Percept Research: MBA Lifecycle Suite


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Introduction to the MBA Lifecycle Suite of surveys offered by higher education consultancy, Percept Research.


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Percept Research: MBA Lifecycle Suite

  1. 1. RESULTS THAT DRIVE CHANGE Our LIFECYCLE suite of surveys boasts 70% response rates on average providing more accurate and informative data than any other research consultancy. Our proven results and continuous innovation drive 98% of our business education clients to retain the use of our LIFECYCLE studies each year. Contact us to make more immediate and intelligent decisions regarding your program to stay ahead of your competition and to position your school as a leader in each phase of the student lifecycle. “The surveys created and reports produced have been extremely useful in streamlining and improving our graduate business program products and services. Percept Research has always been extremely helpful and responsive to our needs and intuitive with respect to our business problems. I do not hesitate to give them the highest of recommendations” Mandy Brooks Assistant Dean Graduate Business and Executive Programs Kennesaw State University There’s more to know about your students than merely an outline.
  2. 2. MEET DOUG. A quality education and balanced life are among them. He’s bright and sophisticated with multiple options. He evaluated his shortlist of programs to attend and determined what was most important and what he wants to achieve with his MBA. Find out critical expectations and enrollment considerations of incoming students like Doug with the Student Entry Study. ENTRY This competitive intelligence tool offers a cost-effective way to enhance your marketing strategies STUDY and strengthen your admissions process based on feedback from incoming students. With the Entry Study you can... “We think the Student Entry to your program. Survey is a great product! Percept Research’s survey is competitors as viewed by your comprehensive, easy to administer, incoming students. and has the benchmarking your admissions process and capabilities built in. It will help communication channels. us improve our marketing and admissions process.” peer programs. Tom Hambury newly admitted students. Director, Executive Programs Johnson Graduate School your own questions. of Management Cornell University weeks after the survey fielding ends. complement to the Exit Survey.
  3. 3. MEET DENA. program but felt that her school needs to work on a few things. She wished a few of her professors were more accessible and used more interactive teaching methods. However, she did find the guest lecturers to be very knowledgeable and engaging. Learn how to exceed student expectations like Dena’s by using the Student Midterm Study. MIDTERM This initiative enables you to assess operational program delivery for first and second year students, STUDY providing an opportunity to address current students’ concerns and suggestions while in the program. With the Midterm Study you can... “We use our Annual Student Survey to ship’ and address concerns of get a true sense of how students are current students. perceiving the value of our program. We measure students’ satisfaction institutional resources. with the service they receive in every learning outcomes. area and track progress from year to year using survey results. Using this and faculty. process has made a tremendous difference in our program.” innovation. Kelley M. Blanco ‘02 with program fulfillment. Assistant Dean Executive MBA Programs the operational delivery of Columbia Business School your program.
  4. 4. MEET JOSE. Jose is graduating soon and is excited to finish his capstone course. Looking back, he feels that his MBA program offered the right mix of student diversity, strong faculty, and interactive learning. He strongly believes this program was a good investment and he is a better leader because of it. Discover drivers of student loyalty similar to Jose’s with the Student Exit Study. EXIT This benchmarking instrument provides a clear picture of perceptions of graduating students on a STUDY range of attributes including: faculty, curriculum, teaching methods, and measuring ROI outcomes. EMPLOYER OUTCOMES ASSESSMENT (Available for PMBA & EMBA programs): The target audience of this optional add-on survey are managers of your graduates. This study will help you understand how well your program equipped graduates to succeed in the workplace and measure assurance of learning outcomes (see the other side for more details). With the Exit Study you can... “My colleagues in other departments of the College often comment on the quality, completeness, and value available by self-administration. provided in these analyses. I highly endorse Percept and greatly appreciate their professionalism as well as the value we gain from their services.” outcomes. Barry Van Dyck your program. Director of Degree Programs Executive Education your own questions. University of Notre Dame weeks after the survey fielding ends.
