HR Technology and Analytics Service Providers


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Organizations have a great opportunity to gain intelligent insights about the internal and external business ecosystem by carefully selecting the right HR technology and analytics platform

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HR Technology and Analytics Service Providers

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  2. 2. Key organizational questions Following are the key guiding questions while choosing a technology & analytics service providerCredibilityWhat are the qualifications of the service provider’s business analysts?Are there major players in our industry who are clients of the service provider?Implementation TimeWhat is the typical implementation time mentioned by the service provider in the RFP?Are the development time , testing and debugging time mentioned in the RFP?Service Level CredibilityDoes the service provider have a reliable technical support facility?Does the SLA clearly enlist the clauses for the number of clauses of maintenance?CommunicationIs there consistency in the communication of the service provider across channels?Are there any discrepancies in the services offered & promised during proposal as compared to theSLA?ConsultationDoes the provider sell one standardized product or is willing to make modifications to the product?Do the service provider’s analysts provide consultative guidance?
  3. 3. “The challenge of HR executives will be to maintain a balance between technology and human resources to ensure that the ‘human element’ is not taken out of Human Resources.” Key Trends in HR Technology Leveraging social media – Organizations are exploring means to leverage the information about their workforce on social networking sites HR on cloud – The cloud model opens up a plethora of opportunities for small & medium size enterprises with minimal investments and greater flexibility Workforce analytics – This has become increasingly dynamic and has rich features that can create tailor made retention, succession planning & performance plans using predictive modeling Transparent organization – While date privacy may still be a concern, the pros of a transparent organization still outweigh the cons by a huge marginClick for full story
  4. 4.“While technology and platform need to be considered, right choice is onewhich is aligned to the company culture and the critical success factorswhich drive business growth.”Key Trends in HR TechnologyAnalytics – Technology advancements (Big Data, in-memory computing,natural language processing to name a few) have made it possible tovisualize dataWave 2 – From systems which typically covered only the employeedatabase and IR, we see a significant drive to integrate the entire talentmanagement frameworkCloud – Adoption of cloud based systems is driven by pay-as-you-usemodel, scalability and agility. Affordable technology can integrate HRsystems on the internet with applications like Learning ManagementSystem hosted on the cloud Click for full story
  5. 5. How can the cost effectiveness and efficiency of HR delivery be improved from mundane tasks like payroll, leave management to complex challenges like driving succession planning? Key factors to be considered are: Automate the entire employee lifecycle on a common platform with user- friendly, functionally ‘deep’ applications. Drive employee engagement and productivity via HR portals. Leading portals provide a single launching point into various corporate systems and automate work to the greatest extent possible. Remember that when determining which HR systems to use, technology is the LEAST important consideration.Click for full story
  6. 6.“According to HRO, in US, 83% of best-in-class organizationsindicate that they use ATS, and 59% of the top performinggroups integrate their background screening solution at leastpartially with their ATS.”Hiring the most qualified applicants is critical to the success of anybusiness. With the number of ‘me too equally qualified’ candidates in goodnumbers, it becomes all the more important to ensure that a step likebackground screening does not become a speed bump in the hiringprocess.Integrating background screening with technology reduces turnaround timeand improves the process by reducing time and cost to hire. Click for full story
  7. 7.“A big benefit of the online delivery model is the shrinkage oftime, effort and cost without much loss of informationfidelity.”Emerging trends in HR technologyVideo resumes – Some companies have taken advantage of the rapidstrides in communication technology & have encouraged candidates to filetheir video resumes for recruiters to get a feel of the person beyond thestandard text based resumeAutomated voice/video screening – All one has to do is to tell the systemwho they want to screen and what questions they would like to ask. Oncethe candidates complete the phone/video screens, you can access andshare the recordings of the screens at your convenience. Click for full story
  8. 8. “There are more than 2 million firms in India and less than 2000 firms have opted for any sensible HR software; there is immense opportunity for HR technology service providers in India.” Automation for greater efficiency With increase in salaries over the last one year, organizations are faced with the challenge of doing more with less people. While only 10% of the staff may use sales CRM/ERP/Accounting software, HR software can be used by all the employees thereby benefitting the business phenomenally. Doing away with paper based HR transactions is not only cost effective but also reduces carbon footprint and saves more than 20 minutes of employee time per day, thus giving a great ROI.Click for full story
