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Issue01 working draft

  1. 1. Ironwatch Issue 01Argun’s Luck p.4Cool articleFive p.xCool articleOne p.xCool articleTwo p.x
  2. 2. Ironwatch Issue 01 2Staff: Abyssal TidingsEditor-in-chief: A Message from the EditorAustin Peasley—”darkPrince010” I’m pleased to present the first of issue ofEditors: Ironwatch, the Mantic fan-produced, edited, and (electronically) published magazine. This will be the first of many such issues to come, and we hope you enjoy the material foundWriters and Artists: within, use our proposed rules or ideas, becomeMatt Gilbert—”mattjgilbert” inspired by our stories, and contribute your ownBoris Samec—”Thane Bobo” personal ideas, art, and stories in the future!Bil—”Orcsbain”Doug Newton-Walters In this issue, we have a wonderful short story by Michael Grey about the Corporation’s investiga-“Cornonthecob” tion of a mysterious alien ship, Stuart Smith’sMatt I.—”JoV” first two scenarios for an amazing three-scenarioJack Evans—”ManticfanboyLAD” campaign in which Evil forces attempt to sum-Ryan Shaw—”The Dire Troll” mon and control a Storm Giant, Matt’s storyStuart Smith—”Merlin” about a lucky orc, a set of special rules for aShane Baker—”Shaneimus” more in-depth set of changes for the Kings ofAaron Leahy—”Sardonic Wolf” War campaign system from Doug Newton- Walters, and a huge Warpath battle report from Neil Dixon. In addition to this, we have further short stories, special scenarios, painting show- cases, terrain modeling tutorials, and even a comic strip! I’d like to throw out an initial thanks to the over- whelmingly positive response there has been to this magazine and its implementation. I’ve spo- ken to many who have become disheartened at the changes of once-staple magazines like White Dwarf becoming basically catalogs, or the clos- ing down of Mantic’s own Mantic Journal. With Ironwatch, we hope to revive both the spirit of those magazines as well as their quality of content, and so we hope you’ll enjoy this issue and those to come. Thanks for reading, and wel- come to the Watch! -Austin
  3. 3. Ironwatch Issue 01 3 Table of ContentsArgun’s Luck, by Matt Gilbert ..................................................................................................... 4Sage Advice & Random Musings, by Bil .................................................................................... 9March of Battle: A KoW Campaign Supplement, by Doug Newton-Walters ............................. 10The Siege of Berhoe, by Matt I. ................................................................................................... 20Making a Splash at the table: A River Making Tutorial, by Jack Evans...................................... 22The Chronicles of Grelink, by Ryan Shaw ................................................................................... 24Kings of War Skirmishes: Rules for 500 pt Special Games, by Stuart Smith.............................. 24Raising the Dead: An Undead Battleforce Review, by Shane Baker ........................................... 25Wrath of the Storm Lord: A set of Scenarios for KoW, by Stuart Smith..................................... 27The Last Guards, by Aaron Leahy ............................................................................................... 29
  4. 4. Ironwatch Issue 01 4 boys watch ‘n’ learn. My luck never runs out”. The die was dwarfed by the hand of the Krudger and with his other he grabbed Spittle by the head and held him dangling over his own large mug of ale. “Just in case though” he said, grinning with yel- lowing teeth, “let’s get this die pissed so it forgets not to screw me around”. He squeezed the helpless orcling until its mouth popped open. Then ramming the die into the orcling’s mouth, he held it by one leg and dunked it in the beer before pulling it out again. “Right lads, watch this”. He punched the back of Spittle’s head with a wet thunk and the die popped out, landing with unerring accuracy in the middle of the board. “Six”. Jarl threw his own hand of sticks down in disgust while Meathead, the oth- er orc at the table looked up and said “so as ‘e won then?”. “Course I won” said Argun, dropping Spit- tle to the floor. The orcling quickly scur- ried across the flagstones into the corner of the room out of reach. “I always bloody win”. LIFE WAS GOOD for Argun. He’d always been one of the biggest orcs in a race of hulking brutes. His size gave him power By Boris Samec too, both physically and psychologically. ARGUN’S LUCK ‘as another go?” But he was good at what made an orc rise to the top; he knew how to fight and by Matt Gilbert “It means I ‘ave to roll that one again you fight dirty. This and his wit had seen him idiot” snarled Argun. “Just like all the oth- rise to power quickly, the status of Krudg- er times it’s ‘appened”. er coming easily with many orcs willing toTHE TWO DICE dropped from Argun’s follow “Facesplitter” – a name he’dhand and rattle-bounced across the Argun took a swipe at the orcling perched earned after altercations with a number ofwooden table. One took an erratic deflec- on his left shoulder, causing it to flinch challengers to his authority. Piece-tion into the heavy tankard of grog that away and then scamper on to the floor to negotiations Argun called them. Yousat in front of the brown-skinned thug to retrieve the errant die. It chattered as it talked. He left you in pieces.his left before coming to a stop at the skipped across the floor and then held theedge of the game board. The other skid- carved bone cube up out of the shadows Like most nomadic warbands, his boysded off onto the floor. The orc to his left, with both hands for the players to see. had scoured the plains; raiding DwarfJarl, picked his teeth with the tip of a mining camps and terrorising humanwicked looking dirk. “Six again. So near yet so far” Jarl said. towns and villages. The horde had in- “Looks like your luck ran out this time Ar- creased in size as smaller warbands were“Six” he noted, his single good eye star- gun”. subsumed and soon larger settlementsing at the die remaining on the table. “But became viable and necessary targets.the other doesn’t count”. The orcling scrambled clumsily up the Argun’s reputation for fortune preceded thick table leg, hampered by the load it him and was only enhanced by engage-The third player at the table contemplated was carrying. As it reached the top Argun ments like those at Harvon’s Pass andthis and then slowly studied his hand of snatched it away. The Bickervale where they’d taken mini-painted wooden sticks. “Yeah” he ven- mal casualties and routed larger and su-tured, and then “does that mean the boss “Give that ‘ere Spittle you little runt. Right, perior forces. At Yurdhaven Cross
