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Pequot Library Special Collections White Fang


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Published in: Education
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Pequot Library Special Collections White Fang

  1. 1. White Fang by Jack London Curated by Kevin Sherman Photographs by Hayley Battaglia
  2. 2. Jack LondonWhite FangMethuen and Company, London, 1907 Born under the name of John Griffith London in San Francisco, Londonwould inevitably become one of the most widely published American authorsof the 20th century. Many of his stories are drawn directly from his personalobservations of the places he illuminates through his writing, and White Fangis no exception. The story, first serialized in Outing magazine, is consideredto be the sequel to the famous The Call of the Wild. The story revolvesaround a wild wolf/dog in the Yukon Territory. The reader follows thedramatic shift between a youthful, playful, and innocent pup into a cunning,morose, and savage wolf. White Fang grows into a ruthless fighter able tosurvive any sort of encounter due his mystical ability to always retain hisfooting. At the crux of the story, White Fang has become almost evil, knowingonly to fight and kill whatever is placed in front of him due to the worse andworse treatment of his owners. However, after the only fight the wolf everlost, a new owner sought to redeem him from his past behavior and to tameWhite Fang. The story evolves into a whirlwind of confused emotions andactions on the part of White Fang based on not intuition but pure instinct,sensation, and simple pattern recognition.
  3. 3. This splendid copy of Jack London’s White Fang is a first United Kingdomedition printed in London, England in 1907. Published and printed by Methuenand Company, who also published works from Robert Louis Stevenson,Oscar Wilde, T.S. Eliot, and others, this copy is of excellent workmanship.Charles Livingston Bull is the illustrator and he also designed the wolf vignettecover frontispiece. Bull is an American artist whom from a young age greatlyenjoyed the drawing of animals. Greatly influenced by Japanese prints, as isevident with the designs found in White Fang, Bull was a member of theNational Arts Club, the Architectural League, the Society of Mural Painters,the Animal Painters and Sculptors, the American Institute of Graphic Arts, theIllustrators Club, and many others. His work is widely exhibited in manyprivate collections and museums, and he has illustrated many of Jack London’s original works.Student Curator: Kevin Sherman
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