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If you wish to lead a good life tie it to a goal | Soft Skills Trainer |


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Einstein once mentioned: “if you wish to lead a good life tie it to a goal.” It is that time of the year when people make their ambitious New Year resolutions. For More Info:-

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If you wish to lead a good life tie it to a goal | Soft Skills Trainer |

  1. 1. IMPROVE YOUR GOAL-SETTING People Sculptors
  2. 2. MAKING YOUR NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS STICK – IMPROVE YOUR GOAL-SETTING Einstein once mentioned: “if you wish to lead a good life tie it to a goal”. Source :-
  3. 3. It is that time of the year when people make their ambitious New Year resolutions – losing weight, gaining a new qualification, getting a raise or a promotion, better work/life balance. But statistics show that only 8% people are able to achieve their goals. The reasons could be varied: Unrealistic goals, underestimating the completion time, setting some body else’s goals, and not reviewing progress. Source :-
  4. 4. Many people feel adrift in this world. They work hard but they don’t seem to get anywhere worthwhile. A key reason they feel this way, is that they haven’t thought about what they want from life. It’s as if they have set out on a major journey without any thought of their destination. Source :-
  5. 5. It is like the situation in the famous “Alice in Wonderland” episode. Alice asks the Cheshire cat where this path is going. The cat replies, “It depends where you want to go”. Alice replies, “I do not know”. The cat quips: “Then it doesn’t matter any path will take you there.” Source :-
  6. 6. Experts on the science of success know that the brain is a goal-oriented organism. Whatever goal you give to your sub-conscious mind, it will work day and night to achieve it. To make sure a goal unleashes the power of your sub-conscious mind, it must be stated in a way that you or somebody else could measure it. I will lose 10 kilo grams is not as effective as I would lose 10 kilo grams by December 31, 2017. Source :-
  7. 7. Be as specific as possible with all aspects of your goals – size, weight, shape or any other detail. Do Remember vague goals produce vague results? Goal vs a Good Idea: Whenever there are no criteria for measurement, it is something you want, a wish, a preference, and then in that case your goal is merely a good idea. To engage your subconscious mind, a goal or an objective has to be measurable. Here are a few examples: Source :-
  8. 8. “I would like to own a nice home on the ocean "needs to be reframed as "I will own a 4000 square feet house on Carter Rd, Mumbai by April 2020.” “I want to lose weight needs to be reworded” as “I would lose 10 kilograms by December 31, 2016.” Write it out in detail – One of the best ways to get clarity and specificity on your goals is to write them in detail. Think of it as a request to god or to the Universal mind. When you write it down, your subconscious mind will know what to work on. It will know which opportunities to hone in to help you reach your goal. Source :-
  9. 9. You need goals that stretch you – It pays to have goals that will require you to grow to achieve them. It’s a good thing to have some goals that make you a little uncomfortable. Why? Because the ultimate aim is to become a master of your life in addition to achieving your material goals. You will learn new skills, expand your vision, build new relationships, and learn to overcome your fears. Top level athletes, successful people and achievers in all fields set their goals. Source :-
  10. 10. Do remember that goals in order to be effective need to be SMART: • S– Specific (Simple, sensible, significant) • M– Measurable • A – Attainable (agreed, achievable) • R – Relevant (realistic, result oriented, reasonable and resourced • T – Time Bound (time-based, time-limited, time- sensitive) Goals are the best way to meet your life’s aspirations. Another way of defining them would be to say that they are your dreams with a deadline. Source :-
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