  5. 5. Ironwatch Issue 01 5though, things had not gone so well. The hunting in the area was good so food place; it felt unnatural and repellent to was plentiful and in the first few months at them. The pool glowed with a cold, insipidThe humans and elves had prepared well least four different groups of adventures light which cast eerie shadows. If anyoneand the elven general managed to take had found the caves only to realise they wandered too close, they suddenly foundArgun’s left flank by surprise. The result- were not unoccupied. The treasure haul themselves back at the cavern entranceing collapse had scattered the Krudger’s from these unfortunates made the experi- again with no recollection of how they gotwarband, with only a regiment’s worth ence all the more fun. Argun began to there. The voices would not stop whisper-following Argun into the Forest of Galahir. stoke things up, spreading rumours of the ing in their head for hours after.They had killed their pursuers but found cave’s treasures while at the same timethemselves wandering aimlessly for many terrorizing the villages which lay within a Nearly a week ago, one of the goblins,days. Argun violently suppressed any week’s radius of their new lair. A steady Rikks, had thought it amusing to hurlmention of ill luck, as was a Krudger’s flow of opportunists and mercenaries night-soil in to the pool as a dare. Gettingright, and drove the band deeper into the hired to clean them out kept the boys in as close as he comfortably could he suc-trees. Four days into the trek, his fortune shape and the band’s hoard of plunder ceeded in hitting the target with some ifchanged. increasing. not all his ammunition. Since then the goblins had spent any time not out scout-One evening, they’d accidently stumbled They themselves had found none of the ing entertaining themselves by playinginto a clearing occupied by a rag-tag rumoured treasure of course. All that lay “crap-splash”.band of human adventurers and chan- at the centre of the tunnels was a largecers. Having set a poor watch and gotten cavernous hollow, its vaulted ceiling hid- “Boss?”themselves intoxicated on cheap wine, den in deep shadow. From the narrowthe humans were quickly overpowered opening into the chamber, they could see Argun leaned back against the cold wall.and put to the sword – the fresh meat a huge tree roots like living stalactites drop- The place was remarkably dry but nowelcome feast for the voracious green- ping out of the gloom, tapering to thin, matter how many torches, wood or bodiesskins. Argun kept one of the humans alive delicate fronds that eventually brushed a the orcs burned, the chill was alwayslong enough to… entice the man to di- pool in the floor. The orcs avoided the there.vulge the group’s purpose. The man-thingwhimpered and cried and soiled himselfmore than once but eventually explainedthat the group were treasure hunters, fol-lowing a map recently discovered in alibrary in Yolkston - two hundred leaguesto the West. They were looking for anancient hideout said to be in the forestnearby. Between the tears and screamsArgun deduced that other troupes werealso scouring the area for the hideout; thelure of what might lie within too great toresist the perils of the forest. The manhad a copy of the map and knew theywere close. On the morrow they werecertain they would find it.Sensing an opportunity for some sport forhis demoralised band of grunts, Argunhad them search the bodies. The mapfound, he had snapped the neck of thelast survivor and tossed the body aside.At daybreak, Argun roused the mob, kick-ing most onto wakefulness to angrysnarls and grunts. With the map as aguide they discovered the humans werecloser than they thought to their goal.And now here they were. What Argun firstsaw as a minor set-back had become anew opportunity. Sure they’d lost a hand-ful of volunteers to the various traps and “They could see huge tree roots like living stalactites dropping out of the gloom, ta-surprises the place had to offer but over pering to thin, delicate fronds that eventually brushed a pool in the floor.”the last year they’d made a good living. By Boris Samec
  6. 6. Ironwatch Issue 01 6 head but was struggling to find the energy surviving orc prisoners and began to run“What?” to speak. Argun tightened his grip and the riot in the elven encampment. Assaulted sentry squealed. “E….e…… elves. Many- by Argun’s force on one side and under-Argun had a space to himself at the end lots”. The effort of speaking too much, mined by a revolt from within their ownof wide tunnel. Most of the lads slept in Tinker passed out and Argun, irritated, camp, the Kin were overrun and slaugh-two large communal chambers on the growled and tossed him aside. tered. Jarl impressed Argun and quicklyother side of the complex. The original rose to prominence in the warband.occupants had seemingly taken a small, “Seems we’ve got company lads. Good. Whenever there were elves to fight, Jarlnatural cave system and carved out addi- We’ve all been getting a bit lazy of late took the lead, his loathing for the racetional rooms and tunnels to extend the and Jarl and I were just discussing mov- ignited in a frenzy of violence that was fedwarren-like layout to twice its original ing on out of ‘ere. We all need some big- by hate.size. No trace or hint of who they might ger scraps and I want to be out on thehave been had been found. plains again. If that upstart Chok still fan- “Yeah” he snarled, picking up his Ax from cies ‘imself a better Krudger than me I where it rested against the wall. “ShowMeathead stepped though the opening think I’d like to show him the error of ‘is me where they are”.into the room where Argun and Jarl were ways. We need to build the band back updicing again. Jarl was a sly one and use- again.” He stood and flexed his massiveful for his brains, but Argun only trusted arms, trophy rings clattering across the NO ONE HAD come back, but Argun hadhim when he could see him and so liked blue tattoos and battle scars. heard bellows and the sound of clashesto keep his lieutenant around when he echoing though the caves. He sighed.wasn’t otherwise occupied. Meathead “Get Jurk to prepare the traps” he com- What was taking so long? In the corner ofwas his Sergeant from the former Great- manded, “and tell Brekkun to get ‘is ‘airy the room, the orclings in the cage on theax regiment and while a little slow, he had arse out there and lure ‘em in.” wall had been getting more and morea ferocious battle temper and could swing restless, their snivelling and whining get-a Greatax like no-one Argun had seen “Brekkun don’t ‘ave an ‘airy arse boss” ting on Argun’s nerves. Spittle coweredbefore. said Meathead “not since ‘e sat on that on the floor under the room’s single burn- knight’s oil lamp”. ing touch, the flickering light barely reach- ing the opposite wall. His cleaver in his belt and his Ax in one hand, Argun took the torch from the sconce, knocking a fine“Jarl knew his fate at the hand of the elves was cloud of old soot over the trembling or- cling. “With me Spittle. If you want some- going to be despairing, painful and ultimately thing doing properly, you ‘ave to do it fatal. “ yourself”. He kicked the creature causing it to squeak in alarm and hurriedly clam-“We got visitors boss. Tinker just came Argun chuckled, a deep crackling belly ber up the orc’s body to perch on hisback in. The other scouts is dead ‘e rumble. He turned to Jarl. “Want first pick- shoulder. Argun pocketed his dice. “Let’ssays.”