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Organization Design for Expansion & Growth


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PeopleWiz partnered with one of the best known companies in India in the area of Events and Exhibitions to create a new Organization design for consolidation and expansion of business

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Organization Design for Expansion & Growth

  1. 1. PeopleWiz partnered with one of the best known companies in India in the area of Events and Exhibitions to create a new Organization design for consolidation and expansion of business The company has won many accolades for over 10,000 projects that it has delivered in its 16 years history. The management was facing a two fold challenge •Though the projects were delivered to the delight of the customer, the involvement of the founding team continued to be high. This resulted in reduced focus on growth plans and high dependency of operations on the founding team. •The growth pattern of the organization was checkered. A change in business strategy and introduction of new verticals was planned to ensure a steady rate of growth. Foray into International markets was being planned to add to the revenue stream. This required new skills, capabilities and organizational processes. Business Challenge PeopleWiz ‘s mandate was to diagnose the current organizational challenges, comprehend the focus areas and develop solutions for unleashing organization’s potential for growth and expansion. A culture that retains family values as well as incentivizes high performance was needed. An approachable and genial management had to be coached into the fine art of being a strong guiding light for employees as well as weeding unproductive processes and people Organization Design & its implementation Keeping in mind the strategic objectives and current challenges the key decision makers were brought together to co-create an organization design that would be most meaningful for the company. Role were defined and employees with high potential were fast tracked & given added responsibilities. Studying the events and exhibitions industry closely gave insights on the core functions that need to be retained and the non core activities that should be clubbed together as shared services. This also provided interesting career paths to employees and better control to the management. PeopleWiz’s Involvement Performance Management System Instead of using the appraisal scheme merely as a tool for salary increment, a comprehensive Performance Management Scheme was designed based on the tenets of Balanced Score card. This not only provided clarity to individuals about the focus areas but also provided the management with necessary dashboards with which to monitor the company’s growth. The scheme also became the backbone for capability development initiatives across the functions. Strengthening HR To create a professional and productive work environment, all policies affecting employee’s lifecycle were designed and deployed. Best practices from the industry related to compensation, benefits, and grade structure were studied and customized to suit the need. An employee handbook was created to ensure that all processes are clearly communicated and understood. With this solution, PeopleWiz managed to streamline the entire employee life cycle in the company, This unique initiative by the management to ensure that the organization is future ready has energized employees at all level. By involving everyone at all stages of design and implementation, the management has created buy in for the changes. The company now has a clear roadmap for the future. The company has forayed into the Middle East market by setting up operations in Dubai. PeopleWiz continues to consult as an implementation partner for the new Organization Design. Business Benefits Headquartered in Noida and present in 6 Cities with 200 + Employees, the client is a creative company focused on delivering superior user experience through its capabilities in ideation, design, production and new media adoption. They are India’s leading Exhibition Designers, with verticals into Events, Signage, Interiors & Retails and Conceptualizing & Designing of Museums. The ability to translate any brand’s message into spatial and communication design makes their projects stand out. Their neat execution standards have won them many accolades and prestigious government projects on a large scale. By collaborating with International players, the client aspired to transform itself to be leader in the entire BTL segment Client Overview