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Sample resume


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Here's a sample resume you can use for your job application.

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Sample resume

  1. 1. MMIIGGHHTTYY CC.. RRAASSIINNGG 123 Our Street, Our Barangay, Our City, 1111 Philippines phone: (632)000.0000 mobile: (63) 926.000.0000; e-mail: OOBBJJEECCTTIIVVEE To use my God-given talents, skills and abilities for the benefit of the company while working on my professional growth. PPEERRSSOONNAALL PPRROOFFIILLEE Name: MIGHTY C. RASING Sex: Male Date of Birth: January 1, XXXX phone: (632) XXX.XXXX Mobile phone: (+63) 9XX.XXX.XXXX e-mail: Marital Status: Single or Married Citizenship: Filipino SSS number: XX-XXXXXXX-X TIN: XXX-XXX-XXX EEDDUUCCAATTIIOONNAALL AATTTTAAIINNMMEENNTT (2009-2013) BA Course University or College Campus, Town or City (2005-2009) High School Name of High School Barangay, Town or City EEXXPPEERRIIEENNCCEE Jan 2012 – Mar 2013 Title of On the Job Training or Internship Experience Name of Company Insert a brief description of what you did as an OJT or intern. Jun 2012 – Apr 2013 President Student Organization you belong to Insert a brief description of what you did as a member or officer of the organization. OOTTHHEERR SSKKIILLLLSS && QQUUAALLIIFFIICCAATTIIOONNSS Write down any relevant skills and abilities you have, including the different software you are proficient in. *Character references are available upon request. Your professional- looking photo goes here.