. Meathead began picking at the ings?” go play with the elves”.huge pale green scar running down hisleft arm; a gift from a cavalryman’s blade It was at Harvon’s Pass where Argun had Argun knew something was wrong; heback at The Bickervale. “’e don’t look too met Jarl. The leathery skinned orc from could sense it. There was something ingood Boss”. the deserts of the South had been taken the air. Something unsettling. It was like captive by slavers of the Twilight Kin dur- the feeling in the pool room had seepedTinker, Gobban and Rikks were the only ing a raid. The slavers were returning out and was spreading through the tun-three goblins who had survived the home and converging with others of their nels; the air felt thick and oily. The ech-events at Yurdhaven Cross and Argun kind in a large host heading back to the oes of battle were coming in short, spo-had employed them as scouts and sen- Abyss. Jarl knew his fate at the hand of radic bursts. A shout. A clash of metal. Atries in the woods around the complex. the elves was going to be despairing, scream. As he turned a corner he stum-Meathead picked up the small bundle of painful and ultimately fatal. One evening, bled across two orc bodies. Jurk hadcloth and limbs he’d been dragging be- the Kin had picked Jarl out for special been impaled on a spear that stuck fromhind him and dumped it on the floor in attention. They had taken his eye that the ground: one of the traps he’d beenfrom of Jarl. night. Already tortured and tormented tasked with setting. The dead weight of during the journey, many captives had not his corpse had slowly dropped all the wayArgun grabbed Tinker by the scruff of the survived by the time the Kin were assem- to the floor down the wooden shaft.neck and lifted him up level with his eyes. bling in Harvon’s Pass before moving on.“He don’t look great I’ll grant you that” he As the warhorns blew in alarm that fateful Kruk had had his throat slit and had alsoobserved casually, “But then ‘e always evening, Jarl knew it would be his chance taken a stab wound in the left shoulderwas an ugly sod. What ‘appened Tinker?” to escape. Strangling his guards with the blade. He’d taken one of the enemy with chains that they thought bound him, Jarl him though Argun discovered as heThe goblin moaned and tried to lift its managed to then free and rouse the other kicked the body over. Underneath the orc,
  7. 7. Ironwatch Issue 01 7the lifeless form of a young elf lay and broken furniture; acrushed and bleeding. Its smooth pale makeshift barricade forgreen skin was in stark contrast to the the lone orc Sniff whocrimson liquid that leaked from the many stood behind it and hadcuts all over the body and one arm was started trading arrow firealmost severed at the elbow. The feline- with the two Fey Jarl nowlike eyes stared coldly at the wall, cloudy saw swiftly moving to-yellow and bloodshot. The Fey! Argun wards him. He coveredhad heard about these elves but never the ground quickly - twoseen one in person. Bound to the natural arrows barely missing himworld and forest life, these faeries were a to impact against the wall,rare sight indeed. Spittle was routing one chipping stone acrossthrough the pockets in Kruk’s leather jer- the floor. He dived behindkin but was studiously avoiding the elven the barricade, rolling andbody. Well, they seemed to die like any coming to his feet in aother elf and they were going to pay for fighting stance just beforeintruding in Argun’s lair. He kicked the Fey leapt the obstaclebody savagely and growled. Ax and and fell upon him.cleaver in hand, he stalked down the cor-ridor towards the sound of battle. Argun’s weapons were slick with blood. He’d tak- en some minor woundsMEATHEAD WAS FIGHTING for his life. but in return had dis-The tricksy little bastards were running patched five Fey and onerings round him and his men, three of of the beings they called awhom were already down. The elves had Mage-Queen. She hadlost a couple of their number too but had fought savagely and withthe advantage of ranged arrow fire. The magic too – blasts of in-warband’s Sniffs were off with Jarl so candescent lightningMeathead could only respond by getting smashing into the orcsin close but the damn things kept dodging “Meathead howled in pain and fury as he watched Var- around Argun and conjur-and striking, dodging and striking – dart- Terkan slain from the rear.” ing powerful gales whiching in and out the sputtering torchlight. by Boris Samec swept down the corridor,Suddenly, to his left, Var-Terkan roared in knocking them to their feet.triumph as he caught an elf bowman in swung his Greatax in huge scything arcs Many bodies, Spittle’s included, layhis grip as it tried to duck past him, slash- and charged headlong into the dark. scorched and battered before Argun man-ing with a small curved blade. Var-Terkan aged to take the elf-bitch down, hurlinglifted the elf straight off the floor and Jarl was breathing hard. He’d taken a his cleaver with all his might and buryingsmashed its head against the tunnel wall nasty stab wound to the ribs which was it in her cerulean face. As he strode overwith a sickening crunch. The body went impeding his movement. Hatred drove to yank the heavy blade free he caught alimp, but before it dropped to the floor Var him on though: hatred of the elven race glimpse of something at the periphery of-Terkan buried his Ax deep into the chest, and what they had done to him. It mat- his vision. The silhouette of a large Fey,once, twice, three times. Meathead bel- tered not that it was Twilight Kin who had bracketed by the pale, unworldly glowlowed his approval and swung his own captured him. Tortured him. Ripped out which seemingly emanated from the be-massive two-handed Greatax straight his eye. All elves were the same to Jarl, ing itself, paused briefly at the entrance tothrough the body of a spearman from and murdering them gave some small the tunnel leading to the pool chambershoulder to rib, spraying gore across the measure of revenge. No number of dead and then vanished in a blur. Argun re-passageway. Undeterred, two more elves elves would ever be enough for him trieved his chopper and moved to followran in to take their comrade’s place, one though; his lust for blood consumed him the being down the passageway.of them getting under his guard and ram- totally. He was hunting now, stalking hisming a spear into the meat of his thigh. prey - two surviving Fey which were elud-Meathead howled in pain and fury as he ing him. He paused briefly by a body JARL’S HATRED KNEW no bounds. He’dwatched Var-Terkan slain from the rear slumped up against the wall. Brekken. killed the first elf quickly, his knife nowand two more orcs were felled behind him Some darkly humorous voice in the back pinning the faery against the tunnel wall,with arrows, the elves then fading away of Jarl’s head told him this was the first through the throat and deep into the rock.again into the gloom. All alone now, time Brekken had been able to sit down in The second elf was now weaving in andsomething in Meathead snapped. A red- ages, but Jarl dismissed the thought with out of his reach and had twice breachedness seemed to spread across his vision; a snarl and pressed on. Ahead, the corri- his defence to score glancing hits whilea fury building to a tumultuous climax. dor opened out slightly and had been the Sniff was still rapidly loosening arrowsRipping the spearshaft from his leg, he hastily blocked with a collection of rubble from the barricade into the dark passage.
