Healthy Food: Guide for Schools to New Policy


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Public Health Nutritionist explains how the new food and beverage policy for schools works.
Clear and easy to understand. This is the information you need to implement the new food guidelines for schools. She also shares tips on how public health is working with school communities to help implement the guidelines in Ontario.

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  • Ok sure, sometimes healthy food can be expensive, but only if you are NOT a smart shopper! Look for sales of fruits at your grocery store, buy fruits and vegetables that are in season for the cheapest prices. Healthy grains such as brown rice, pasta and healthy legumes such as lentils come at very cheap prices. Frozen vegetables are cheaper than fresh, last longer and have the same nutritional value.

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  • Hi Gay, Like everything you must educate yourself on everything. The Healthy Food For Healty Schools Act that does not permit foods that list sugar first or contain 5 or more grams of fat, 2 or more grams of saturated fat and 480 or more grams of sodium mean that the Pizza Days are over and cheese no longer can be sold as a fundraiser. These are good foods. What needs to be done is educate good calories in and burn it off with physical activity. Visit Agriculture & Food in the Ontario Curriculum, Resources and Programs For Teachers (K. - Gr. 12).
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  • Check out this great link too for a 6 page guide to the New School and Beverage Policy coming to Ontario Schools in Sept. 2011
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  • This presentation gives you the facts - explains the new policy - and will inspire you to start thinking how we can all work together to improve our health and the health of our children! And it only takes 12 and half minutes to watch!
    Thanks Lucy! :)
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Healthy Food: Guide for Schools to New Policy

  1. 1. Healthy Food for Healthy Schools Act, 2008 School Food and Beverage Policy PPM No. 150 Lucy Valleau RD MHSc Public Health Nutritionist May 19, 2010 Webinar hosted by
  2. 2. School Food and Beverage Policy (P/PM 150) What is it?   Sets out nutrition standards for food and beverages sold in elementary and secondary publicly funded schools in Ontario   Introduced - Jan. 2010   Full implementation – Sept. 2011 Webinar hosted by
  3. 3. What Does the Policy Apply to?   Applies to all food and beverages sold in all venues: e.g., vending machines, tuck shops, catered lunch programs, bake sales and school events   Does not apply to foods and beverages:   Offered in schools at no cost   Brought from home/purchased off school premises   Purchased during field trips   Sold in schools for non-school purposes   Sold for fundraising occurring off school premises   Sold in staff rooms Webinar hosted by
  4. 4. Special Event Days   School Wide Special Event Days - School principals, with school councils & students, may designate up to 10 school wide special event days per year when food and beverages sold in the school can be exempt from policy… However, schools are encouraged to sell foods and beverages that meet the nutrition standards even on these school wide special event days Webinar hosted by
  5. 5.   Nutrition Standards for Food – 6 groups   Vegetables and Fruit   Grain Products   Milk and Alternatives   Meat and Alternatives   Mixed dishes   Miscellaneous items   Nutrition Standards for Beverages   different for elementary and secondary Webinar hosted by
  6. 6. How do we know which foods and beverages to sell? Sell Most Sell Less Not Permitted for Sale ≥80% ≤20% 0% Healthier options May have and generally slightly higher Have few have higher amounts of fat, essential levels of essential sugar, and/or nutrients and/or nutrients and sodium than contain high lower amounts food and amounts of fat, of fat, sugar, beverages in the sugar, and/or and/or sodium Sell Most sodium (e.g., category pop, candy, chocolate, freezies) Webinar hosted by
  7. 7. Food Standards – Grain Products - E.g., Bread Sell Most (≥ 80%) Sell Less (≤ 20%)   Whole grain is first item on   Saturated fat: ≤ 2g ingredient list   And Sodium: ≤ 480mg   And saturated fat: ≤ 2g   And Sodium: ≤ 240mg Examples:   And Fibre: ≥ 2g White (enriched) breads Examples: White (enriched) pizza dough Whole grain breads, buns Whole grain pizza dough Not Permitted for Sale Saturated fat: > 2g Or Sodium: > 480mg Examples: Some cheese breads, scones and biscuits Webinar hosted by
  8. 8. Public Health Encourages Schools to…   Embrace the policy – the benefits and the ‘spirit’   Promote healthy eating at every opportunity in the school, in the classroom, and in the home… the whole school approach Webinar hosted by
  9. 9. The Whole School Approach? Does your school support:   Healthy fundraising?   A school milk program?   A healthy tuck shop?   Healthy Special Food days?   Non-food rewards in the classroom?   Healthy food for sporting events?   Healthy classroom celebrations?   Healthy refreshments at school meetings   Nutrition education for students, staff, parents and partners (e.g., catered lunch program)   Positive role-modeling Webinar hosted by
  10. 10. Examples of Supporting Public Health Resources Nutrition Tools for Schools©   Provideselementary schools tools and guidance to help parents, teachers and students to make the healthy choice the easy choice in the classroom, in the school and in the home and community Eat Smart School Cafeteria Program   Program for secondary schools to improve cafeteria choices Webinar hosted by
  11. 11. For More Information… Copy of the P/PM 150 Visit Ministry of Education website The following resources are coming soon:   School Food and Beverage Policy Resource Guide   Quick Reference Guide   Online learning modules Webinar hosted by
  12. 12. For More Help Contact… Eat Right Ontario Connect to Registered Dietitian free via phone, email, and web service 1-877-510-510-2 or Local Public Health Department Association of Local Public Health Agencies Webinar hosted by
  13. 13. For More Help Contact… York Region Public Health Services +Safety/Food+and+Nutrition/default+Food+and +Nutrition+Services.htm Webinar hosted by