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Trilogy Media presents Vegas On Demand! All Vegas...All the time!

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Vod Preso For Showsv2

  1. 1. Presents:
  2. 2. Check us out on your local VOD cable channel !
  3. 3. We are an online media company that specializes in SEO and Social Media Marketing techniques to drive traffic to our entertainment websites to promote and sell your properties venues and amenities.
  4. 4. FLUID MARKETING “Catch The Wave” Same old, same old will not work these days! Want to be on the cutting edge of technology? We can enhance your efforts with social media marketing and mobile technology. Want to be part of revolutionizing e-commerce by delivering the sweet spot where the internet meets mobility? While being eco-friendly! Trilogy Media is introducing mobile ticketing. There's been something missing in mobile marketing. What's keeping mobile marketing from delivering on its promise? We believe the answer lies in the experience itself. Because online marketers learn about their customers every time they shop or even visit, they're able to deliver relevant offers and content that makes the experience personal, interactive, and fun. We can duplicate these kinds of Experiences in the world outside one's desk and front door, and deliver them via one's mobile device. Join our opt-in “Deals on Demand” program where our customers have signed up to receive Vegas information while they are in town via text messages. This is a great opportunity for you to promote last minute deals
  5. 5. We leverage social media, video and search engine optimization techniques to  reach targeted demographics. We will give you valuable placement on our website to place your “call to  actions”! ◦ Your own landing page for venue or property (no competitive products shown on your landing page ) ◦ Placement on homepage banners ◦ One of our featured shows monthly ◦ Tracking ( weekly analytics) to see how your promotions are doing ◦ Ability to change promotion weekly ◦ Daily tweets on TWITTER/facebook/myspace/YouTUbe ◦ Weekly Blogs ◦ Ad placement on blogs ◦ Monthly promotional offer of your “call to action” via our database ◦ VIDEO/AUDIO/SOCIAL BOOKMARK SUBMISSION for 1 video with “call to action” ◦ Video to be submitted to over 30 video sites, including Hulu, Blinks, YouTube, Google, Yahoo and slingbox ◦ We have exclusive deals in place for video distribution through cable that we will promote you on. ◦ We have listed channels labeled “Vegas On Demand” on cable, satellite and IPTV
  6. 6. Digitally enabled peer-to-  peer networks From email and sms to  facebook and twitter Distribution is by people to  people Content is by people to be  shared with other people
  7. 7. The most powerful  behaviour changer there is We do what others like  us do Social media brings us  Broadcast Media together with people is one-to-many like us Social Media is Social media helps  many-to-many people like us act together
  8. 8. Where humans are talking to each other about things that  bother/interest them – on a global scale You are included. With or without your permission.  If you‟re lucky/unlucky  If you contribute  If you participate 
  9. 9. Text messaging; sms and Image sharing sites: such   mms as photobucket, flickr Email; including Audio sharing:   webmail(gmail etc) and fixed Lastfm, blip.fm, podcasts (outlook) Conversation  Instant Messaging: eg aggregators: such as  Windows Messenger; skype Friendfeed, Disqus  Forums; of the traditional Human-powered search   message board variety. sites such as mahalo, ditto.net Social networks: such as  Facebook, MySpace, Bebo Human filtering sites such  as digg, delicious, stumbleupon Blogging: Platforms such as  Blogger, Wordpress Comments on more  traditional „broadcast-style‟ Microblogging: eg sites – such as the  Twitter, Plurk BBC, Guardian.co.uk Video sharing sites: eg Wikis: wikipedia   Youtube, Vimeo
  10. 10. IDC reported in August  08 internet use was already outstripping TV consumption. Internet: 32.7 hours  TV: 16.4 hours  Newspapers &  magazines: 3.9 hours
  11. 11. 1. Yahoo 11. Orkut.com Not 100%:  but enough 12. Rapidshare.com 2. Google for you to 13. Baidu.com take very 3. Youtube 14. Microsoft.com seriously! 15. Google.co.in 4. Live.com 16. Google.de 5. MSN.com 17. Qq.com 18. eBay.com 6. Myspace.com 19 Hi5.com 20. Google.fr 7. Wikipedia.org 8. Facebook.com What no traditional media, bbc? New 9. Blogger.com York Times? 10.Yahoo.co.jp Alexa Feb 2009 Guardian?
  12. 12. 186m blogs globally and growing  73% of all web users read blogs  Facebook members 132.1 million unique  users in June 2008 (now over 150m) MySpace had 117.6 million users in June 08.  More video added to Youtube in last year  than broadcast by TV EVER! We’re all advertisers and marketers now! •Friend-recommendation is responsible for 70%+ of all purchase decisions •34% write about products and brands on their blogs •23% of social network users have added applications •18% of bloggers install widgets
  13. 13. A very different measure  Not consuming; participating  Co-creating the experience  Communities not audiences  Where to take part, you have to create part  Think ears and mouths, rather than eyeballs  Very different from the world of mass broadcast  media
  14. 14. Social Networks – How we can enhance your efforts! When you do a Tweet, we will re- Tweet! What then occurs is that instead of your tweet just going to your group it will now be broadcast to other groups…and your communication is then spread into categories of interest to many others….and it continues to GROW!