  8. 8. Ironwatch Issue 01 8All Jarl’s swings and blows were a frac- and taking the head offtion too late; the lithe elven fighter the Sniff with a singleseemed to have an almost preternatural fluid motion and sweepability to anticipate his actions. He was of its razor sharp blade.becoming increasingly frustrated and as a Argun felt uneasy. Notconsequence he almost made a fatal er- fear – he’d never feltror. The elf came in from the left and Jarl afraid, but he had a dis-swung his Ax down in a vicious chopping tinct feeling his fortunessweep but his mistimed slice caused him were perhaps not run-to overbalance and the elf nimbly rolled ning along their normalright, under his weapon and then came to tack. This finishes nowits feet, weapon chopping down and sev- he thought and ranering Jarl’s arm just above the wrist. down the passage after the demon elf thing.Argun heard the scream of rage as herounded the corner and took stock of thepicture in front of him. Down the corridor THE AIR FIZZED withwas a hastily prepared defensive wall the taste of magic. Ar-“A Sniff was desperately firing arrows at the iridescent figure speeding down the tunnel with an effortlessgrace and speed that couldn’t be nat- ural”from which a Sniff was desperately firing gun approached thearrows at the iridescent figure speeding figure cautiously as itdown the tunnel with an effortless grace stood facing into theand speed that couldn’t be natural. Clam- pool room. Tendrils ofbering up the pile of rubble and hauling a pale wispy light radiatedcomatose body behind him in one hand, from the elf-thing andJarl appeared oblivious to the approach- drifted down into theing danger. Now at the top, he hoisted the pool, and motes of dustelf into the air and brought it down across sparkled and flared ashis knee with a sickening crack. Con- they floated into thetemptuously, he tossed the body aside rays. As Argun nearedand roared - a primeval venting of emo- the Fey the light pulsedtion that thundered down the passageway brighter and then sud-with an almost physical force. denly dimmed. The tem- perature in the corridorThe shimmering Fey leapt, drawing its dropped to a bonebow as it did so with an almost impossible chilling low. Wall torches “He’d taken some minor wounds but in return had dis-agility. It contacted the wall and instantly sputtered and died and a patched five Fey and one of the beings they called a Mageflipped across the passage, acrobatically crackling frost spread -Queen.”gaining height off the tunnel sides. Mid-air across the stone walls. By Boris Samecand halfway across the space, it launched Argun’s breath burneda crystal tipped arrow shaft with unerring his throat and his breath smoked around born from the Abyss. Its skin was a deepaccuracy. The missile flew true - a cold him as the elf turned to face him. Tall and crimson and seemed to cast the spaceand impassionate answer to the cacopho- slim with the stereotypical physiology of around it in a bloody red luminance. Theny of rage emanating from the orc atop the race, the Fey had feline eyes and a face of a demon. It spoke, but Argun feltthe blockade. Jarl took notice too late, his catlike grace to match. Where the young- the sound in his head rather than hearingbrain registering the situation a split se- er Fey had a pale green complexion, the it through his ears.cond before the arrow took his remaining older more powerful Fey were typically aeye. As he crumpled backwards to the brown-grey, their skin almost bark-like. “Your kind have defiled this place orc” thefloor the elf cleared the barricade, landing This one however was surely something sound was at once soft, caring, and at the
  9. 9. Ironwatch Issue 01 9same time full of threat and menace “andwe have come to cleanse the infection. aimed, drew and then spun to the right as Meathead came crashing round the cor- SAGE ADVICE &The seedlings of the world-tree are sa- ner out the gloom, his Greatax already RANDOM MUSINGS.cred and you must pay for your igno- moving in a huge sweeping arc. Orc and Hobby chatter from a hairy oldrance.” elf struck at the same time. The massive Ax bit through the torso of the Fey, carv- veteran!The fiend moved with a speed that ing the demon-thing in two before crash-seemed impossible. Argun had excellent ing into the cave wall. The elven arrow Greetings all!night vision but struggled to pick up the passed clean through Meathead’s throat.elf’s movement as it began a relentless The light went from both combatants’ So here we are, the first issue of the “official”assault, a whirlwind of flashing blades eyes as the momentum of Meathead’s mantic fanzine, and the first of what I hope toand stabbing strikes. Sparks flew as Ar- charge toppled his corpse into the bisect- be regular columns as well as more *ahem*gun fought a retreating defence, his world ed elf and they both slumped to the floor. random musings from the inner most recess-becoming a pattern of block, parry, block, Blood began running in an ever spreading es of my mind.parry. Twice the elf got through his guard, pool across the stone.once to slash down his left arm and again So where to begin ah it has to be the manticsomehow appearing behind him to cut Kickstarter……Wow! Who would have thoughtacross his spine, barely missing his neck. ARGUN BLINKED AND shook his head that a new and still growing company couldThe wounds in themselves were superfi- clear. The faint glow from the Fey had achieve so much in such a short space ofcial, deflected and weakened by Argun’s quickly receded but a small point of light, time. I’m sure that like me you are still reelingmail coat but many more would start to intense like a miniature sun, rose from the from the phenomenal success of Mantic’stake their toll: death by a thousand cuts. body to the air before speeding down theArgun’s own blows when he made them tunnel towards the pool room, briefly illu- Kickstarter campaign and if you were one ofwere skilfully dodged by the elf, the eva- minating the passage walls in a cool blue the lucky few who managed to pledge thesion becoming a seamless part of its flow- light before vanishing into the distance. farm on it, you are no doubt checking theing battle-dance. Argun’s cleaver was Some degree of warmth returned to the mail each day or hoping for that hefty thud asknocked spinning from his hand and he air. Argun used his Ax as a crutch to push the first of your Kickstarter booty hits thetripped and fell heavily over the leg of an himself to his feet. He walked over to the doormat.orc carcass. As he landed, his hip jarred torso of the elf and prodded it gingerlypainfully and his pair of dice scattered out with the toe of his boot. Satisfied it really It’s been a long trek so far, from the earlyacross the floor. The elf-demon slowed was dead, he walked back up the pas- days of the first plastic sprue’s and no rules tobriefly, approaching the body Argun had sage and picked up his cleaver, slipping it the first hardback rules for Kings of war and 8stumbled over. During the brief respite, back into his belt. Looking around he army’s in the bag and 3 more in the pipe-Argun realised where they were. The elf spied his dice in a dark corner against the line. The journey has had many a windingwas about to step onto a trap trigger bur- far wall. This was a sign he thought. Per- path leading to the occasional dead end, butied under the floor. Somehow it had not haps from Garkan himself that he’d grown on the whole Mantic have navigated the hob-gone off previously despite all the fighting complacent here in the caves. It was time by trail with almost consummate ease. Mak-but a spark of hope now flared in Argun’s to move out; regrow his warband and his ing (on the whole) the right choices, includingheart as time appeared to slow and the legend before both time and younger, us the community in the bigger decisions toelf’s foot stepped lightly onto the floor. ambitious Krudgers caught up with him. He was still lucky – of that much he was help make our games, miniature’s and rulesNothing happened. Curse Jurk and his certain or he’d now be dead along with better. They have faced naysayers and inter-tardiness. The elf vaulted forwards to fin- everyone else. net trolls, but the old adage that you can’tish him off and he heard the voice in his keep a good idea down is true, and Mantichead again, pure malevolence this time. Stooping down he reached to retrieve the seem to rise like so much cream to the top“And now you die orc”. dice on the floor. As his weight pressed and the Kickstarter campaign is