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Hug Day : Girls Vs Guys


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Hug Day views of Girls & Guys....share your Hugology with me at

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Hug Day : Girls Vs Guys

  1. 1. 13 th Feb Hug Day : Girls Vs Guys
  2. 2. Every day you bug me Today you might as well come & Hug Me
  3. 3. Did ya ever think an octopus can hug Ten girls at a time!!
  4. 4. A warm hug can Seal the Love between you
  5. 5. I saw, I hugged & Away I ran
  6. 6. Hugs are merchants of love the more u give the more u get
  7. 7. Hug Division : Pretty ladies always welcome
  8. 8. Just shut up Let your hugs do the talking
  9. 9. I came, I saw, I hugged
  10. 10. Wrap your sweetheart in a hug and share your eternal love
  11. 11. You should Never miss an opportunity to hug
  12. 12. mail me : [email_address] Twitter : Share your Hugology