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I am Sophia


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Introduction of Sophia & my aim

  • thanx everybody.....i have got around 25 mails till now wanting to know more about me & my venture. I am thrilled with the responses....keep pouring in & i would be more than happy to respond to each of you

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I am Sophia

  1. 1. Hi, I am Sophia
  2. 2. I am 29 years Young
  3. 3. I have worked for over 9 years With Software co., Internet Portal, Hotel & DJ Cos.
  4. 4. I know big cos.
  5. 5. I know Powerful People
  6. 6. But they don’t know me  
  7. 7. So WHAT ??
  8. 8. Countdown to my Success has BEGUN
  9. 9. I am launching my own Portal
  10. 10. If you wanna be the chosen few to know about my business
  11. 11. & be known by me
  12. 12. Then email me at :