proof of that. on his front foot he heard a click, and Excellent ideas backed by great concepts andArgun scrambled back deflecting the then felt the whoosh of air above his head a will to do what’s right by both them and theblows raining down on him with his Ax as as a huge blade span out from the wall consumer resulted in a 3000% funding and ahe backed out into the junction. Anger and buried itself in the stone opposite. lot of happy investors .now boiled within him. He was not going Jurk’s trap had finally die like this, not killed by this Abyssal- He glanced at the dice. Double six. So what now? Well firstly to quote an old warcursed faery. Catching the elven blade on Scooping them up, he dropped them back poster “keep calm and carry on” Mantic havehis Ax he opened up the elf’s body and into his pocket. Yes he thought as he been taken somewhat by surprise by all thissurged forwards, slamming his huge made his way outside, still lucky. lovely attention and are having to really manmailed fist into the side of its head. The up (in a literal sense) as they are just over-Fey staggered backwards and crashed whelmed by the amount of orders that re-into the wall. Before Argun could follow quire shipping as well as the regular ordersup, it pulled its bow free and drew an ar- By Borisrow in a blur of supernatural movement. It from the web store in addition to meeting Samec
  10. 10. Ironwatch Issue 01 10demand from other bricks and mortar shopsand other online retailers. We will ALL get our March of Battle: A ing up the lands into easily conquer- able pieces. Armies move across thestuff but we will have to be patient, minia-ture’s don’t go off they won’t melt in the heat KoW Campaign land in units of hexes and where two meet, battle is joined. Oncewave we seem to have at the moment….wellnot Mantic miniature’s anyhow Supplement you’ve got your map you need to determine where each empire’s ter- By Doug Newton-Walters ritory will be. To give everyone aThis has been a fantastic ride so far and hap- fair start, they should all be roughlypily there is still much more to come. War- The following is a more complex equidistant from one another. Nopath 2.0 is on the horizon and after that, the campaign system than the one territory should abut another and atfutures own major sporting event will be found in the Kings of War rulebook. least 1 wildland hex of space be-coming to a table top near you in the form of It certainly isn’t the most complex tween each territory and another.DREADBALL tm , complete with spanking new campaign system out there, but itminis and (I’m told) a dynamic and quick play has more crunch than the standard Each player begins with 3 hexes; 1system to match the background, so it should one. Unless stated otherwise the capital and 2 towns. The townsbe the board game of the (late) summer to following uses the same basic struc-must be touching the capital, butwatch . Add into this the usual mix of releases ture of the campaign system in the other than that they can be in anyand everybody is a winner, not just those who rulebook. position. The capital and towns aremanaged to get on the Kings of war Kickstart- abstract conveniences; they coulder bandwagon. A rule of thumb for army sizes is the just as easily represent a sea-based number of players x1000 points. So beachhead and two forward baseBut that’s not all ponder on this, the kings of if the campaign had 5 players, each camps instead.war Kickstarter was a MASSIVE success we player would have 5000 points ofadded a whole bunch of new units and re- troops available. The maximum Any hexes on the map that aren’tduced the cost of others making them way number of field armies a player can owned by a player are consideredmore affordable……..I think that this time next have is equal to half the number of wildlands, unclaimed territories.year we will be sitting in a equally warm fuzzy players, rounding up (so the above However they aren’t unpopulatedafterglow of the “just finished WARPATH” example would allow a maximum of and their disorganized inhabitantsKickstarter. 3 field armies per player). will still put up a fight to prevent their lands being conquered.But next time it will be so much better, the The campaign is played on a mapdata tells us that second Kickstarters are with a hexagonal grid overlay, divid-better than first time runs, Mantic now have agauge of what they need to do and what isexpected by us the paying customers. Nexttime round expect more concept art, somegreat deals and pledge levels and in themeantime be sure to squirrel away a fewpounds each month as, trust me you won’twant to miss the second ride on that roller-coaster!Well that’s about it for now, but if you haveany questions you’d like me to try to answeror an opinion on this column feel free to con-tact me at the {inset mags e-mail addresshere} and I’ll do my best to get the answerhere for others and yourself to read.In the meantime may all your die roll high andremember…….The objective of the game is to win. The pointof the game is to have fun. The two shouldnever be confused. -Bil Here is a sample map showing the starting locations of 6 different em- pires.
  11. 11. Ironwatch Issue 01 11 of the following you possess, rolling If your field army defeats their op-Resources a die for each. A successful roll ponent you can immediately spendResources are the currency of the gives you 100 points to help replen- 1 resource to create an outpost incampaign. Orders and actions per- ish your ranks, either bolstering al- the hex, claiming it as your territo-formed during a campaign turn gen- ready existing units, or form new ry. If you dont do this or choose noterally require them or they wont ones. to, the hex reverts to wildlands.happen. Without them armies falter Outposts may be garrisoned likeand defenses crumble. At the begin- You cannot regain more points than other hexes as normal.ning of each campaign turn, each the campaign size and excess pointsplayer generates resource from the are lost.hexes they own. The amount gener- Siege Defensesated depends on the type of hex: Each of the different types of hex a Upgrade Orders player controls has different siege You may only perform a single up- defenses.Orders grade order per hex, per campaignEvery campaign turn you can issue turn. You cant turn an outpost into You can use resource in addition toan order to each of your field ar- a town in a single turn. siege points to buy siege equipmentmies, spending the requisite re- or upgrade fortifications.source cost. Orders are carried out Reinforced Outpost – 1 Resourceas normal. The outpost can now be upgraded to Siege Equipment have wooden towers and must take Siege AmmunitionHold – 1 Resource a main gate Cost: 1 per war engine/MonsterThe army remains where it is and Upgrade one war engine with siegedoes nothing (its expensive main- Town – 1 Resource ammunition. This is Attack 1 Pierc-taining armies). A reinforced outpost becomes a ing (4) Blast (1D6+1) and can only town. It must have a stone main be fired at buildings. You mayMarch! - 2 Resource gate, can take towers and can up- choose to use this one attack, or theMove a field army to a hex adjacent grade walls and towers to stone. standard attack of the unit. Use theto the one they are currently in. If units normal range value.two field armies meet in a wildlandshex then the wildlands are ignored, After Battle You may give this to a monster unit,they dont fight. Whoever wins takes If a field army is defeated it immedi- but it can only be used in meleethe hex. ately retreats one hex to a friendly with a building. one if available, wildlands if not andForced March – 3 Resource lastly enemy territory if there is noMove a field army two hexes (so other option. In the latter two cases Additional uses for Resourcelong as they all touch). You do not the field army must move towards In addition to the orders given outencounter the first hex you move the closest friendly hex. A hex can to field armies, you may choose tothrough (you’re not there long only hold one friendly field army at spend resource on the followingenough). However when you fight a a time. Campaign Actions. You may onlybattle there your force will be slight- attempt each of these once perly spread out due to the pace and Roll for unit loses as normal. campaign turn and you can performyou won’t have everything on the them at any appropriate time duringtable. Divide your army in half androll 1D6, on a 1-3 half 1 is left off Hex Type Resources Generated Rest Roll Needed Defensesthe table, 4-6 half 2. At the begin- Capital 3 2+ Stone only, Must takening of each of your turns roll 1d6, Buttressesif you roll equal to or less than theturn number, the other half of the City 2 3+ Stone main gate, Canarmy shows up. They all must move take towers and canat the double, measured from the upgrade walls andtable edge. towers to stoneRest – (n) Resource Town 1 (Captured Town) 5+ Wood only, Can takeThe army tries to rebuild its towersstrength after a battle. You may ex-pend up to 1 resource for every one Outpost 1 - Wood only
