Kruse PEO offers Reliable HR and Administrative Solutions


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Employers, big or small, can count on this PEO Company for competent recruitment and payroll services

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Kruse PEO offers Reliable HR and Administrative Solutions

  1. 1. PEO offers Reliable HR and Administrative SolutionsOutsourcing human resources department function is apractical solution for organizations of all sizes. A reliablePEO company can relieve them of recruitment and payrollhassles by handling these tasks competently on their behalf.Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Kruse PEO has been offeringemployers an extensive range of administration and HRservices, perfectly tailored to suit their needs.End-to-End PEO ServicesBy putting their back office tasks in the hands of thisexperienced firm, clients can focus better on their core tasksof business and revenue management. This company is anationwide provider of innovative PEO solutions covering • Human Resources Administration • Recruitment and Selection • Payroll and Tax Administration • Benefits Administration • Regulatory and Government Compliance • Risk Management • Immigration Compliance • Workers’ Compensation Administration • Employer Liability Management
  2. 2. can forget about recruitment stresses. ThisPEO Company helps hire the best and most credible talent.Foreign applicants are screened for compliance and visaand work permit formalities taken care of. Detailedbackground and credit check processes taken care of withchecking of county, state and federal criminal records, creditreports, social security and civil records.Employee training and orientation programs are organized.Support is offered for day-to-day HR administration as wellas payroll and tax report management. Employers enjoy agreat deal of flexibility as they can choose to outsource onlyas much of their HR as they want to.Ensuring Regulatory ComplianceKeeping track of various HR-related as well as criminal andcivil Federal, State and county rules can be time andresource-consuming for all organizations. Failure to do socan lead to legal issues that are difficult to sort out and holdup progress. Partnering with this PEO service providerensures regulatory compliance and legal compliance withOSHA, FMLA, EEOC norms, and more.For more information, call (800) 258-1036.About Kruse PEOBased in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Kruse PEO helps its clients bymeans of a co-employment relationship, where it takes overthe employer responsibilities of the organization. It hasprovided PEO solutions nationwide, developed a nationalbenefits plan, including a national PPO, flexible spending
  3. 3. plan, personal accident insurance, a national drugcard, and much more. Kruse PEO, we are one of the leadingPEO companies, offering a range of PEO services tomanage all the intricate employee related matters.Contact details:Kruse PEO8596 E. 101st Street,Suite H,Tulsa, OK 74133Toll Free: (800) 258-1036