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  • Event producers are constantly looking for that next “hook” to drive delegates to a conference, while also keeping them engaged and entertained during the event. Kred events marries social media with traditional events to deliver an exciting and interesting way to analyse delegates before, during and after events.
  • Before the event: use the power of social media and Kred’s 1,000 day datamine to see what worked at the last event – who were the best speakers and sessions. Also see what competitors are doing – which events are being spoken about and why? Kred can also be used to find those people via social media that could benefit from attendance at the conference
  • Kred provides a unique and engaging way via the power of social media to show who is influential at an event, and also provides a reason for delegates to promote the event to a wider audience. By giving them a competitive activity (tweeting about the event to rise up the leaderboard), they have an incentive to talk about the event more. This means those not at the event hear about it via those at the event. Real-time speaker and session feedback can be captured via social media and fed to speakers and conference organisers in real time.
  • Post conference metrics – comprehensive view of what worked we and what the key themes were – perfect for the event report for the client
  • Leaderboard is entirely self contained – all that is needed is a screen and an internet connection – it refreshes automatically. Delegates can also view from their tablets or laptops at the event
  • Kred support the whole event package from design, development, delivery and final repporting.
  • The side effects of the love leaderboard was that delegates could discover each other and see who else was at the event and arrange to meet up. This brings a new level of involvement to the event organisers and participants
  • John Bell from Ogilvy was extremely impressed with what we were able to pull together in just a few days.
  • Kred and PeopleBrowsr have been monitoring and reporting on events and campaigns since 2007 and are able to bring this expertise to GPJ post event reports for clients with a social media angle
  • Kred Events

    1. 1. Kred Events
    2. 2. Kred EventsA social media marketing and influencer identification program forgenerating awareness, excitement and participation!Before The Event !Targeting and Engagement !During The EventLive leaderboard of social media activity !!After The EventComprehensive post-event reports 2
    3. 3. We all have Influence somewhere Every voice is important. Our main Influencers are everyday people and networks of friends. Events bring together communities formed around interests and affiliations. 3
    4. 4. What is Kred?Kred is Measurable Influence based on two metrics! Influence! Ability to inspire action: ! Retweets, Replies, New follows.! Outreach! Generosity, rewards actions, interacts with others, spreads content. 44
    5. 5. Kred EventsA real time influence and outreach leaderboard !for any real or virtual event Community! Tweet the event hashtag, ! a session name or a speaker to automatically join the event community. ! Connection! Highlight attendees and help them find others with shared interests.
    6. 6. Kred EventsGenerate high involvement with event content and amongattendees Gamification Attendees and event content providers will vie to be Top Influencers and Outreachers. Virality! Universal access assures that people outside the event can follow the action, too. 6
    7. 7. Before The EventSocial media to build marketing and salesAttract the right people by finding key influencers in your target listand uncover new influencers in your email databaseReview past events to find the best-received sessions andspeakersResearch and analyze competitive eventsSpread the word using key influencers in-market or utilize theirglobal reach 7
    8. 8. During The EventGamification and SocializationShowcase key influencers talking about the event in real timeOffer prizes and rewards to people at the top of the boardAllow other delegates to discover who they know and make newconnections at the eventGlobal promotion of the event in social mediaCapture real-time feedback and spot problems early 8
    9. 9. After The EventKey planning tool for future eventsYear-over-Year social volume and comparison Highlight the most popular speakers and sessionsLook at key themes from the conferenceFeedback on speakersEvent can be replayed to see what was said at any point! 9
    10. 10. Real-Time LeaderboardsBranded with your logo and color schemeReal time leaderboardlists people using the conference #hashtag on TwitterOptimizeddisplay for iPads,monitors & big screensIndividual sessionsor speakers can havetheir own leaderboard 10
    11. 11. Turnkey SolutionUtilizes the power of social media before, during and post-eventfor real-time feedbackWe work with event teams to research, deploy and report oneach individual eventAvailable for a single event or all events in a regionUpsell opportunity for event teams to package with powerfulanalytics and reporting capabilities 11
    12. 12. Case Study - OgilvvySocial@Ogilvy’s Social Media Week Movers & Shakers showeddaily rankings in three cities 12
    13. 13. Case Study - OgilvyLeaderboards brought the community together “I only knew Gabrielle was at the London event by seeing her name on the leaderboard. I wouldprobably have not known she was there and missedout on an opportunity had Inot see her name up on thescreen.” 13
    14. 14. Testimonial“We have built and used influence models over the past seven years. Thenew Kred Events platform provides an interesting and novel way to trackevent-related influence. It’s both real-time and topic focused. !“We love working with innovative technologies like Kred. They help us not justunderstand but communicate how influence really works and how we canapply it to social business.” John Bell, Global Managing Director of Social@Ogilvy 14
    15. 15. Case Study – The GrammysWe provide post-show social media metrics, including: Social Mentions Before & After Year over Year Competitive Analysis (Oscars) Specific Keywords, #hashtags, and how users identified themselves by location, community. Individual Speakers / events to overall volume by percentage Follower and Aggregate Social Growth Sample Tweets from audience members / those watching Examples of speakers / celebrities getting involved 15
    16. 16. Kred Events In ActionSee live examples at! or 16
    17. 17. For More Information Web Twitter @Kred Facebook Email Phone (877) 856 - 2935