Frugal innovation - Incae, Costa Rica, 2012 - Pepijn (Pepe) Veling


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Frugal innovation - Incae, Costa Rica, 2012 - Pepijn (Pepe) Veling

  1. 1. Frugal Innovation Pepijn (Pepe) Veling Incae, Oct 2012
  2. 2. frugal |ˈfroōgəl| adjectivesimple and plain andcosting little : a frugal meal.
  3. 3. source: Chris Laszlo 2012
  4. 4. Pura Innovación
  5. 5. Frugal innovation the ability to innovate cost-effectively and sustainablyunder severe resource constraints ¡doing more with less!
  6. 6. ¿Why?Tap into huge emerging markets Protect existing markets
  7. 7. ¿How to innovate for the poor?
  8. 8. BoP Protocol 1.0 “Multinationals take the lead”“They have the resources to address the needs of the poor”
  9. 9. BoP Protocol 2.0 “Woops, its not that easy!” “Ah! We are going to immerse ourselves and work together with local producers,suppliers and other organisations within the BoP: then we know what to develop!”
  10. 10. BoP Protocol 3.0?? “Local innovators are smart and masters of frugality: It is them who (always had..) andshould have the lead in innovating for the poor” “Multinationals can assist them by providing technological options and upscale capacities. However local innovators lead the way”
  11. 11. ¿How to innovate for the poor?They lead the way
  12. 12. watch movie online:
  13. 13. poor unaffordable remote regions inaccessible specific practices inappropriateunable to make proper legs themselves
  14. 14. challengedevelop a solution that was good-enough to allow the amputees`need to walk without pain affordable: super cheap appropriate: light en robust accessible: brought to amputee
  15. 15. “walk without pain”limited knowledge and engineers limited capitallimited ecosystem
  16. 16. limited knowledge studied in US and engineers trained amputees
  17. 17. limited capital used local materials
  18. 18. build newlimited ecosystem distribution systems
  19. 19. most essential needs incentivesconstraints for innovation inherent immersion
  20. 20. Royal support+25,000 amputees in five countries
  21. 21. Results• high quality (iso certificates)• fastly made (1-3 days)• ultra cheap (2-3% of Western equivalent costs)• sustainable businessmodel: rich clients pay for the poor
  22. 22. Lessons learned• very smart BoP people, masters of frugality• they have the best BoP knowledge• resource-constraint innovation stimulates sustainable innovation• frugal does not mean low-quality
  23. 23. What can WE do?• provide technological options• enable business upscaling ¡watch and learn!
  24. 24. ¿How to innovate for the poor?They lead the way
  25. 25. Pura Vida! Pepijn Veling 8435 3839 feel free to connect!
  26. 26. What´s next?• set up central american prostheses business?• search latin american frugal innovation cases• start first latin american frugal innovation business consultancy• Pocho!! (
  27. 27. Read more• the_ceos_frugal_innovation_age.html• saving_and_improving_lives_for.html••