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Review of verb tenses


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Published in: Education
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Review of verb tenses

  1. 1. Dad cooks dinner every Friday. What do you do? I’m a lawyer. I don’t believe you. Try again. Dad, what are you doing at the moment? I’m thinking about going shopping. We are meeting our friends tonight.
  2. 2. I went to a summer camp last year but didn’t enjoy it. He knocked on the door and came in. Did you go out with him last night? I was walking down the street when I came across an old friend. While my brother was playing on the computer I was doing the dishes. How unfair!
  3. 3. I have never been to a foreign country. Has she finished yet? I’ve just seen our new French teacher. He’s already read that book. I went to France last summer. I finished all my homework two hours ago. I saw our teacher at the shopping center yesterday.
  4. 4. I have been working on the project lately. She’s been travelling for the last two months. Have you been seeing each other since you broke up? He had been working as a waiter for a long time before he opened his own restaurant. Had you been dating other girls before we broke up?
  5. 5. When the teacher arrived, the students had left. Dad had already finished work before we came in.
  6. 6. Alex is getting married next month. The football match starts at 8 o’clock. Look at those clouds. It’s going to rain. I’m not going to do the shopping today, I’ve got a lot of work to do. I’m cold. I’ll close the window. I promise I won’t hurt you any more. I expect Carol will get the job. What would you like to drink? I’ll have a coke, please.
  7. 7. By the time you come home, I will have left. By July, you will have finished your exams. I need that book on Friday. I hope you will have read it by then. This time next week she will be flying to Italy. Next year all our students will be using tablets instead