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Volunteer Jennifer presents Tshume School


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Retired teacher Jennifer talks about deprivation and bright kids in the townships of Port Elizabeth

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Volunteer Jennifer presents Tshume School

  1. 1. Trying to bring a creativeapproach to a South African township school.
  2. 2. After school – back home.
  3. 3. Hungry for EducationSome shacks areworse than others.This was taken fromthe mini bus on theway to TshumePrimary School.Deprivation and direpoverty are often thesocial backdrop ofeducation in thetownships.
  4. 4. English is the 5th most spoken language in south Africa• 79.5% of South • 25% of population Africans are of black unemployed and ancestry living on less than• 9 official Bantu $1.25 a day languages • 62% under fives• Afrikaans (of Dutch mortality rate origin) • 88% literacy.• English used in • 87% primary school commerce and public attendance life.
  5. 5. Tshume schoolsupported by the Calabash Trust.
  6. 6. The staff
  7. 7. At prayers
  8. 8. The great providersThe cooks are possibly the most important people in school.
  9. 9. Samp and beans means concentration in class
  10. 10. And so to work!Reading is a pleasure and an escape into the world of imagination and possibility.
  11. 11. Making a display in the libraryputs South Africa on the world map.
  12. 12. Butterflies and poem writing
  13. 13. Sorting and counting.Numeracy and spoken English combine.
  14. 14. Children eager to rush into the library and head for the ‘Sunshine Readers.’
  15. 15. Reading and writingpromote confidence and a change for the better. Nelson Mandela’s diaries written during his 27 years in prison.
  16. 16. Bright South African boys and girls who can read and write in both Xhosa and English.