — Keep stock levels high — Expand into new geographical locations Howtoincreasephysicalavailability
  18. 18. THE CONSUMER
  19. 19. Howdoesthemodernconsumershop?
  20. 20. begin searching through a set of options 
 but stop once a preference meets immediate needs OPTIMIZE SATISFY Consumerscanoptimizeorsatisfypreferences: search through an entire set of options until 
 absolutely certain a specific preference has been met
  21. 21. Knowingwhetheryourconsumeris
 anoptimizerorasatisfierhascritical implications,asyoucantakeavery differentbrandingapproachforeither.
  22. 22. ItiswidelybelievedthatU.S. consumerssearchfor
  23. 23. “Asitturnsout,consumerstendto satisfytheirneedsinstead.Inother words,theysettlefor‘goodenough’.” — Byron Sharp, How Brands Grow
  24. 24. It isn’t because the brand is differentiated, but because an emotional response has been triggered. They’ve browsed a few options and will impulsively go with the one that elicited some sort of internal response. Thisexplainswhycustomersbuyintoabrand
  25. 25. We’vearrivedbackatmental andphysicalavailability.
  26. 26. First,brandsneedtobe physicallyavailable,toeven
 bepartoftheinitialmixa consumerbrowsesthrough.
  27. 27. Second,brandsneedtocreate associations,torefreshsalience, andbuildnewmemoriestobe thebrandconsumersstopat.
  28. 28. THE WRAP-UP
  29. 29. Whathavewelearned? 1. Brands need to be mentally and physically available This enables more people to more easily buy your brand in more situations.
  30. 30. Whathavewelearned? 1. Brands need to be mentally and physically available This enables more people to more easily buy your brand in more situations. 2. Customers tend to settle for “good enough” Brands need to trigger an emotional response to be the brand consumers settle for.
  31. 31. Youcanreadthefullstoryonhowto growyourbrandonthePercolateblog: The Secret to Brand Growth? Mental and Physical Availability
  32. 32. Percolate is The System of Record for Marketing. 
 Our technology helps the world's largest and fastest-growing brands at every step of the marketing process. Want to learn more? Contact for more information or request a demo today at Kat Gebert Kat Gebert is on the Product Marketing team at Percolate.