  5. 5. MEET KIM. Kim is an asset to her company and has gained multiple promotions during her time there. Her employer raves about her to his colleagues. Kim feels that if it wasn’t for choosing the right MBA program she would not be where she is today. You’ll frequently find Kim cheering on her alma mater and recommending it to everyone she meets. Uncover success stories like Kim’s with the Alumni Study. ALUMNI This initiative enables programs to benchmark how graduates perform in their STUDY professional life, assess learning outcomes, and demonstrating return-on-investment. EMPLOYER OUTCOMES ASSESSMENT (Available for PMBA & EMBA programs): The target audience of this optional add-on survey are managers of your graduates. This study will help you understand how well your program equipped graduates to succeed in the workplace and measure assurance of learning outcomes (see the other side for more details). With the Alumni Study you can... “The Alumni Survey results helped our EMBA program enhanced value of degree over time. demonstrate ROI of the degree and measure outcomes learning outcomes. needed for reaccreditation.” most important advocates. Sarah Perez degree to personal and career success. Executive Director, Executive/ Professional MBA Programs reconnect with alumni. Chapman Graduate School of Business directed improvement and promotion Florida International University of the MBA program.
  6. 6. PERCEPT RESEARCH Percept Research is a leading higher education research consultancy serving over 200 universities and 300 MBA programs worldwide for more than eight years. We provide cost-effective, action-oriented market research and communications consulting to higher education organizations. We assist schools with new program development, optimal brand positioning, student lifecycle assessments, and revolutionizing messaging strategies. We are committed to creating innovative and customizable approaches to the traditional marketing research model, increase project efficiency and lower cost. Our mission is to leverage our research and technology expertise to provide the best return-on-investment, unprecedented service and quality to our clients. Our experience in marketing research and communication strategy extends to many areas. Our broad range of research and consulting services include… Market Assessment Brand Development Marketing Communications
  7. 7. LIFECYCLE ENTRY STUDY MIDTERM STUDY MIDTERM STUDY EXIT STUDY ALUMNI STUDY Our LIFECYCLE approach is divided into four primary surveys to effectively EMPLOYER OUTCOMES ASSESSMENT evaluate your program’s impact during critical stages of student life. Students’ needs and perceptions change over time — our actionable surveys are The target audience of this optional add-on survey are managers of your designed to measure that change and reveal areas of improvement as well as graduates (for PMBA and EMBA programs). This study will help you understand how well your program equipped graduates to succeed demonstrate assurance of learning and return on investment. These surveys in the workplace and measure assurance of learning outcomes. can be engaged individually or all together for the longest lasting impact.* With the Employer Outcomes Assessment you can... Because students enter and exit programs at different stages during the year, the fielding of these surveys are tailored to the timing of your program format. learning outcomes. strengths from employer perspective. Executive MBA Council MBA Roundtable , to employer as result of program. employers as a result of program. important to employers. with employers.
  8. 8. WHY CHOOSE PERCEPT? EXPERIENCE. We leverage our concentrated expertise within the management education industry as noted by our global leadership in EMBA market research and ability to benchmark to MBA programs. EFFORTLESS. Not only are our surveys easy to administer, but we facilitate the entire process for you so you can focus your energy on improving your program based on the Learn more about Percept Research’s actionable results we provide. services and pricing plans by sending an email to SOLID APPROACH. We bring corporate-refined methodologies to the higher education market. Our success and strong foundations in corporate market research translates Percept Research, Inc. into high impact and ROI for our higher education clients. 401 North Tryon Street, 10th Floor Charlotte, NC 28202 INNOVATIVE. We enhance our offerings every year to provide sales office: (919) 765-0673 forward-thinking approaches and methodologies. Our insightful reports and consultant-based commentary will strengthen your program with the tools to inspire change and continuous improvement. We are constantly evaluating our methods and our deliverables to ensure that your data is actionable. PROFESSIONAL AND RESPONSIVE. We are committed to integrity, accuracy, and unparalleled service that renders reliable and accelerated results. FOCUSED. Our studies are customizable and can be tailor made to fit any program. We concentrate on your program’s specific needs to address the unique challenges that your school faces. Actionable Marketing Insight through Intelligent Research