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Ronaldo’s mediterrean trip


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Ronaldo’s mediterrean trip

  1. 1. Ronaldo’s Mediterrean Trip By Kaelin Choksi
  2. 2. Ronaldo leaving Atlanta International Airport with my grandparents
  3. 3. First stop – Barcelona, Spain – Messi’s town (FC Barcelona)
  4. 4. Ronaldo heading to the boat……
  5. 5. About to get on the boat, to cruise the Mediterannean!!!!!
  6. 6. About to disembark at the French Riviera (South of France)
  7. 7. Saint Rapheal, France
  8. 8. Cannes, France
  9. 9. At the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy
  10. 10. At the Mount of Jews, South ern Italy
  11. 11. At Mount Vesuvius, It aly (still an active volcano). I brought in rocks from here to share with the class
  12. 12. Above the Crater at the top of Mt. Vesuvius! (please don’t drop me in Popola)
  13. 13. Mt. Vesuvius, the active Volcano smoking in the back
  14. 14. At Pompeii, Ital y Destroyed by the volcano – Mt. Vesuvius
  15. 15. Ruins at Pompeii, Italy
  16. 16. More ruins at Pompeii
  17. 17. At the port of Kusadasi, Turke y …. My last stop on this awesome vacation
  18. 18. Kusadasi, Turkey
  19. 19. Last spot – Epheses, Turkey – the ruins
  20. 20. I can’t wait to go on another vacation soon!!! It might be in the USA or it might be an island in the Carribbean. Wherever it may be, I will share my adventures with you……… BON VOYAGE!!!