Native American Family Tree


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Native American Family Tree

  1. 1. Colós How are the lives of children part of history? What makes me María de los Prudencio Colós María Antonia Piña unique on the b. ca. 1845 b. ca. 1845 Angeles Colós d. ca. 1855 d. unknown b. ca. 1840 María Colós’s younger brother María Colós’s younger half sister. d. 1930s (died at age 14). Peralta rancho? Married Married Joaquina Pico Gregorio Colós Santiago Piña b. about 1820 b. about 1815 b. 1819 d. unknown d. unknown d. unknown Tamaleño, Mission San Rafael Native María Colós’s father. Russian-Koriak Chochenyo speaker. María Colós’ American. María Colós’s mother (probably (Native group from northeastern Siberian) stepfather; taught Chochenyo language kidnapped as a child by a Californio and and traditions to María Colós. later raised by the Picos in San José). Why do historians Married think I was Bruno Piña b. 1796 Fermina b. 1801 kidnapped? d. unknown d. unknown Taunan Luecha What do sea otters have Where did the Ohlone people to do with my story? live in the 1800s? Guzmán Where did we gather to Eight children, many descendants Where are the Ohlone today? keep our tribal traditions alive after the Gold Rush? Married Petra Guzmán María Carmen María Cecilia Juan José Agaton José Avencio Francisca b. 1835 Guzmán Guzmán Guzmán Guzmán Mix of various Miwok groups and other native groups. By b. 1840 b. 1844 b. 1848 b. about 1853 d. 1930 1900 they had 8 children. Married 1833 How did María Colós and I preserve the Ohlone How did I lose my Habencio Guzmán Petra Why didn’t my dialect of Oakland? b. 1813, bap. 1817 Mission San José b. unknown d. unknown d. unknown Yokuts name? Tamscan/Passasimi (Northern (probably) Julpun (Bay Miwok). Valley Yokuts). José Guzmán’s father. José Guzmán’s mother (died when José Guzmán was very young). son know me? Married The California Genealogical Society is Habencio Habencia now compiling more complete genealogies b. about 1773 b. about 1780 of Ohlone consultants to the project, Ruth d. unknown d. unknown Tamcan (Northern Valley Yokuts) Passasimi (Northern Valley Yokuts) Orta and her daughter Ramona Garibay, José Guzmán’s paternal grandfather. José Guzmán’s paternal and the Colós and Guzmán families. grandmother. Why did we leave our village on the delta to join the mission? Ruth Orta Ramona Garibay Find out the answers to the questions in the Native American Families Binder on the table below.