What is a Top-Level Domain? (TLD)


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TLD stands for Top-Level Domain, otherwise known as the last part of a web address that's right of the last dot.

.com is the most popular TLD, however it's about to be challenged by literally hundreds of alternatives.

Many of these new Top Level Domains will be focused on specific groups, for instance:

.CEO - business leaders
.baseball, .football - sports fans
.actor - thespians
.NYC - New Yorkers
.music - musicians
.mormon, .islam - religious groups
.army, .airforce - armed forces

... the list goes on!

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What is a Top-Level Domain? (TLD)

  1. 1. 10 Ways to Define Yourself on the New Internet Find appropriate image with same background What is a TLD? (Top Level Domain)
  2. 2. 1988 - 2013 These will be known as the Typewriter Days of the Internet
  3. 3. The new Internet Choose your identity:
  4. 4. Some TLDs will tell the world what you do for work www.RonBurgundy.NEWS
  5. 5. Other TLDs will explain who you work for www.AngelinaJolie.UNICEF
  6. 6. There will be TLDs for the devout www.MotherTeresa.CATHOLIC
  7. 7. You can even get a domain identity that says You're The Best Around www.SelfDefense.BEST
  8. 8. Some TLDs will let you tell the world how you feel www.GlobalWarming.SUCKS
  9. 9. And who you think ought to try harder! www.Netflix.FEEDBACK
  10. 10. TLDs will let you wear your politics on your sleeve www.BarackObama.DEMOCRAT
  11. 11. And express your hometown pride www.iLove.NYC
  12. 12. There will be TLDs for people who live in the Danger Zone www.Maverick.AIRFORCE
  13. 13. There is even a TLD to tell the world Who's The Boss www.TonyDanza.CEO
  14. 14. There are currently 250 million domains (mostly .COM)
  15. 15. Soon there will be 3 Billion domains (with new TLDs )
  16. 16. Which TLD will you choose?
  17. 17. Final slide here The new Internet for Leaders www.nic .CEO
  18. 18. PeopleBrowsr is the creator of Social OSTM and the registry for slide here and .KRED Final .CEO, .BEST