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Published on is changing. Soon your Kred Score will become your Network. And will become your address on Kred's new Influencer Network.

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  7. 7. @AndrewGrill logout Welcome You are about to enter the Network Your friends in @AlbertoPeregio @MeaganTodd Trending in @wingdude RT @TimBurt: #Kred or #Klout? Kred for sure! @mashable @huffingpost @addthis @Time @wingdude @GuyKawasaki @Zachbraff @CraigNewmark @mashable Very interesting afternoon with @AndrewGrill of #Kred talking #digitalinfluence and #influencers @MeaganTodd @Rossco47 Thank you very much for the +Kred influence in the #Marketing community #kred Appreciated Next
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  11. 11. Your Influencer Network Early 2014 Become a Beta Tester at