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If you have thought of writing for pay to earn extra income then here are some very helpful tips just for you. Come to http://waystomakemoneyonline.cc for more ideas about making real income from working at home using your PC.

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Writing for Pay Tips

  1. 1. Writing for Pay Tips January 20121 Writing for Pay Website for more tips...
  2. 2. ==== ==== Here are great tips for writing for pay that will put money in your pocket. Ways to Make Money Online Working from Home ==== ====Writing for Pay Tips-Quick Legal Page© 2011 Copyright Penny L. LeeDisclaimer: You do not have the right to Reprint or Resell this product without the expresswritten consent of the author. However, if you have an interest in doing so, please send anemail to: pennywritesinga@yahoo.comTiny Print Disclaimer:ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. No part of this report may be reproduced or transmitted in any form whatsoever,electronic, ormechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any informational storage or retrieval system without express written,dated and signed permission from the author.DISCLAIMER AND/OR LEGAL NOTICES:The information presented herein represents the view of the author as of the date of publication. Because ofthe rate with which conditions change, the author reserves the right to alter and update his opinion based on the newconditions. The report is for informational purposes only. While every attempt has been made to verify the informationprovided in this report, neither the author nor his affiliates/partners assume any responsibility for errors, inaccuracies oromissions. Any slights of people or organizations are unintentional. If advice concerning legal or related matters is needed,the services of a fully qualified professional shouldbe sought. This report is not intended for use as a source of legal oraccounting advice. You should be aware of any laws which govern business transactions or other business practices in yourcountry and state. Any reference to any person or business whether living or dead is purely coincidental.2 Writing for Pay Website for more tips...
  3. 3. Table of ContentsWriting for Pay...........................................................................................................................................1 Writing for Pay as a Home Based Opportunity.....................................................................................4 Extra Income from Writing...................................................................................................................5 4 Things to Avoid when Writing Articles for Pay.................................................................................6 Writing for Pay is Like Hunting for Prey..............................................................................................7References:Article Sources:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Penny_L_LeeWriting for Pay as a Home Based Opportunities4 Things to Avoid when Writing Articles for Pay==== ====Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=M_GoudelockArticle Writing For Pay - A Great Work From Home Opportunity==== ====Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Brendan_NolanAward-winning writer Brendan Nolan is course director of the Askaboutwriting Academy of Writing onlinecourses http://www.askaboutwriting.net/academy.htm Brendan is in constant demand as an entertaining public speaker and communication course provider. He isavailable to ghost write your professional articles for you.3 Writing for Pay Website for more tips...
  4. 4. Writing for Pay as a Home Based OpportunityWriting for pay as a home based opportunity can be much easier than you might think. If you havea gift for words and think you would enjoy creating original articles as a source of income then youwill most likely do well as a freelance writer online. The definition of a writer is simply one whowrites. You most likely are asking a very important question at this point, "How do I write qualityarticles?"There are many ways to find buyers for the articles or content that you produce if you do writequality articles. Probably an easy way to begin writing for pay is just to start writing down somethoughts you have on topics that you know a lot about. We all have this type of information storedaway that a little thought will uncover. For instance, you may have at some point taken up a hobbyand in the process of working with your hobby gathered a lot of valuable information that someonesearching for information on the Internet would find very helpful and interesting.Often your chosen career will give you tons of valuable article content if you want to share yourexpertise with the world on the Internet. Perhaps you are a nurse, or a teacher, or even a waitressin a small diner. All of these, and virtually anything you have done as a job in life, lends itself tovery interesting content for an article. I have never been a waitress of any sort and if I werethinking of trying to find a job as a waitress it would be most helpful to read someone elsesexperiences. Even if you dont think you are a writer, I bet if you were to jot down your thoughtsabout something you have personal experience with, especially if it is a passion of yours, you willfind that the words will flow and before you realize you have a quality content article.To become a paid content writer or a freelance writer you will need to practice your craft.Remember, a writer writes! The more you write, the more practice you will have and the more4 Writing for Pay Website for more tips...
  5. 5. proficient you will become. The more articles you write and submit the more credibility you willhave as a writer. Getting started as an online writer for pay is just that easy. It really is true thatpractice makes perfect. For a writer practice will seldom make perfect but it will help developprofessional writing skills.Learn how to write for pay, the four main pitfalls to avoid in writing a quality article, how to getstarted writing and great links to finding writing jobs immediately. Writing for pay is a great homebased business opportunity and the possibilities for income are almost unlimited. Check out mywebsite for more details at http://waystomakemoneyonline.ccExtra Income from WritingHave you always wanted another job for extra income? With the economic crisis, more and morepeople are looking for ways to augment their income. This can be difficult, as more and morecompanies are closing, and more and more people are getting laid off. These can serve ashindrances for many people.To add to that, it can be quite difficult and challenging to get another job, as it would be toophysically demanding. Not only will you have to work double; physically, you will also be strained,transferring from one workplace to another. Another problem is time. With a full, nine to five officejob, who still has the time for another job, and what kind of job starts after the regular work hours?These things pose great challenges to people who wish to find an extra job.Thankfully, there are great jobs online, and one of them is article writing for pay. This is anexcellent idea for people who have full nine to five jobs, as most of these have work from homeopportunities. All you have to do is to get a writing assignment, finish writing the articles, andsubmit them-through electronic mail. Pretty easy, especially when you think about the time yousave from going to another workplace.The internet has changed a lot of things for us-and has opened great opportunities for many.5 Writing for Pay Website for more tips...
