Kred - Measurable influence. We all have Influence Somewhere


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An introduction to Kred, measuring Influence and Outreach with the core values of Relevance, Community and Transparency.

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  • Tool to monitor acitvity
  • Kred - Measurable influence. We all have Influence Somewhere

    1. Kred Measurable Influence Kred | PeopleBrowsr
    2. Kred | PeopleBrowsr 2
    3. Kred | PeopleBrowsr 3
    4. “Influence is impossible to measure” Kred | PeopleBrowsr 4
    5. Billions Of ConversationsFilter messagesSort by CommunityMeasure social influence Kred | PeopleBrowsr 5
    6. We All Have Influence SomewhereEvery voice is important.Our main Influencers are everyday peopleand networks of friends.Small Close Networks of normal peopleare the Rock Stars of Influence. Kred | PeopleBrowsr 6
    7. What is Kred?Trust and GenerosityCommunityTransparencyKred enriches your contributions to andinteractions with your viral social sphere. Kred | PeopleBrowsr 7
    8. What is Kred?Kred is Measurable Influence based on two metrics: Influence Ability to inspire action: Retweets, Replies, New follows. Outreach Generosity, rewards actions, interaction with others. Kred | PeopleBrowsr 8
    9. Kred InfluenceInfluence measures what others do for you Normalized 1,000 point scale Influence How you inspire others to take action Metrics: Mentions Likes Retweets Comments @Replies Shares New Follows Mentions Event Invitations Kred | PeopleBrowsr 9
    10. Kred Story Personal visual historiesdrawn from social media activity Visual influence streamsmake anyone’s influence easy to understand Kred | PeopleBrowsr 10
    11. Kred | PeopleBrowsr 11
    12. Kred OutreachOutreach measures generosity Points “level up” and increase infinitely Outreach How others inspire you to interact and engage Metrics: Retweets Likes @Replies Comments Mentions Mentions Kred | PeopleBrowsr 12
    13. Kred | PeopleBrowsr 13
    14. Influence by CommunityWe all have Influence Somewhere Kred | PeopleBrowsr 14
    15. Activity StatementThe only fully transparent influence measurement systemA record of interactions from Twitter and connected Facebook accountsPost and earn points directly from the Activity Statement Kred | PeopleBrowsr 15
    16. +KredShow appreciation to the people that influence you Kred | PeopleBrowsr 16
    17. Kred MomentsIntegrate real-world honors and recognition Kred | PeopleBrowsr 17
    18. Kred | PeopleBrowsr 18
    19. Kred | PeopleBrowsr 19
    20. Kred | PeopleBrowsr 20
    21. Privacy Settings Control the visibility of the actions behind your KredOnly you can see the Facebook actions counted in Kred Kred | PeopleBrowsr 21
    22. Kred Outreach MeterTrack Outreach Levels and learn how to increase Kred 1. Retweets 2. @Replies 3. Follows Kred | PeopleBrowsr 22
    23. Kred | PeopleBrowsr 23
    24. Kred AnalyticsKred Over Time Follower Growth Post Time Post Effect Word Cloud Kred | PeopleBrowsr 24
    25. KredentialsIdentity Archive Kred | PeopleBrowsr 25
    26. KredentialsSee things you have in common Kred | PeopleBrowsr 26
    27. Kred | PeopleBrowsr 27
    28. Spread Your Kred Place the Kredentials Widgets Popup in a Blog or AppShare Kred on a Twitter profileTweet a shortlink to Kredentials Export Charts Kred | PeopleBrowsr 28
    29. Integration With PlaygroundSort & Filter on Kred Access To Kredentials Built Into Grid Viral Analytics Kred | PeopleBrowsr 29
    30. Kred PeopleBrowsr APIEnables simple customapplication development forbrand, agencies and othersFull access to our metadataDatamine of 1,200 days ofCollective IntelligenceAvailable with a variety ofcapabilities and price points tosuit development needs Kred | PeopleBrowsr 30
    31. Kred PeopleBrowsr APIReturns for any @name: Top Communities Replies Received #Hashtag Cloud @Name RT @Name Cloud # of @Names Mentioned by Links Posted @Name @Names Mentioned by Word Cloud @Name Replies Sent Friend and Follower Count Kred | PeopleBrowsr 31
    32. Kred | PeopleBrowsr 32
    33. We all have Influence Somewhere@Kredkred@peoplebrowsr.com Kred | PeopleBrowsr 33