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  • Hello.

    I’m David Harper one of the co-founders of PercentMobile.

    PercentMobile helps you understand your mobile traffic and turn findings into action.

    To do this we bring simplicity and accuracy together, to create reports anyone can understand.
  • There are 2 problems we’re solving right now.

    Making reports accurate and making reports understandable.

    The power of simplicity became clear to us when a major brand came our way with a question no one else could easily answer for them, “What is our percent mobile?”

    Others followed.

    Soon afterwards PercentMobile launched to answer this question for everyone.
  • There are several things that make PercentMobile unique.

    First, no one wants to spend hours puzzling over the meaning of their data.

    So we built PercentMobile for people not specialists.

    All the action takes place on a single screen and the reports are extremely easy to filter and interact with.


    Visit. Devices. Networks. URLs. Referrers.
  • Second, mobile analytics requires data to be handled much differently then what is required by traditional web analytics.

    Accuracy and data integrity is made possible by how we gather and mash-up your data with our mobile-specific databases, algorithms, and business rules.

    This helps us to answer simple questions immediately as well as the more complex questions such as the one on the screen behind me.
  • We launched our invite-only beta 8 months ago.

    During this time we have signed up over 1250 accounts.
  • ...and reported on over 1/2 billion page views.
  • We view the market through the lens of the niche we are looking to own.

    Targeting people not specialists.

    These people glaze over from data overload.

    They struggle to understand the story the data is trying to tell them.

    We categorize other services based on:

    Support of mobile-specific data
    Simplicity of report interaction
    Do they apply business smarts to make meaning
    It is social? Is it fun?
  • PercentMobile is drop dead simple to deploy.

    You copy and paste our code snippet into your templates to start tracking in minutes.

    We currently provide free and complete reports.

    Soon we will be providing a series of “pay as you go” upgrades.

    Custom date and time ranges
    Extreme resource usage
    Many sites
  • The founders have deep mobile technical experience as well as experience running events.

    We have built and managed mobile services for ourselves and major brands that 10’s of thousands of publisher’s use and millions of people enjoy.

    We also have a great team of advisors.
  • We are currently...

    Raising 500K
    Looking to increase our account base by 10x
  • UTR Presentation

    1. 1. Mobile Analytics, Simplified. Under the Radar 2009 David Harper, Co-founder & CEO
    2. 2. Reports that are inaccurate and hard to understand.
    3. 3. Reports that are easy to understand.
    4. 4. What percentage of today’s conversions in the US referred by gaming sites occurred on Apple iPhone 3GS over WiFi? Reports that are accurate.
    5. 5. accounts
    6. 6. page views
    7. 7. Insight PercentMobile AdMob / Bango Google Analytics Omniture Data Integrity & User Experience
    8. 8. (Stan Wiechers. Alexis Rondeau. David Harper.)
    9. 9. Bootstrapped Pre-revenue Raising 500K Increase account base by 10x