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dotCEO for Brand Leaders


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dotCEO is the new Internet for Brand Leaders and social media savvy associations.

Take control of your Brand Voice on the only top-level domain to convey power and authority. As the most credible and trustworthy address on the net, brands who secure dotCEO domains will be safeguarding their trademarks and leadership from malicious imposters who may seek to misrepresent or embarrass.

Your brand and CEO have a voice. Tell your story to a powerful audience. All dotCEO domains come with free access to the exclusive dotCEO Network for community building.

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dotCEO for Brand Leaders

  1. 1. www.YourBrand.CEO The TLD for Brand Leaders and Hero CEOs
  2. 2. Your Official Brand Voice Your brand and CEO have a voice. Tell a powerful audience what you have to say Manage your brand and CEO's reputation on the world's most credible and trustworthy domain 2
  3. 3. Protect your CEO and Brand Consumers struggle to recognise fake & parody channels Brands on dotCEO are able to safeguard their trademarks and leadership from malicious imposters who may seek to misrepresent or embarrass 3
  4. 4. The world's first Executive Email address Emails sent from the office of the CEO will cut through the clutter in a crowded inbox YourBrand.CEO 4
  5. 5. dotCEO allows Brands to Control the Message dotCEO is for the dotCEO is NOT for Established Leaders Brands who aren't on Social Media Start Ups Brands without strong leadership Challenger Brands Dinosaurs Innovators Parody Accounts Disruptors Brands with nothing to say Community Builders Brands who don't inspire customers
  6. 6. Your Own Branded Social Network Combine all your social channels in the one simple network stream for fast and efficient community building. Your dotCEO micornetwork can be open or by invitation; monetised or free to join. Either way, you own all the data and analytics for unmatched customer insights. 6
  7. 7. Access and Engage Decision Makers 7