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Our country

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Bonjour les amis ! Hello friends !
  2. 2. Bienvenue en Belgique Welcome in Belgium
  3. 3. Belgium is a small country located in the middle of Europe, close to France, Germany and the Netherlands. Our capital city is Brussels.
  4. 4. Since 1831, Belgium is a kingdom. Our king Philip I and Queen Mathilde.
  5. 5. The country is divided into ten provinces. We’re from Hainaut, in the south of Belgium ! Brussels
  6. 6. Belgium is also divided into three different languages communities. In our country, we speak French, Dutch (or Flemish) and German. Flemisch part French part German part Brussels
  7. 7. Belgian food Belgian fries and not French fries. Fries comes from Belgium and we’re proud of that !
  8. 8. Belgian food Our national dish : Belgian fries, mossels and beer !
  9. 9. Belgian food
  10. 10. Belgian food Beers Nic-Nac Speculoos
  11. 11. Belgian food
  12. 12. Famous people Stromaé René Magritte WNa60w5HOB4 The smurfs called Les Schtroumpfs in French
  13. 13. Famous people The red devils Tintin & Milou Jean-Claude Van Damme
  14. 14. Famous people Manneken Pis, the little boy who does a wee-wee.
  15. 15. Famous people Zs5NDbhEKfg The Gille, king of the carnival Adolphe Sax, father of the Saxo Spirou
  16. 16. Famous people Lucky Luke Marsupilami Kim Clijsters and Justine Hénin, tenniswomen
  17. 17. Landscapes Bruges North Sea
  18. 18. Belgian castles
  19. 19. Brussels Main market
  20. 20. The Atomium
  21. 21. Waterloo battlefield
  22. 22. The Ardennes, south of Belgium
  23. 23. That’s Belgium
  24. 24. Merci et au revoir ! Thanks and goodbye !