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Community istrategy

  1. 1. Penny Power @pennypower #ecademy Building Social Capital Founder of Understanding ‘social’ and it’s impact on business leadership and branding
  2. 2. Do leaders of businesses understand the word ‘social’?
  3. 3. Is this a repeat of ‘customer is king’ but really the leaders do not believe it? “Our  Customer  Services  department  have  the  pa5ence   to  look  a8er  them”  
  4. 4. Social Media is that ‘marketing thing’
  5. 5. I  want  to  sell   to  you   Business leaders are terrified of this ‘social world’ They HAVE to lose their Transactional Mindset
  6. 6. Communities - •  Births •  Deaths •  Marriages
  7. 7. Chinese proverb “To know and not to do is not YET to know”
  8. 8. Lessons being learned by CEO’s the hard way
  9. 9. “I’d like my life back” – a defining moment
  10. 10. Beyond customer service – this message taught us all that… It is not about YOU, it is about US Communities of people are asking for something but not everyone is listening to them
  11. 11. Corporate’s speak with their heads •  Consumers and Small Businesses listen with their hearts
  12. 12. This goes way beyond ‘engagement’ •  Engagement is a TASK •  It can be fake •  It can be delegated •  Building Communities is a shared value and a reason for existing •  Building communities creates a new form of capital in a company •  Social Capital
  13. 13. ‘Communities’ are a brands unfair advantage •  Very different to a network •  Two way communication •  Listen, adapt, innovate, survive, thrive •  Forgive •  Loyal •  Belonging •  Family •  Shared values •  Advocacy
  14. 14. Creating our ‘shared values’
  15. 15. Safe and Supported
  16. 16. My lessons •  Communities don’t want to be transacted with •  They only want to be supported •  They want their own agenda •  You cannot control them •  They want a lot for free •  They have an enormous power •  They are very hard to monetize •  You cannot see them as customers •  Loyalty means they will criticize
  17. 17. But they are very powerful for your brand They build your Social Capital
  18. 18. Social Capital is the glue in which to build a brand and create followers Shared   Commitment  to   belonging   Shared  norms  of   behaviour   Effec5ve   communica5on   channels   Formal  and   Informal  networks   Create  your   Social  Capital   Reciprocity  and     mutuality   Trust   Image  taken  from   Alison  Mitchell   Liverpool   University  
  19. 19. The power of unconditional Love as a child Now we have to engage support and care with no conditions and no hidden agenda
  20. 20. “I support my friends” Hannah  –  aged   18   3000  in  network       Ross  –  aged  16     800  in  network     TJ  –  aged  13  –   600  in  network    
  21. 21. The trick is to learn how to monetize social capital •  What are the problems that your community members have? •  What do they want YOU to serve them? •  What are their needs that you can support? •  Who else do you need to collaborate with to solve problems for them? •  What is it that your community values about you?
  22. 22. Creating followers "the goal is NOT to sell what you have to people who need what you have………… The goal is to get people to BELIEVE WHAT YOU BELIEVE” Simon  Sinek  ‘Start  with  WHY’  
  23. 23. "If  you  want  to  build  a  ship,  don't   drum  up  the  people  to  gather  wood,   divide  the  work,  and  give  orders.   Instead,  teach  them  to  yearn  for  the   vast  and  endless  sea”     Antoine  De  Saint-­‐Exupery,       Author  of  The  LiOle  Prince.  
  24. 24. Building Community requires •  Devotion •  Heart •  Passion •  Understanding •  Belief •  Thought leadership •  Empathy •  Inter-dependence
  25. 25. Community building will become a ‘Boardroom’ priority Corporate Social Responsibility has broken down the ‘free will’ of caring
  26. 26. The economic benefits of social capital growth •  Reduces transaction costs •  Buyers come to buy •  Creates new forms of information exchange •  Increases innovation/live R&D •  Increases loyalty to the brand •  Creates a ‘connection’ •  Provides feedback •  Ensures engagement
  27. 27. Where do you start? •  Brands need to understand the demographic they serve and the needs of that demographic •  The board needs to agree on their shared values •  Recruitment has to include these shared values •  The company must seek to provide greater contribution to the local or global communities
  28. 28. How Ecademy achieves this •  We listen and engage across all platforms •  We are embedded in the community through the blogs and messaging •  We meet offline •  We understand the plight and lives of SME’s •  We empathize •  We share •  We are open and encourage random •  We encourage shared values •  We take responsibility •  We ‘parent’ •  We are a family “Community First, Transaction Second”
  29. 29. Seeking solutions together within an SME Community
  30. 30. Thank you everyone 223  comments   7,582  views  
  31. 31. The banks as a case study •  Will they return to relationship banking OR
  32. 32. Will the social networks become banks….
  33. 33. Relationship algorithms
  34. 34. Klout, Peer Index, Empire Avenue Social  Capital  games  for  measuring   influence   Are  they  just  games??  
  35. 35. Why should this matter in a global economy •  Consumers have choice •  Consumers share their experience •  Followers have passion •  Followers share their beliefs
  36. 36. Ecademy have created followers around our Manifesto #DBBM
  37. 37. My legacy - Social Capital for all
  38. 38. A final thought •  Social Responsibility of Leaders to enable their staff to build their own brand and networks •  Aging population •  No job security •  Pensions - ????? •  Healthcare - ????
  39. 39. Social Media Builds your Social Capital Thank you Please stay in touch @pennypower