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Print Management Software....

1)Estimating software

2)P.O/Entry of Jobcards / auto generation of jobcards from PrintFASTQ

3)Inventory (for paper and other materials)

4)Purchase / production inwards in inventory

5)Outsourced material tracking against jobcards

6)Production Scheduling Material tracking /

7)Production Monitoring

8)Issues againts Jobcards

9)Delivery challan generation


11)Integration to TALLY or accounting software for auto transfer of billing information to TALLY.

Many more......

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Print MIS

  1. 1. Pentaforce Software Solutions Force in IT Pvt. Ltd.
  2. 2. You have Problem To Make Estimate in Hand Caption describing picture or graphic.
  5. 5. Rate Card for PreePress –Press – Post Press Typesetting [Design] Processing [Positive plate] Plate making [CTP Plate] Make ready [Machine clear] Proofing. [Modify job] Fabrication [Post press master]
  8. 8. Now you can Print Internal Estimate Copy & Client Quotation
  9. 9. Preview Quote Copy
  10. 10. After Getting job what do you do? 1) Inward Purchase Order 2) Job Card.. 3) Purchase Order Scheduling 4) Outward Purchase Order 5) Stock Inward 6) Stock Inventory Report 7) Stock Issue 8) Production Status 9) Delivery Challan 10) Invoice 11) Export To Tally
  11. 11. Inward Purchase Order
  12. 12. Now We Can Make JOB CARD
  13. 13. JOB CARD Print Preview
  14. 14. Job Card Report
  15. 15. Sales Order
  16. 16. Outward Purchase Order
  17. 17. Stock Inward
  18. 18. Stock Issue
  19. 19. Production Status
  20. 20. Delivery Challan
  21. 21. Billing
  22. 22. Export To Tally
  23. 23. Testimonials
  24. 24. Bimal Mehta Director Vakil and Sons Ltd. "Vakils have been using PrintFASTQ successfully and extensively. Infact we have completely discarded our manual estimating system. PrintFASTQ is open-ended program, it is extremely flexible. It is capable of handling all kind of jobs from complex annual reports to simple 2 page folders. I recommend this estimating program to all printers."
  25. 25. Avinash Ambedkar Partner Kavideep Printers "PrintFastQ is very practical and useful. It is easy to use and provides for working out estiamtes with 5 different quantities per instance, and also calculates best paper and machine size for the job. It has fully automatic forme and plate calculation."
  26. 26. Asgar Kothawala Director Almats Branding Solutions Pvt. Ltd. "I have been using Estimate package since 1982. Before introduction to PrintFastQ I have used 3-4 different estimate packages & never was I satisfied with the results. After I started using PrintFastQ I am really enjoying working estimates thourgh this package. it is simple, fast, accurate & user friendly. Especially provisions such as cloning, printing job cards & final estimates are superb. I am happy I have got a wonderful estimate package with me now."
  27. 27. Adnan N. Nagawala Partner Oxford Printers, Mumbai "Print Fastq gives us a clear visions for planning jobs thus saving hours of precious times. This time can now be spent meeting clients. It is user configurable. Doing or removing any kind of estimate is not a problem. It even has an amazing combinations of power and flexibility"
  28. 28. Alwin Pinto Director Gemini Printing Press, Mumbai "In the very first month, we started getting the benefits from PrintFASTQ PACK. We could make any kind of estimates in minutes. The best part we like that its press-aware, and generates layouts for packaging estimates considering proper grain direction..."
  29. 29. Sanjay Patil Director Ganesh Mudra, Mumbai "Thank you for installing Print Fast Q Pack software in our organisation.It is very good software, increased my efficiency by 75% from 1year. By using this software we are getting huge & complex estimates in a few minutes with minimum efforts. The good part of this software is it generates layouts & it helps us for planning the jobs with minimum wastage."
  30. 30. Vishwanath A. Shetty Director The PrintWorks, Mumbai "When you have to revise estimates, all you have to do is: just key in a few changes and the estimate is ready. My staff is able to handle this at ease even when I am away from office. No Jhanjat of reworking anything!!! All those who value time, accuracy and timely response to their valuable client should equip themselves with PrintFastQ. It's a matter of your efficiency."
  31. 31. Thank you
  32. 32. Pentaforce Software Solution Pvt. Ltd 203,United Industries, Mogul lane,Mahim(w), Maharashtra,India, +91-22-24380476/8.