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What is a TLD?


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A Top Level Domain is the bit at the end of web address, right of the last dot. There aren't very many to choose from. But that's set to change because the typewriter days of the internet are over! The web has evolved and now you can choose your identity and address on the new Internet.

Soon there will be TLDs that say what you do for a living.
TLDs that tell the world which party you support, or for that matter why you support neither.
There will be TLDs for the devout.
TLDs that show where come from or where you live.
TLDs that position you as a leader among men, a leader among the UN or a leader who has the toughest job in the world.

There are 250 million domain addresses today. Mostly .com. Eventually there will be billions! Think of it this way. Right now, everybody has an email address. Soon enough, most people will have a domain identity too.

With hundreds of new Top Level Domains to choose from, the only question you need to ask is "Which TLD will I choose?"

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