Young people and overseas volunteering davecoleswtm2013


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Dave Coles from LSE Volunteer advice centre and KickStart Ghana

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  • We have a tendency to believe that young people don’t have skills or experiences that can be useful.
  • Young people and overseas volunteering davecoleswtm2013

    1. 1. Young people and overseas volunteering: getting it right David Coles Benefits of role LSE words Key Volunteer Coordinator Trustee – KickStart Ghana Advisory board – Impact International
    2. 2. Why do I believe in working with young people? • • • • Motivated Ethical Educated and engaged Eager to right wrongs in the world However: • People, of all ages, would rather treat the symptoms than the cause • Reinforced by what travel companies offer through volunteering placements
    3. 3. Google image results – volunteer in Africa
    4. 4. Opportunities being advertised Opportunities that will make a sustainable difference
    5. 5. Best practice tips for working with young volunteers: • • • • Make sure they fit in with your vision, aims and objectives. Make sure you market your opportunities and organisation responsibly. Put strong recruitment procedures in place. Ensure they undergo proper training and have support pre, during and post volunteer placement. • Set realistic and tangible goals for them. • Keep it fun. • How will you celebrate and develop your volunteers?
    6. 6. “If you are considering an overseas volunteer assignment or a career in International Development and you would like to find out more about how accountants skills can make a difference, our 256 charity partners in 37 countries and about the many other stakeholders in the sector, we would strongly recommend attending a workshop.” Accounting for International Development “You will be working alongside our staff team, following a structured programme and will receive training. The focus is on sharing skills to build the abilities and confidence of local women and children. The projects you set up will be run by the community themselves and so are completely self-sustaining and empowering. In addition, our staff will continue to supervise and support the projects after you leave.” Lively Minds
    7. 7. “Volunteers with qualifications and experience are welcome but you do not need to have either to volunteer.” “Many of Ghana's children are struggling to survive, which is why our volunteer Care projects are so important… Staff all too often simply don't have the time to provide the individual love and attention that these children need so they can have as normal a childhood as possible.”
    8. 8. Meet Luke: • Qualified football coach. • Worked with the current Dynamo FC coaches. • Created a training pack for our future volunteers. "(This has been) genuinely one of my best experiences over the past years, volunteering for KickStart Ghana. You really feel like part of the charity. The organisers of the charity really know what they want to do with specific goals, and volunteers are encouraged to volunteer if they have the skills to meet their specific goals. This kind of selective process really helps to keep the standard of coaching and teaching really quite high and I'm sure the charity will go from strength to strength in the coming years."
    9. 9. Meet Coco: • From Ghana/Togo. • Has helped manage KickStart Ghana volunteers, relationships with projects and complete financial administration. • Is a change maker in his community. “I think my favourite part of volunteering with KickStart Ghana would be going to the sites with the volunteers and working with them, because I actually learn a lot from them. Anytime you are on site with them and there is a problem, you see how they all come together to solve that problem. I also really enjoy their evaluations (of their day’s work) going on in the house and the way they make new plans for tomorrow.”
    10. 10. Conclusions: • Young people can be fantastic volunteers but you need to invest time and resources in them. • Make sure your volunteers fit your opportunities and not the other way round. • Be responsible with your marketing. A book is judged by it’s cover. • Celebrate and be proud of your volunteers.