  15. 15. •They share messages among their groups. •The groups are not fixed (adhoc) •They adapt them to suit their groups •The message spreads when the •They make the message theirs Participants adapt the message to suit the group groups reform around a new purpose they wish to share it with! Users select what they think is cool (has utility) to take with them on their journey
  16. 16. WE are the distribution,  WE are the content,  WE are the users journey  WE are how messages are transmitted  WE are the medium and the media  carried by it WE are the connections. …  and how the connections are made
  17. 17. Listen Respond The conversations are happening with or without your permission. They are happening everywhere people talk Marketing isn‟t done to them, it is You can listen: summize.com; done by them brandtags.net, our own services. Think less of where the eyeballs are Listen, enable, and serve. and more about the mouths and ears Place value on real-time, human interaction.
  18. 18. When users can adapt the  message to better suit those they would share with Ex. Youtube‟s many incarnations of the Cadbury‟s gorilla ad. Where they lower the  technical barriers Ex. Pampers easy-insert of your own kids‟ pictures into a Christmas video message.
  19. 19. Let us TWEET for You!
  20. 20. TV Distributions Players Network Over 2,500,000 Video Views per month “VOD is becoming the industry Comcast 24,200,000 Subscribers 16,500,000 VOD standard, with audiences expecting choice, control, and Direct TV 16,500,000 Subscribers 1,000,000 VOD convenience for their media viewing experience.” Dish 13,500,000 Subscribers 950,000 VOD TiVo 4,200,000 Subscribers 725,000 VOD at&t 1,100,000 Subscribers IPTV Homes Verizon 1,700,000 Subscribers IPTV Homes Cox 74,000 Las Vegas Hotel Rooms
  21. 21. Broadcast as Vegas on Demand in over 22 million homes in the U.S., and  as linear televised programming on Buzz TV in over 120 million homes throughout Europe, Players Networks televised channels provide original and entertaining programming, featuring established gaming experts, celebrity hosts, and desirable destinations. Players Network is a leader in internet video distribution, including being  one of the first two companies to partner with Google in the U.S. Since that time, Players Network has created nested channels within the top broadband platforms.
  22. 22. It's CRM on the go! Enables companies to deliver highly personalized offerings to people out in the world  living their lives. Creates a relationship with your customers as unique as they are. Because it uses familiar mobile and scanning technology, it's the easiest, most  compatible, and far-reaching form of e-marketing available. We are unique in that we know which individual took advantage of what offer at what  time and in what location. We help marketers quot;Close the loopquot; by providing tracking through the last mile of the transaction, completing a 360-degree view of customers activity in retail environments. 1. Acquire customer via short code – try it now TEXT “VEGAS” to 50500 (We are currently running a special promotion for a helicopter ride over the strip.) 2. Build mobile and behavioral database 3. Send targeted offers in real time via mobile 4. Redeem offers via scanner 5. Collect data and build behavioral database.
  23. 23. Our mission is to offer Venues an alternative to the conventional methods of online ticketing distribution and event registration offered by other ticketing services . We strive to maintain a ticketing system that is easy to use for the event organizers while continuing to offer a broad range of ticketing, accounting and reporting features. We offer the highest level of ticketing service while maintaining a fee structure that charges less to the event patron than our competitors. Take advantage of what WE have to offer... Automated online ticket sales available 24/7  Lower fees than other online retailers  Scalable site design allows for small and large events  Certified 128-bit Internet security protects you and your guest‟s privacy  View real-time transaction histories for your events  Email fans with new event information or thank you notes following each event  Multiple Day Event and Festival Ticketing Options  Begin selling tickets immediately!  quot;Is it really that simple?quot;  “YES. Schedule a demo and see for yourself.”
  24. 24. We are unique because: It is a secure and encrypted text •Works with all phones and all carriers message (SMS) that can be •No downloads required scanned easily. •No data-plans required •Not MMS or WAP The technology has the capacity to Scans 99.7%+ of mobile devices in deliver unique and secure the market, including Apple iPhones, Palm Treo, Pocket PC, RIM messages, giving marketers the Blackberry opportunity to target and Standard Web and Flash audio video communicate with individual formats supported for media delivery. customers in a way that hasn't been Personalization supported. available ever before. Remote system monitoring, usage “Join the cutting edge! It's NOT just CRM! It's NOT reporting and configurations just another mobile play! It's marketing that goes management via VPN. everywhere people go! “
  25. 25. Security Our technology incorporates multiple levels of  encryption and error correction measures to ensure the secure and reliable delivery and redemption of your offers. SSL is used for all communication to and from the system to  ensure that information sent over the network is secure. Customer authentication is used on all requests sent to the  our platform so that a fully auditable transaction history is maintained. Optional multi-factor authentication is available via the  interactive touch screen. “Our technology can create over one trillion combinations, making it ten thousand times more difficult to hack than it is to guess a person's credit card number!”
  26. 26. We are committed to preserving and rejuvenating the environment. We connect with green festivals, events, bands and initiatives from all over the world to diminish our collective carbon footprint and raise awareness of how all of us can help out as we go out to shows and events. We use hemp/flax and recycled ticket stock! “Give your customers a choice, hemp tickets or mobile tickets, both eco-friendly!”
  28. 28. WE are an aggressive cutting edge company that  has incorporated social media, video and mobile technology into our marketing strategies. WE sell Las Vegas entertainment via these  mediums. WE can provide you with an eco-friendly ticketing  system.