From Profit To Purpose: Marketing Can Change The World (Coca Cola Case)


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This presentation was held at the After Cannes Lions Report in Stuttgart on July 9th, 2013.

Lefti did present the key take aways of the "Work That Matters" session held by Jonathan Mildenhall and Ivan Pollard of The Coca Cola Company and made it clear that the future belongs to purpose driven business and marketing which inspires consumers to take action.

Coca Cola as a brand went against convention to challenge racial divides, gender stereotypes and shining a light on issues and causes that truly matter. They believe in the truly profound effect creativity can have to inspire real behavior change. It's about the simple fact that provoking happiness in big and small ways really does matter.

The 9 principles Coca Cola has created to define work that matters:

1. Straddle Borders
2. Challenge Racial Prejudice
3. Defy Gender Stereotypes
4. Be Stubbornly Optimistic
5. Promote Real World Stories
6. Give People Reasons to Believe
7. Don‘t Be Serious All The Time
8. Take A Social Stand
9. Remember The Greater Good

Today's consumers are ready to go beyond rational purchasing behavior. They long for more meaningful brand experiences and are attracted by brands with a bigger cause. Brands who walk this path create a magnetic pull effect which eventually leads to more success.

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From Profit To Purpose: Marketing Can Change The World (Coca Cola Case)

  1. 1. From Profit To Purpose: Marketing can change the world - Coca Cola Case - Cannes Lions Report 08. Juli 2013
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  3. 3. Hierarchy of Needs by Abraham Maslow
  4. 4. Jonathan Mildenhall and Ivan Pollard in Cannes
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  7. 7. „The Bench“ – segregation was still a sensitive topic (60s)
  8. 8. „Straddle Borders“ – Short after the Vietnam War (70s)
  9. 9. 1.Straddle Borders 2.Challenge Racial Prejudice 3.Defy Gender Stereotypes 4.Be Stubbornly Optimistic 5.Promote Real World Stories 6.Give People Reasons to Believe 7.Don‘t Be Serious All The Time 8.Take A Social Stand 9.Remember The Greater Good #workthatmatters The 9 Principles
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