  9. 9.“Over the last decade, technology has transformed the wayskills are measured, analyzed or even improved inorganizations for prospective and current employees.”Recent innovations in HR technologyCustomizable assessment platformHands-on assessments/Never question typesAutomatic invigilation/ProctoringActionable analyticsConcurrencyAdaptive testingInnovations in psychometric assessmentsBased on its current maturity, the assessment industry is more like whatthe telecom industry was in the 90s; however owing to innovations it ispoised to see massive adoption and growth in the near future. Click for full story
  10. 10. Other solutions Towers Watson is a leading global professional Consulting solutions range from strategyContact details services company that offers solutions in the development to highly advanced workforce areas of employee benefits, talent management, planning and optimization.Subeer Bakshi rewards, risk and capital management. • Developing and defining a human capitalDirector – Talent & Rewards strategy and its architecture.Towers Watson India Buyers profile • Designing, implementing and deliveringTel: (080) 40453366 Conglomerates and Indian firms with operations a total rewards and talent management in multiple countries. • Leveraging technology to achieve effective ongoing delivery. Service locations Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai, plus Key differentiators 24/7 global support. Towers Watson has the most comprehensive research in the industry on HR service delivery Overview of solutions provided trends and technology. For decades, we have HR and talent management technology, backed provided leading edge HR technology consulting by the world’s leading HR consultancy. and systems to clients worldwide. We bring exceptional, configurable solutions and Talent|REWARDsoftware suite is used for: unsurpassed client service, delivered by domain experts who partner with you to drive results. Performance management Career development Pricing Learning management Monthly usage fee (typically 36-60 month Succession planning contract), plus set-up fee. Job leveling Market analysis Testimonial/Referrals Compensation design • For Talent|REWARD: Nearly four million Compensation planning employee records at 400 companies worldwide. Recruiting • For HR Portals: Used by leading global enterprises in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Click for more information
  11. 11. Pearson TalentLens is a world leader in Key differentiatorsContact details developing assessments for recruitment, selection and development of the 21st century 1) A global leader in assessments and theSaurabh Singh workplace. Powered by 8 decades of science, world’s largest assessment service providerNational Head TalentLens assessments are scientifically in terms of volume of assessment.Pearson TalentLens proven to enhance an organizations’ selection 2) Niche expertise in leadership development,Tel: 080 4215 3439 and development decisions and identify talent using an objective, scientific and one of the ready for the next economy. assessments in the world to measure thinking – the Watson-Glaser Critical Buyers profile Appraisal. HR heads, recruitment heads, operation 3) Owners of India’s most widely used heads/training and development, automated tests of communication skills heads/placement team in institutes. – Versant Tests. 4) Highly standardized and scientific Overview of services assessments with a high assessment score – 1. Automated communication skills assessment job performance correlation. for recruitment, training needs analysis, 5) A focused range of fundamental, scientific measuring training effectiveness and resourcing. and research-based assessments across the entire gamut of workplace competencies - 2. Critical thinking abilities assessment for communication skills, ability and personality– selection, development and promotion of high across entry, mid and senior level of potential employees and leadership development. management and across all industries. 3. Personality assessments to measure jobfit, Pricing culture-fit, motivational-fit of a potential recruit, Volume-based per license pricing, custom engage employees and behavioral development built based on requirements of the assignment of existing employees. 4. Assessment and development center. Click for more information
  12. 12. Profile of client Other solutionsContact details MNC, Indian conglomerates, large Indian groups. Apart from leadership development programs,Sundara Rajan Buyers profile People Metrics also undertakes, on Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer, CXO basis, the following servicesYogesh Misra : - Competency mapping, organization Service Locations & design, performance management systems,Vaibhav Date Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore, Pune team building, succession planning, talent management, creating a learning Overview of leadership solutions organization, employee engagement surveys and diversity surveys. People Metrics is a leading consulting firm with a unique model, integrating organization’s HR Key differentiators framework and governance tools with people assessment, development, and coaching. People People Metrics provides holistic talent Metrics approaches the challenges in creating development solutions encompassing and nurturing leaders, using strategic talent assessments to training and coaching - as a management approach, which helps to focus one-stop solution provider. People Metrics has a energies and budgets where the maximum strong and incisive approach to identify potential impact will be felt. leaders of tomorrow and development through practical solutions from industry veterans. For nearly a decade, People Metrics has partnered more than 100 clients across India, Engagement model South East Asia, Middle East and Africa by accelerating the human capability development Complete solutions over 12 -24 months span. and helping organizations achieve sustainable growth and improve their bottom-line with focus on creating engaged and performance driven workforce. Click for more information
  13. 13. For Further Information Kindly Contact +91 (124) 4148102 Connect with us onHR Technology and Analytics December 2012 Subscriber Now!