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IT Skills Capability System


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Griffith University develops an in-house system that can mange a skills capability framework.

Like you, the Department of Information Services (INS) works within changing capability requirements that are needed in support of our changing business environment under ever shrinking time frames. We refer staff to a number of skills frameworks: IT Professional skills (SFIA); Library professional skills (CILIP and/or Library skills framework currently in development with the IRU in Australia); Communication, Leadership and other core skills (such as AGPS Leadership & core skills or QLD PS CLF). With this system staff self-assess their capability, generate personal and organisational capability skills reports and reference capability against desired roles and career/development pathways. Management can utilise the information captured for data driven/big picture workforce planning initiatives.

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IT Skills Capability System

  1. 1. IT SKILLS CAPABILITY FRAMEWORK Penny Baker Project Manager (Special Operations) Information Services, Griffith University Information Services
  2. 2. WHY? WIIFM? Information Services
  3. 3. What is our goal? 1. To align our staff and their skills and our organisational capability 2. To consider opportunities that will ensure that INS has the profile, skill sets and organisational capability to deliver IT services in a changing environment. the right people…with the right skills… in the right place…at the right time Why? WIIFM? Information Services
  4. 4. User activity Logged in Staff have logged in (73% INS staff) Commenced SFIA profile Staff have commenced their IT skills profile (63% INS staff) Completed SFIA profile (52% INS staff) i.e. a response to all 96 skills Mon 16 March 2015 5:30pm 446 386 319 ITSKILLSCAPABILITYFRAMEWORK Information Services
  5. 5. Organisation capability reporting Information Services
  6. 6. Organisation capability reporting Information Services
  7. 7. WHAT? Skills Frameworks Information Services
  8. 8. Our people capability. Our skills IT Professional skills: SFIA Other Professional skills: e.g. Business skills, Education skills, Communication & Leadership skills Technical skills, products & systems, services, methods, procedures & internal systems & processes Experience & application of skills & knowledge, Degrees, certifications, L&D Behavioural attributes: e.g. communication Information Services
  9. 9. Skills Frameworks IT Professional Skills Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) Library Professional Skills Australian Library skills framework (IRU Library working party – in development) Core skills, Capability & Leadership skills Capability and leadership framework leadership-framework.aspx AGPS Leadership and core skills and-core-skills-strategy-2014-15-refresh Integrated Leadership System (ILS) system Information Services
  10. 10. HOW! Skills Capability Framework System Information Services
  11. 11. IT skills capability framework system Information Services
  12. 12. About the skills framework Information Services
  13. 13. IT Skills Profile Information Services
  14. 14. Manage your profile (summary view) Information Services
  15. 15. Manage your profile (browse) Information Services
  16. 16. Your IT skills profile Information Services
  17. 17. Your IT skills profile report Information Services
  18. 18. Approval / QA of skill profiles Information Services
  19. 19. Role profiles Information Services
  20. 20. Role profiles Information Services
  21. 21. Role profiles
  22. 22. Call to Action & What’s Next Information Services
  23. 23. Call to action – IT Skills Capability Information Services
  24. 24. Questions Mr Bruce Callow Chief Technology Officer and Deputy to PVC(INS) Division of Information Services Griffith University Penny Baker Project Manager (Special Operations) Division of Information Services Griffith University Information Services
  25. 25. IT SKILLS CAPABILITY FRAMEWORK Information Services
  26. 26. Career pathing tool Services
  27. 27. Feedback The experience of completing the profile was enlightening, but a little more time consuming than I thought it would be. It made me aware of skills I possess that I hadn't yet consciously acknowledged. It was also interesting to identify skills I hadn't yet considered to be valuable for I.T. Professionals. I think the framework is valuable for I.T. Professionals personally, as it can enhance skill awareness and aid career development. It had taken me at least an hour to complete the profile. I had to read some of the skill descriptions a few times to ensure I had understood them correctly. I will most likely have to review my profile in case I misinterpreted some of the descriptions. ITSKILLSCAPABILITYFRAMEWORK Information Services “ “