  12. 12. Ironwatch Issue 01 12the campaign turn. opponent are at -1 to hit for the time. game due to the damage done toBribery – (n) Resource their equipment. These cannot be If the hex is taken from you thenYou may spend resource to bribe the same as those waylaid in a For- you lose the resource and it disap-other players. If a field army ends ward Ambush. pears from the hex. However youup on a hex where a battle is occur- may roll again for every subsequentring, then they can intervene as Ambush – 3 Resource hex you take, representing findingnormal. However the players Spend resource to waylay enemy another source. The hex producesfighting can offer the intervening forces. Roll 1D6, on a 3+ 1D3 ene- resources as normal and an addi-player resource points to fight on my units chosen by your opponent tional bonus listed below.their side. This can be any kind of start your next battle off the table.arrangement, from an upfront pay- Each unit needs to roll equal to or Dwarfsment to a loan that requires a cer- less than the game turn to come on, Superior Oretain number of campaign turns to moving At the Double from their ta- You uncover a vein of rare ore and ble edge. forge it into potent weapons. One A Note on Bribery: The rules assume you must pay attack in every unit gains an addi- Sappers – 2 Resource tional point of crushing strength or your debts, so you cant offer unre- On a 3+ your sappers have effec- piercing. alistic amounts. However if you all tively damaged some of your oppo- agree, you can allow people to nent’s defences. 1D3 pieces of de- Elves break their word and not pay. If a fence chosen by your opponent suf- Sacred Glade player does this, then the player fer 1D6 damage each (rolled sepa- You rediscover a magical glade, in- owed the resource receives the dif- rately). fusing your forces with healing light. ference in Campaign Actions (see below) instead. Every unit gains regeneration, albeit Training – (n) Resource only rolling a single die each. Spend resource to put your menpay off. through intensive training. Roll 1D6 Orcs for each resource spent, on a 4+ Stone IdolMercenaries – (n) Resource you may increase the Experience a Your forces uncover an idol hewnSpend resource to hire mercenaries. single unit by 1. from unnatural rock, its energiesRoll 1D6 for every resource point invigorating them. Roll 1D6 for eachspent. On a 3+ you get 100 points Raiders – 2 Resource unit when you activate it, but beforefrom one allied force to add to one Send out raiders to destroy enemy you issue it orders. On a 1, 2, 3 itfield army for this campaign turn holdings. Roll 1D6, on a 3+ one em- gains that many additional inches ofonly. These follow the normal ally pire loses 1D3 resource due to your movement, added after multiplica-rules. depredations. If they can’t pay it all, tion. they must take it from their con-Spy – 1 Resource trolled hexes as per wlidland tribute. GoblinsSend a spy to uncover enemy troop Madshroomsmovements. Roll 1D6, on a 3+ you Insurrection – 3 Resource In the darkness of a filthy cave youmay rearrange 1D3 of your units in Spend resource to stir up resent- find potent fungi. Roll 1D6 for eachyour next battle, after deployment ment in enemy territory. Roll 1D6, unit when you activate it, but beforebut before the roll to see who goes on a 3+ one empire Outpost hex you issue it orders. On a 5+ it gainsfirst. must fight a Wildlands force to re- the Nimble special rule, whilst on a tain control. Failure causes the hex 1 it counts as having failed an Utter-Assassin – 2 Resource to be lost as normal. ly Spineless test.Send an assassin to attack an ene-my leader. Roll 1D6, on a 3+ one Kingdoms of MenHero from another empire suffers 4 Race Specific Resources Primovantor’s LegacyMelee 3+ Attacks (Crushing If you wish you can include some Ancient magical artefacts from a by-Strength (1) and Vicious) at the be- unique resources specific to each gone era embolden your forces. Ifginning of their next battle. No army. Every time your army takes a an enemy unit rolls one or more 1snerve test is required. hex roll 2D6. If it is less than the when attacking it inflicts a single total number of hexes you currently attack against itself.Saboteur – 2 Resource control, you have discovered one ofon a 3+. 1D3 units chosen by your these unique resources. You may only control one of these at any Undead
  13. 13. Ironwatch Issue 01 13Ancient Barrow fantry/cavalry than other infantry/ (see previous). This is just a guide-You tap into the slumbering power cavalry. Basically the armies are go- line, you can fight as few or asof an ancient barrow. Every unit ing to be infantry, cavalry and he- many battles per hex as you wish.rolls 1D6 when they recover a point roes. You can ignore some or all of Outpost/Reinforced Outpost: 1 bat-of damage through Evil Dead. On a these restrictions if you want. tle. Roll 1D6: 1-3 Normal, 4-6 Siege4+ they recover 2 instead. Town: 2 Battles. The first is a nor- You can either choose what army is mal battle, the second a siege.Twilight Kin encountered in the wildlands Capital: 3 Battles. The first is a nor-Killfrenzy (generally based on what models mal battle. Two and three are bothThe taint of an Abyssal altar courses the players actually have), or roll on sieges (capitals are well defended).through your army. Every unit gains Wildlands: 1 Battle. Roll 1D6: 1-5 2d6 roll Force Encountered Normal, 6 Siege. Against another+1 attack. field army it will always be Normal. 2-3 Abyssal DwarvesAbyssal DwarfsStoneblood 4 Kingdoms of Men If you dont have any fortificationYour forces discover and consume terrain, then obviously you cant 5 Dwarfs play a siege. You can instead treatstone ichor, hardening their bodies 6 Goblins sieges as normal battles. You stilland minds. Every unit gains +1 totheir Nerve Destruction limit (but have to fight the same number of 7 Orcs battles though. If you’re feeling adventurous you 8 Undead can allow anyone to use the racial 9 Elves Allied Empires specific resources instead. You can choose to form alliances 10 Kingdoms of Men between two or more empires ifnot their wavering value). 11-12 Twilight Kin you wish. This does not change how the following table. A wildlands force each player uses their resource or is 2D6x 100 points. what they do with their resource.Wildland Forces However, should one allied playersDespite appearances, civilisations capital get destroyed, they may Play the battle as normal, exceptexist throughout the wildlands. The- count another allied players capital that any units destroyed on these consist of small fiefs, collections wildlands side has no effect on the as theirs instead. This means theyof villages and warbands of petty forces of the player using them (his dont immediately lose all their hex-warlords. They generally pose little es. They cant form a new capital empire wasn’t actually fighting).threat to the large empires that en- Victory allows you to create an out- and if all remaining allied capitalscroach on their lands, but will still post in the hex as normal and gives are destroyed, then their empire isfight to the death to keep them. you 1D3 Resource points as spoils of destroyed as well. war from looting the wildland armysWildland forces are an opportunity play games with different armies Experienceand unusual scenarios. They will al- If you lose a battle against a Every unit that was not destroyed inmost always be outnumbered by the wildlands force they demand 1D3+1 your army gains 1 experience. Ifinvading empire, but that doesn’t you lost it gains 2. Elite and Vicious resources in tribute and send themean they can’t give the interlopers army packing. It retreats as normal. both become (n) values. Units thata good mauling in the process. Any If you can’t pay the tribute then you already have these rules count hasother player can choose to take on must dismantle your holdings to pay having (1) already. For each point ofthe wildland forces, using their own for it, starting with any outposts and experience a unit has, it gains 1empire army to represent them or working back. point in either Elite or Vicious. Youanother army they’ve been putting must apply them to the same rule.together. There is no limit on the value of (n) Fighting Battles for each of these, but there is aWildland armies have a few more When moving into hexes, you will be point of diminishing returnssuggested restrictions to their army (generally a unit wont survive required to fight. The number ofcomposition. You can only take 1 enough to generate that much ex- battles is dependent on the type ofwar engine and/or monster (or hero perience anyway). hex. Once you have won the re-on monster) for every 2 solid units quired number of battles, the hex isand you can’t have more large in- available for you to make an outpost If a unit is reduced in size by casu-
