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FounderSchool Pitch Deck


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FounderSchool pitch deck created by Peoplity Team in 2011 Summer. Visit for more information.

CEO: Young Kim ( at
CTO: Hara Kang (hara at

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FounderSchool Pitch Deck

  1. 1. FounderSchool Pitch Deck From Peoplity Team
  2. 2. PrimerPeoplity LLC was Founded in July 2010. Founder & CEO: Young Kim CTO: Hara KangWe are aiming to solve people’s stress as we make neuromarketing cheaper and more accessible for manufacturers and retailers.
  3. 3. ProblemStudents are stressed. (Everyone is)
  4. 4. Solution: FeelayerKnowing others are feeling the same way (good or bad) is a powerful solution to stresses.Feelayer connects students to similar experiences by like-minded others.
  5. 5. Business ModelWe will provide the emotional data with a fee to help manufacturers and retailers understand their customers.
  6. 6. Competition on the user side Offline Peoplity Community Personalized Connections Yes Yes No Risk Low High Low Voice Key Social Emotion Community Resource Capital AnalysisWe provide private venue to discuss problems in lives.
  7. 7. Competition on neuromarketing Peoplity Scalability High Low Medium Lab Environment Real life In-Home Environment Voice Facial Key fMRI, EEG, Emotion Recognition, Technology Eye tracking Recognition GSR We provide a cheap way to gather emotion data in real lives.
  8. 8. Voice Emotion AnalysisWe analyze voices to capture emotion data.Our emotion capturing technology is the least invasive for we do not require any additional equipment.We are the most scalable inthe industry.
  9. 9. Projected FinancialsMarket Research market size: $16 B/yrNeuromarketing is fast growing segmentPeoplity’s better scalablility leads to better margin than others: 20% Year 1 Year 2 Year 5Penetration 0.005% 0.01% 0.1%Revenue ($ M) 0.8 1.6 16Profit ($ M) 0.16 0.32 3.2
  10. 10. Projected MilestoneWe plan to finish our prototype by the end of this Summer.Our public launch will be by the end of this year. Dec 2011 Dec 2012Aug 2011 Public 50,000Prototype Launch users Sep 2011 Jun 2012 Seed 1,000 Funding users
  11. 11. Thank you for your timeIf you have any questions, let us know via: Email: gchat: Skype: aprilrd8943 Phone: 510-269-7430