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dotCEO is the TLD for brands, businesses and the leaders who run them.

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dotCEO | The New Internet for Leaders

  1. 1. dot CEO powered by Social OS TM 1
  2. 2. dotCEO has Individual CEOs Authority Exclusivity Vanity Authority and Power IP Trademark and Brand Owners Power Security Credibility Officiality 2
  3. 3. dotCEO is the web's most Exclusive & High-Powered online Community Who's dotCEO Who's NOT Chief Executive Officers Bean Counters Presidents High Schoolers Managing Directors Paper Pushers Founders People Searching for Long Lost Friends CoFounders Sales Managers Executive Chairmen People Who Like to Post Selfies
  4. 4. A Landing Page for every CEO on Twitter CEO's Twitter Avatar > < Recently tweeted pictures CEO's Twitter Name > JodeeRich.CEO The Internet's Most Exclusive New Address 4
  5. 5. A Landing Page for every CEO on Twitter > CEO's bio on mouseover < CEOs in your network 5
  6. 6. A Landing Page for every CEO on Twitter JodeeRich.CEO claim your name > "High speed evolution, with weapons of mass collaboration" Your most retweeted post
  7. 7. dotCEO Registrant Landing Page 7
  8. 8. dotCEO Founder's Program Invite 8
  9. 9. dotCEO Facebook ads Twitter Direct Messages LinkedIn display ads Marketing 3rd Party Email Lists Google banner ads TV Promotion 9
  10. 10. Registrar dotCEO Network Invite 10
  11. 11. Verification to join dotCEO Network Upload Business Card Network Invitation Login via LinkedIn No CEO Keywords Proof Insufficient PeopleBrowsr Reviews Hi Bill Join the Executive Network Onboarding Proof Sufficient CEO Keywords Hi Bill Join the dotCEO Network Onboarding 11
  12. 12. Hi Jodee Rich Join the dotCEO Network Connect in moments via 12
  13. 13. Welcome Jodee Rich You are about to enter the dotCEO Network Your friends are here Brad White Richard Rosenblatt Trending on dotCEO @Wingdude Organising a SOMA developer meetup to showcase new Social OS app platform. Who wants in? Blake Irving Rupert Murdoch Fadi Chehade @icann_president Inviting comment on ICANN's draft strategic vision, mission and focus for a five-year plan http:// @demandrichard First time linked in has fallen post earnings. Good Q with conservative guidance Next 13
  14. 14. You are connected as JodeeRich.CEO Now connect your identities Connected Connected Connected Connect Now Connect Now Next 14
  15. 15. CEO Network 15
  16. 16. dotCEO Network Virality Provide dotCEO domains to influencers Influencers invite friends to join their network People buy domain to join network and invite more friends
  17. 17. Viral Chain Reaction dotCEO TLD goes viral Invites friends Influential CEO 18
  18. 18. Social OS gives you a Viral Domain Lead Channel dotCEO turns Network members into Affiliates TM
  19. 19. dotCEO powered by Social OS TM 1 3 Rich Datamine and Email database Seamless upselling and onboarding 2 4 Influencer based Founder's Program Network membership drives virality 20