  14. 14. Ironwatch Issue 01 14alties, it drops 1D3 points of experi- reinforcements to your enemies), toence (you choose which rule this the mountain ranges. The importantaffects). Adding recruits doesn’t in- part is that empires become unstop-crease the unit’s experience though, Winning the campaign pable when they manage to takethat only happens in the crucible of How do you win a campaign? There them all. Because of this, it is best ifwar. are many ways to go about this and they are evenly distributed around it’s up to the players to determine the map, so no one empire has an which one(s) to use. advantage over the others.Towns and OutpostsThese are generic settlements that Finite campaign length:you place on controlled hexes. How- You may set a maximum number of The Emperors of Warever they could represent every- campaign turns to be played, after When attacking a Capital, the heartthing from farming towns to mining which if a sudden victory condition of a nation is under threat. At thisoutposts and so on. It has no effect hasn’t been met, you compare other point there is a very real chanceon the game, but adds immensely factors. that the empire will be smashed andto the verisimilitude of the campaign its influence forever broken. Whilstif you name your towns and out- Sudden Victory: the emperor leads the defenses,posts based on what you think their Only one player has a Capital. Re- garrisons and armies rush to his aid,main resource might be. gardless of how this occurs, if at the hoping to stymie the threat. beginning of a campaign turn only aFor example, a hex with mountains single player possesses a capital, When an enemy field army movesin it might be known for its mines, they are declared the winner. Every into a capital hex there are severalwhilst one with forest is known for other empire is too fractured to put things that can occur. You mayits lumber. The following is a list of up much of a defense (all their hex- move garrisons back to the capitalthe kinds of resources found in the es effectively become wildland forc- hex by spending 1 Resource eachtypes of environments most maps es using their specific army). during your campaign turn. The em- peror has called in his reserve forces Environment Resources Conditional Victories: to defend the capital. As a garrison This is a list of some of the potential cannot move until an enemy field Mountains Mines, Masonry ways you can decide victory. army has moved onto their capital hex, they won’t arrive until after the Plains/Hills Farms, Mines First person to (n) Resource Level: first capital battle, during the first Forests Lumber, Hunting Which ever empire reaches a specif- siege. Don’t deploy these garrison ic level of wealth first is declared forces during set up. Instead roll Marshes Peat winner. Alternatively, whoever has 1D6 for each garrison at the start of Lakes Fish the most after (n) campaign turns is each of your turns. If the score is winner. equal to or lower than the game Coastline Fishing, Whale Oil turn, the garrison shows up on the All Recruits First person to (n) Hexes: opponent’s table edge, performing Whichever empire collects a specific an At the Double! Order measured number of hexes is declared winner. from the edge. The garrison has For those superduper keen, you Alternatively, whoever has the most force marched to their capital’s aid,can actually divide your hexes into after (n) campaign turns is winner. coming in behind the enemy force. these different environments andassign their resource production to First Empire to destroy an enemy Field armies on capital hexes cannot one thing. Mines would be needed Capital: rest or hold, they must always fightto keep units with arms and armor, Whichever empire destroys another or retreat. Each fight occurs in con-farms to feed them and so on. This empire’s capital first is declared win- secutive campaign turns. You can can be fun in theory, but you’ll ner. move additional field armies onto probably find yourselves bogged the hex to join your forces, but oncedown in playing the resource game Specific Hexes: there they cannot rest or hold until (even more than you already are) Declare certain hexes as valuable they are either forced to retreat or rather than fighting battles. For assets (one for each empire). Who- claim victory. some people though that’s a lot of ever controls all of them is declared the winner. This could be anything Emperors and Warlords fun in itself. from abstract points no the map, to During the sieges of the capital cityhave: all the coastline hexes (preventing the emperor (you effectively) of all
  15. 15. Ironwatch Issue 01 15your forces will take to the field to save the emperor from staining hisbolster your troops and destroy the own hands. Their enchanted single Unit Size Spd Me Ra De At Neinvaders. Each army has their own edged hand and a half blades traceemperor which they receive free in 1 5 3+ - 4+ 8 16/18 a deadly pattern around their bod-addition to any troops they already ies, deflecting incoming blows andpossess. The emperor only appears Special Rules: penetrating enemy defenses. Whileduring the siege battles of a capital. the emperor stands impassively be- Crushing Strength(1), Individual tween them their blades dance andInspirational: Dwarf Emperor flicker within a hair’s breadth ofEmperors are beacons to their men, Shield Maiden and Honour Guard him, so that from a distance it ap-urging them to fight to the last. pears as though he is coated in aWhilst an emperor is on the battle- Goblins: Big Wiz and Throne shimmering field of silver. The em-field all his troops are considered to The Wiz’ are the leaders of gob- peror’s own attacks flash out be-be affected by Inspiring. Should the linkind. The most powerful of them tween those of his guards.emperor die, then not only will you will only take to battle when they Unit Size Spd Me Ra De At Nelose this rule, but no units will be absolutely cannot avoid it. But theyaffected by the inspiring rule from will always do so in the flashiest way 1 6 3+ - 5+ 5 14/16then on – their fighting spirit has they can to make sure all the gob-been broken. lins know who’s boss. Commonly Special Rules: this involves being carried atop the Crushing Strength (1), Individual,Unless stated otherwise, emperors most grandiose throne they can find Inspirationalform a single unit with the Individu- … strapped to the shoulder of theal rule and a footprint the size of all biggest giant they can find. No onethe models combined (in ranks). No messes with a goblin when there’s Elf Emperordamage can be done to the emperor 20 feet of giant between him and Unit Size Spd Me Ra De At Neuntil their bodyguards etc have been you. From this position of power thedestroyed. If their bodyguard get a big wiz can use his magic sharpstick 1 6 3+ - 5+ 3 11/13Wavering result, the emperor can’t to prod his giant behind the ear,move but can still attack as normal. goading it into stomping his ene- Special Rules:For units with different speed val- mies. Even his own men aren’t im- Crushing Strength (1), Individualues, use the lowest score unless it mune from this if he thinks theyspecifies otherwise. looked at him ‘funny’. Unit Size Spd Me Ra De At Ne Blood HandDwarves: Dwarf Emperor, ShieldMaiden and Honour Guard 1 5 5+ - 4+ 1 9/11 Orcs: Krudgelord and KroniesDwarf Emperors always have two When an orc krudger conquers otherwarriors by their side, their shield Special Rules: krudgers, his position is as securemaiden and their honour guard. The Inspirational, Zap! (3) as it can be in the brutal world ofshield maiden is often a daughter or the orcs. He keeps his favouriterelative and she carries the emper- drinking kronies around, both foror’s shield, representing the Emper- Big Wiz someone weaker to beat up on andor as shield to his people and de- Unit Size Spd Me Ra De At Ne as a defence against any otherfending him to the last. The honour krudger that decides he should beguard is chosen as the finest soldier 1 7 4+ - 5+ 2d6 16/19 boss. In battle the krudgelord bringsin the land and he represents the his kronies with him, surrounding Special Rules:emperor’s honour, absolute and un- himself with their muscled hides andwavering. Together they are an im- Crushing Strength (3), Uses Giant’s Speed noisome stench. As intimidating as amovable bulwark against the ene- krudger is normally, one surroundedmies of their people. by his favoured warriors is truly ter-Unit Size Spd Me Ra De At Ne Throne rifying. Unit Size Spd Me Ra De At Ne 1 4 3+ - 6+ 5 14/16 Elves: Elf Emperor and Blood Hand 1 5 3+ - 5+ 5 13/15 Special Rules: Elven Emperors are protected at all times by two warrior sages, sub- Special Rules: Crushing Strength(1), Individual, Inspirational limely powerful fighters who take on Crushing Strength (2), Individual, the burden of blood shedding to Inspirational