  6. 6. Article writing for pay is a great way to earn extra income, as you practically do not have to bringout money the way you do in normal office jobs-for transportation, food, and other things. Workingfrom home allows you to relax and work at your own time while earning money. This is not onlygreat for those who want extra income; it is also beneficial to many new parents who have to stayat home to watch their children.If you are someone who writes for a living, or someone who just simply loves to write, then articlewriting for pay is the best job for you. Some may see it as a great way to earn extra money, but ifyou are serious in doing this, it can also be the main source of your income. If writing comesnaturally to you, then this may be a great opportunity. There are many websites which can hostyour writings, and there are many others who are looking for writers to give writing assignments to,so make sure you research and find out which is the best for you.Nowadays, many people worry about the slump of the economy, but as long as you know where tolook, you can most certainly find a job, and this is one example of a good-paying job that can alsobring satisfaction to you. Not only that, it will also help you practice your writing skills. If you knowand follow the basics, you will see that writing is actually quite simple, and it will be a veryenjoyable job for you.4 Things to Avoid when Writing Articles for PayThere are four very important things to avoid when writing articles especially those you are writingfor pay as your home based business. These are very simple or basic things but also veryimportant to keep in mind when creating quality content.1. Simple grammar mistakes:Writing of any type needs to be well proofed before it is submitted to be sure all the words areused and spelled correctly, the grammar is correct and most importantly the ideas are presented ina logical progression so that the article flows. Write as if you were having a conversation with afriend and you cannot go wrong. The only exception to this is if the buyer specifically requests that6 Writing for Pay Website for more tips...
  7. 7. the article content be technical and written more as a manual than an article. This seldom happensbecause if the article you write is not easy to read and understand you will lose the interest of thereader quickly and no buyer wants this type of article.2. College level words:Using huge words does not impress the reader but will only send them in search of informationthat is easier to understand. For instance I could have said, "The utilization of colossal lexisaccomplishes little in the aspect of electrifying the punter of the written word." This sentence saysthe same thing as, "Using huge words does not impress the reader." Which sentence would yourather read?3. Unnecessarily lengthy articles:Article length can be 300 words to over 700 words but keeping the article between 450 and 550will be more attractive to readers. If your article runs over the 700 word mark you can easily divideit into two smaller and more appealing articles.4. Run-on sentence structure:Avoid run-on sentences! These will make your article very had to read and understand. Forinstance I could have said, "Avoid run-on sentences as these will make your article very hard toread and understand and if you fall into this trap of writing sentences that are way too long you willfind that your reader will lose interest because they cannot understand your sentences." When youproof your article content look for these types of mistakes and simply break up the long sentenceinto two or three easy to read ideas. One sentence should equal one idea.As you can see these four things to avoid are very simple and basic but will kill the credibility of thecontent you produce. Do your best to avoid these little pitfalls. Writing quality content is really notdifficult. Read your content carefully once your article is finished and make any necessaryadjustments before you make your submission.7 Writing for Pay Website for more tips...
  8. 8. Writing for Pay is Like Hunting for PreyIn your early days of writing you write for love. Then you write for fame and publication. But you need food to stay alive if only to last to the end of the next chapter as your write yourstory. Sadly, nobody will bring you food while you do so and you need to hunt for it yourself. Happily, the zombie days of chasing live food on faster legs are gone for most of us. Now, webarter money for food for the most part and worry about re-cycling the outer wrapper so as to save theplanet from ourselves. Nonetheless, the watchful writer can turn the possible destruction of Earth to advantage. He canwrite about it for a readership that is wondering when the day of destruction will arrive. It may, of course, never arrive. Which is all the better for the writer for she can announce thatthe planet has been saved, in the nick of time, and bank the proceeds. Our watchful writer (this is you, it just sounds better that way) will see where trends are goingand prepare some words about the journey and destination for a busy editor to approve, publish and payfor. Its not difficult to find subjects to write about. Many freelance writers simply watch thetelevision news, note what happened, and seek some deeper material to offer as follow-up informationto the news desks. But the hunting pack lies that way and the shouted question of the beginner to the door-stoppedquarry asked as if nobody else can hear the question. If its on live television, the nation will have heardthe question and answer, so theres little chance of selling it to a print client. Better by far to be the quiet hunter and to watch for single opportunity so as to give you the leadin the market. It can be a story uncovered when researching something else; it can be a casual remarkmade in your hearing that starts you off on the chase for the story. Dont think for a moment that if it was worth something then another writer would have writtenit up by now. Such is the speed of publication in our present times that many fine stories are leftuncovered. The watchful writer will see them for what they are: morsels that may well make a feast. But, you well may say, I dont need to chase after such titbits. Perhaps you do not. Well done.But say you are a novelist who is not yet a celebrity and you have grown tired of rejection letters whenyou send in memoir disguised as fiction. “Then you become the watchful writer” who strikes where something stirs in the undergrowthof life. That could well be your breakthrough novel right there. At the least it could be a back story ready-made for a supporting character to slip into so youcan concentrate on the larger issue of writing to stay alive, being well fed, and feted.8 Writing for Pay Website for more tips...
  9. 9. Here are great tips for writing for pay that will put money in your pocket.http://www.waystomakemoneyonline.cc/writingforpay.htm==== ====Write to pennywritesinga@yahoo.com if you have any questions, comments or would like to learnabout Master Resale Rights to Writing for Pay Tips9 Writing for Pay Website for more tips...