Workplace 2030


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What will the workplace look like in 2030? Will our work be truly an extension of our home and social space? Will mobile phones replace laptops as our work device? How will
organizations identify talent? What will career mean? Forecasting for workplace 2030 may not be as far-fetched as it seems, as some of these are already today’s reality. In this story, People Matters explores how talent management and the workplace will evolve in the next 20 years and how businesses can take advantage of the new paradigm

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Workplace 2030

  1. 1. www.peoplematters.inBy Ester Martinez & Rajlakshmi Saikia
  2. 2. www.peoplematters.inWhat will the workplace look like in 2030?Will our work be truly an extension of our homeand social space?Will mobile phones replace laptops as our workdevice?How will organizations identify talent? Whatwill career mean?Forecasting for workplace 2030 may not be as far-fetched as it seems, as some ofthese are already today’s reality. In this story, People Matters explores how talentmanagement and the workplace will evolve in the next 20 years and how businessescan take advantage of the new paradigm.
  3. 3. www.peoplematters.inPREDICTIONS FOR 2030As businesses move towards a more interdependent model, the company walls are fast getting fuzzyand this demands a fresh look at managing talentThe 9-to-6 work culture is fast shifting to working on the basis of project accountability & goalaccomplishment. Talent professionals will need to support these new work stylesThe consumer experience and the speed of change have a huge impact on how people interact,learn and collaborate inside & outside the workplaceOffice being the first place of work and home office second, the ‘third place‟ is anywhere one‟smobile phone is
  4. 4.
  5. 5. www.peoplematters.inAt Valve, there are no managers;every person chooses the work theywant to get involved with. They calledit the fearless adventure in knowingwhat to do when no one’s there tellingyou what to do
  6. 6. www.peoplematters.inEXPERTS SPEAK “Organizations are now embracing social media and technology to allow people the opportunity to express through forums that the new generation is familiar with” Anil Sachdev, Founder & CEO, SOIL Click for full story “Organizations will have to move away from after-the-fact HR measurement & reactive workforce management and embrace a predictive workforce monitoring approach” Rajendra Ghag, Sr. EVP & CHRO, HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company Click for full story “The new workforce is a hugely networked generation which companies need to leverage from. Recruitment through social media (LinkedIn, Facebook) and referral programs is increasing year-on-year” Piyush Mehta, SVP-HR, Genpact Click for full story
  7. 7. www.peoplematters.inEXPERTS SPEAK “The new workplace must look at providing fair and comparable pay structures; learning opportunities and sequence assignments to provide a variety of challenges to employees” Meena Surie Wilson, Senior Faculty, Center for Creative Leadership, Asia Pacific Click for full story “This new generation has a lot of expectations about the organization‟s brand, opportunity to grow and learn, good work-life balance and timely recognition” Aarthi Rajaraman, Director-HR, Williams Lea India Click for full story “The management trainees‟ onboarding process at DSCL has evolved to cater to the needs of the new workforce who seek challenging roles at a fairly early stage” Sushil Baveja, Head, Corporate HR, DCM Shriram Consolidated Click for full story
  8. 8. www.peoplematters.inEXPERTS SPEAK “The focus of talent management will be to help people manage their growth by actively enchaining job knowledge along with cross functional exposure” Subhro Bhaduri, Executive VP-HR, Kotak Mahindra Bank Click for full story “Employees want to experience a more transparent culture where they are able to walk up to anyone to discuss & connect, as opposed to being subjected to a hierarchical channel or protocol” Alok Narain, SVP-HR, Quatrro Global Services Click for full story “Just as supermarkets segment customers according to various categories and target them with marketing, HR and talent systems may benefit from such an approach” David Collings, Professor, Dublin City University Click for full story
  9. 9. www.peoplematters.inEXPERTS SPEAK “The people strategy will have to lay emphasis on entrepreneurship that will emerge as the new face of talent management” Sudhir Dhar, Sr. VP, Head-HR & Admin, Motilal Oswal Financial Services Click for full story “Employees want a simultaneous interface that enables them to enjoy all aspects of his/her job at one location through a collaboration tool approach” Pankaj Bansal, Co-founder & CEO, PeopleStrong Click for full story “Organizations will need a „Responsive Talent Management Systems‟ that will allow firms to respond effectively to the changing demands of the worker, the work and the environment” Dr. Tanvi Gautam, Managing Partner, Global People Tree Click for full story
  10. 10. www.peoplematters.inEXPERTS SPEAK “Organizations need to be more democratic, learning must be less prescriptive and more social in nature to appeal to the Gen Y/millennial – who carries an iPod, likes to play video games, and likes Facebook” Mohit Garg, Co-founder & CEO, MindTickle Click for full story “Full Time Employees (FTEs) will be a gone phenomenon in the future workplace. Companies will hire a combination of FTEs, part-time employees or even teams coming together on a project basis” Gurprriet Siingh, Managing Consultant, YSC India Click for full story “The biggest single change in the new generation is that they expect to immediately have an opportunity to contribute and be rewarded for their contributions and have a positive impact on the society through their work” Ross Dawson, The Futurist Click for full story
  11. 11. www.peoplematters.inEXPERTS SPEAK “One of the biggest HR challenges will be to support the transformational issues of succession planning, culture congruency and value cascade” Debashish Das, Founder & CEO, ElenchusHR Solutions Click for full story
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