  16. 16. Ironwatch Issue 01 16 chance to take control, Overlords them beneath golden shod hooves. rarely trust anyone to guard them,Unit Size Spd Me Ra De At Ne Unit Size Spd Me Ra De At Ne instead using slaved automata built 5 5 3+ - 5+ 5 13/15 by the iron casters. Without the 1 9 3+ - 5+ 3 10/12 need to eat or sleep and unwavering Special Rules: loyalty to their master, black shields Special Rules: are the perfect bodyguards. Their Crushing Strength (2), Individual Crushing Strength (1), Individual dark iron bodies are also capable of generating a powerful abyssal field,Krudgelord encasing their charge in impenetra-Orc Kronies Emperor Unit Size Spd Me Ra De At NeTwilight Kin: Twilight Emperor 1 4 3+ - 6+ 5 14/16and Death Hand LifeguardsIn base mockery of their weaker Special Rules:kin, the Twilight emperors keep a Undead: Necrolord and the Spiritduo of frenzied female cultists with Crushing Strength (1), Individual, Boundthem at all times. These provocative Inspirational Amongst the oldest of necromancerswarriors provide the emperor with exist those on the border of life andpersonal security, entertainment ble darkness, bolstering war engines death. They are but inches from be-and some say unending nocturnal coming Liches, still clinging to lifedelights. On the battlefield their Unit Size Spd Me Ra De At Ne but drawing deeper from the spiritbloodlust is without equal and they realm of death. Their power allows 2 4 4+ - 5+ 2 11/13savagely strike down any foolish them to draw the very spirits intoenough to get near their lord. The Special Rules: reality, chaining them as unlivingTwilight Emperors enjoy the arterial batteries to fuel their evil sorceries.artistry their concubines create, lazi- Crushing Strength (1), Heal (1-War Engines The spirit bound can energise anly ducking through the crimson arcs only), Individual, Zap! (3) entire battlefield of undead, keepingto leave their own deadly marks up- them marching even as they are and firing searing bolts at the foe.Unit Size Spd Me Ra De At Ne Unit Size Spd Me Ra De At Ne Overlord 1 6 3+ - 5+ 5 14/16 1 5 5+ - 4+ 1 14/16 Black Shields Special Rules: Special Rules: Crushing Strength (1), Individual, Kingdoms of Men: Emperor of Dark Surge (10), Heal (5), Individual, Zap! Inspirational Men and Lifeguard (5) Leaders of men tend towards theon the foe. theatrical when displaying their chopped to pieces. Only with their power on the battlefield. They take destruction can the necrolords holdUnit Size Spd Me Ra De At Ne to the field upon ostentatiously Unit Size Spd Me Ra De At Ne barded pedigree warhorses, flanked 1 6 3+ - 5+ 3 11/13 by their similarly mounted lifeguard, 1 5 4+ - 4+ 1 -/12 trotting in perfect unison. Girded Special Rules: and armed with the finest dwarven Special Rules: Crushing Strength (1), Individual craft money can buy they strike a Shambling, Individual, Inspirational fearsome aspect amidst the din ofTwilight Emperor Unit Size Spd Me Ra De At Ne over his minions be broken, leaving them slowly draining of unlike.Death Hand 1 9 3+ - 5+ 4 13/15 Necrolord Special Rules:Abyssal Dwarves: Overlord andBlack Shields Crushing Strength (1), Individual, Spirit BoundAn Overmaster becomes an Over- Inspiringlord only through ruthless cunningand limitless paranoia. With other war. With the thunder of hooveswould-be lords always looking for a they ride down the foe, trampling
  17. 17. Ironwatch Issue 01 17 That’s right, you also can print out and use these Tokens with your newly-acquired March of Battle know-how!
  18. 18. Ironwatch Issue 01 18
  19. 19. Ironwatch Issue 01 19 If you would like to download the higher-resolution pictures, please either visit the Mantic Forums and message one of our editors, and we would be happy to send them to you! Additionally, we’ve included a grid so you and your opponents can create your own portion of Mantica terrain to wage war over! We’ve left it borderless so you can print it out multiple times and tile it to create a n even larger board if you desire!
  20. 20. Ironwatch Issue 01 20 land. But I knew well enough that vikian Plain beyond. Or at least, so sometimes war was unavoidable, it’s inhabitants had thought. and sometimes even the preferable outcome, particularly in my Lords Four days previously the first alarm disputes with some of the alien races had been raised of an enormous war of the region. Yet for all of the bat- host entering the valley from the tlefields and campaigns I have seen east. Report told of large numbers of in my many years, none were like demonic Dwarf kin, bearing twisted The Siege of Berhoe this. This is something different, something more starkly brutal than panoply of war and leading an enor- mous train of siege engines. A quick- any of those experiences. This is ly assembled council decided, not pure, unadulterated, slaughter. unanimously it must be said, that by Matt I. the size of the approaching host was The city of Berhoe is located in the too large for the Princes forces to far east of the Ardovikian Plain, in meet head on. Instead the decision the center of a wide valley that was made to send messengers to the leads into the foothills of the Drag- neighbouring Princes with an ap- onteeth Mountains. The city owes peal for succor, and in the meantime its prominence to the steady stream prepare for a siege. Supplies of pro- of trade that plies the river Marist, visions were brought within the which flows north into the distant city, while those left over were put Frozen Sea. The city has been in the to fire. The approaches to the wallsM hands of the Niketas family for over were carefully cleared, granting four generations now and has clean lines of sight to the defenders, known only prosperity during this and every able bodied man was im- y name is Isaakios time, rising from merely one of many mediately pressed into service. WithChlorus, Regent of the Diasta Es- bustling townships in the region to reinforcements expected to arrivetate, a grandee of the Kingdom of the prime city ruling over all of within the week, these were all theSerdia, and until a few days ago I them. It’s security is ensured by the precautions made by a wise and ex-felt I knew war. I don’t like war, broad expanse of flat, rolling mead- perienced leader to best prepare theand certainly am no soldier myself, ow that extends in every direction, city for the short siege that was an-nor felt any association with those perfect for both farming and the ticipated. They proved to be hope-who claim to follow that blood- maneuvers of the Princes household lessly futile.thirsty profession, but I felt I knew cavalry, and its imposing circuit ofwar all the same. In my twenty fortifications. Boasting solid stone The demonic Dwarf horde encampedyears as one of the most trusted ad- walls, twenty feet high and three some miles distant from the city,visers to Prince Niketas IV I had feet wide, carved from solid granite none could say how far exactly forcertainly seen enough of it. I saw blocks transported from quarries in they could not be decried even frommy role as mostly finding a means to the Dragonteeth Mountains, the the wall’s highest tower. Our onlyavoid bloodshed and mediating an city was a daunting proposition for contact with the besieging host wasamicable resolution to the petty dis- any invader seeking to despoil the a lone Herald who approached theputes that plagued the Lords of this valley and the wealth of the Ardo- city early in the morning following