Why do I admire Nick Vujicic (presentation essay)


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This is the text of the presentation named "Why do I admire Nick Vujicic (English oral presentation)"
I had to prepare a presentation about somebody I admire, and I chose him.

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Why do I admire Nick Vujicic (presentation essay)

  1. 1. NICK VUJICIC 1. Who is Nick? Nick Vujicic is a 28-year-old Australian preacher, motivational speaker and writer. He was born with tetra-amelia, a rare disorder characterized by the absence of all four limbs. He is widely known as a motivational speaker, giving talks around the world about life with a disability, hope, and finding meaning in life. He has also written a book about his experience, which is named Life Without Limits. 2. His Childhood He was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1982 with tetra-amelia and is the eldest child of a Serbian family. At first his parents were worried about how his son would live, but Nick was otherwise healthy. But because of Australian laws he couldn’t study in an ordinary school despite the fact that he didn’t had a mental disability, but his parents fought for his rights and he became in one of the first disabled pupils who was integrated in an ordinary school. But at school he suffered a lot because he was bullied, to such an extent that he tried to commit suicide at the age of 8. 3. Change of mind After his attempt of suicide he learnt his accomplishments were inspirational to many people and began to thank God he was alive. And some years later he read an article in a newspaper about a disabled man who had managed to achieve great things and help others. These facts made Nick changed his mind and started trying to live a normal life without limits and talking about their experiences to serve as inspiration to many people. At the age of seventeen he started to give talks at his prayer group and founded his non-profit organization, Life without Limbs. Since then Nick Vujicic has travelled around the world talking about his life and how he learnt to have a normal life: writing using the two toes on his left foot with a special grip that slid onto his big toe, using a computer, getting himself a glass of water, combing his hair, brushing his teeth or answering the phone. After this he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Financial Planning and he has continued giving talks around the world. At the age of 28 Nick is the president of a non-profit organization; Life Without Limbs; and he has his own motivational speaking company; Attitude is Altitude. 4. Why I admire him I admire him because he is a model of overcoming. Although he hasn’t got limbs, he has learnt to have a normal life; he practices surf, golf and other sports. I would like to finish this presentation saying that Nick’s story is not about a man without limbs, it’s about a man without limits.