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Are you in the list Harsha Bhogle's address


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Harsha Bhogle addresses the audience at the People Matters - Are You In The List awards night.

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Are you in the list Harsha Bhogle's address

  1. 1. When Harsha Bhoglespoke…
  2. 2. Harsha Bhogle addressedthe audience at the ‘AreYou in the List’ AwardsNight with a motivationalspeech.Connecting sports to HR,Harsha began by askingthe audience, “When acricketer plays well underone captain andunderperforms underanother, is this a cricketissue or a people issue?”
  3. 3. He further spoke onchallenging the stereotype,like he always has.While advocatingchange, he said, “I am verydelighted that theseawards are encouragingyoung people, becauseyoung blood harnesseschange. Often, we don’tlike change because we donot want to go outsidewhat we are good at.”
  4. 4. Continuing on the peopleaspect of sports, Harshadeliberated; for a team toperform well, it is importantto let people go.“While managing a team,nurturing talent is a criticalaspect of leadership, but itis crucial to let people go aswell. We can’t deny thatAlex Ferguson was a genius,because he let DavidBeckham go,” he said.
  5. 5. Harsha further stressedthat success in sports isabout understandingpeople better.“Strategy in sports is notabout tactics, but aboutunderstanding people.Good leaders give talentedpeople the environmentto flourish,” he expressed.Putting talent underpressure only results inshortening of the shelflife, he reasoned.
  6. 6. With a strong message on leadership, Harsha congratulated the 25Young HR Leaders of tomorrow and concluded his speech.“A good leader is never insecure and can tell talented people whento use what faculty. As a successful people manager, you mustunderstand that managing mavericks is about leadership lettingthem do what they do best!”
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