Glyncoch Health and Well-being advocate brochure


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An excellent resource form the health and well-being advocate volunteering project in Glyncoch.... everything from exercise tips to learning opportunities......

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Glyncoch Health and Well-being advocate brochure

  1. 1. Who are Glyncoch Health & Wellbeing Advocates?They are several volunteers giving up their timeto promote health and wellbeing throughout the community of Glyncoch.Basically they will be spending their time setting up groups and activities promoting physicalhealth, healthy eating, offering support on mental health and risky behaviour. Why? Because they want to, there’s a need for it and they volunteered to support others from the community in which they live.
  2. 2. Physical Activity Regular exercise can be very effective at treating and preventing a wide range of health conditions. Physical activity is activity that requires you to use more energy than when you are resting. It can include activities such as walking or gardening. The aim is to reach a stage where you are slightly out of breath. The benefits of increasing physical activity Exercise has been shown to either prevent or improve a number of different health conditions for adults, including high blood pressure, obesity, osteoporosis, diabetes, arthritis and heart disease Better mobility; joints, tendons and ligaments will be more flexible Helps maintain a healthy weight by increasing your metabolism (the rate we burn calories) Improved general mental wellbeing Increased energy and endurance levels. Glyncoch Support Other SupportNew community activities starting soon!! Health Walks & Biking Sessions
  3. 3. Healthy Eating Ensuring that you have a healthy balanced diet is an important step towards good health. Good health is essential in leading a full and active life. A balanced diet means eating the right amount of foods from all the food groups. There are five main food groups and each one contains essential nutrients. Nutrients are vitamins and minerals that help the body function correctly. Eating nutrients from the right food groups helps keep your body fit and healthy. The benefits of eating healthily Eating a nutritious, balanced diet will help you improve your overall health. In particular, a balanced diet can help: Reduce your risk of heart disease and high blood pressure Reduce your chances of getting cancer You have more energy Keep you well You lose weight Improve your bowel health Your skin, nails and hair look healthier Other Support Glyncoch Support WeighbustersWednesday 11.30am-1.30pm Community Centre physicalactivityandnutrition
  4. 4. Mental Health & Emotional WellbeingEmotional health is about how we think, feel and behave.Having good emotional health is important as it affects allaspects of our daily lives. Good emotional health is aboutfeeling positive about daily life and work and having goodrelationships with family and friends. Looking after ouremotional health is just as important as looking after ourphysical health.Here are some tips on maintaining good emotional health: Keep active Eat a healthy balanced diet Drink alcohol sensibly Learn to relax Maintain support networks like your family, friends and colleagues Talk about your feelingsHowever, sometimes unexpected events occur that affect ourphysical and emotional health. Some things that can affectemotional health are work stress and anxiety, the death of arelative or friend, relationship problems and money worries. Other Support Glyncoch Support New BeginningsFriday 10.30am-12.30pm Community Centre Listening line 0800 132 737 Samaritans 08457 90 90 90
  5. 5. Risky BehaviourAlcoholDrinking alcohol in moderation can be enjoyable for manypeople, but drinking excessively or binge drinking canhave a harmful effect and can lead to serious healthproblems.SmokingIf you smoke, giving up is probably the greatest singlestep you can take to improve your health. Smoking is oneof the biggest causes of death and illness in the UK.Teenage Pregnancy SupportIf you are a young mum or teenager who is pregnant,there is a wide range of services to support you duringpregnancy and after you have had your baby.Your midwife or health visitor can give you detailsof local services. Glyncoch Support Other Support Parent & Toddler Monday 9.30am-12pm Community Centre
  6. 6. Out & About Your Community Credit Union – Wednesday, Office, 9.30am-11am Job Club – Friday, Community Centre, 10am-3pm Credit Union – Friday, Community Centre, 12.30-2pm Current training: Tuesday Maths and English 9am - 1pm Tuesday Child Development 1pm - 2.30pmTuesday Evening Introduction to Psychology 6pm - 8pm Wednesday Maths and English 9am - 1pm Thursday Computers for beginners 1pm - 3pm For more information please contactKatie Gillett, Learning Co-ordinator, People & Work Unit 07792547001 - or Glyncoch Communities First Office - 01443 486496
  7. 7. Would you like to get involved? If yes, then there are several opportunities to attend community training programmes or just come along to our next Health & Advocate meeting on: 6th March 1.30pm-3pm @ Community CentreDetails of other community activities and events can be found on our Website or Facebook page. Useful Number for Glyncoch Residents: Glyncoch Communities First Office - 01443 486496 Craig Yr Hesg Primary School - 01443 486830 Cefn Primary School - 01443 486826 Pontypridd High School - 01443 486133 Glyncoch GP Surgery – 01443 401163 Citizens Advice Bureau - 01443 409284 Trading Standards - 01443 406441 Gas (Transco) - 0800 111999 Water (Welsh Water) - 0800 0520130 Electricity (Swalec) - 0800 00525252