2013 DRE Retreat


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2013 DRE Retreat

  1. 1. D I R E C T O R S / C O O R D I N A T O R S O F R E L I G I O U S E D U C A T I O NM A L V E R N R E T R E A T H O U S EJ U N E 4 - 5 , 2 0 1 3Changing Water Into WineBecoming the Person God Created You To Be
  2. 2. Lord Jesus Christ,We thank you for having called us together here.We offer you what we are about to undertake,everything we think, do and experienceduring these coming days in your honor.We also offer you the fatigue of this week,and from the various events of this day,because this – too - is our “daily bread.”Grant that we may begin this retreatwith a spirit of hope and anticipationThat you will feed our hearts and souls in the time ahead...in the name of the Father and of the Sonand of the Holy Spirit. Amen
  3. 3. Pathway – Tuesday BIG PICTURE - Us, The Church& the New Evangelization: New paradigms ! Sacred vs. Secular Call & Mission & The “Affirmative Way”
  4. 4. Pathway – Wednesday “Year of Faith” – Mary as the Model From Genesis 14:18 – 20 (Feast of Corpus Christi) Identity of the issue Source of the problem Antidote to the dilemma Examples of hope Options: Office vs. Talent vs. Charism Resources and signs of hope “out there”
  5. 5. CaveatsAudiblePaceRelevantEngagingInteractive
  6. 6. Current View of the Catholic ChurchInteractionwith CurrentCultureSeparatist Restorers Cultural
  7. 7. Current View of the Catholic ChurchInteractionwith CurrentCultureSEPARATISTInsidersCulturalWarriorsEvangelizers
  8. 8. Current View of the Catholic ChurchInteraction withCurrent CultureCULTURALBlendersPhilanthropists
  9. 9. Current View of the Catholic ChurchInteractionwith CurrentCultureRESTORERS
  10. 10. Current View of the Catholic ChurchCHANNELSOFCULTURALINFULENCEMediaEducationArts &EnvironmentBusinessGovernmentSocialOutreachChurch
  11. 11. The Catholic Church and the New EvangelizationCHURCHMediaEducationArts &EnvironmentBusinessGovernmentSocialOutreachCulture
  12. 12. New Evangelization –Changes, Challenges and Context To see the world in a new light To see the Church in a new light To see ourselves in a new light
  13. 13. New Evangelization –Changes, Challenges and ContextPope John Paul II, 1988 US Bishops, 1980 & 1995
  14. 14. VATICAN II Changed view of the laity: From being simply disciples … Merely receive the spiritual gifts of the Church “Pray, Pay and Obey” “Meet my friend Sherri. She’s not ordained.” (…with no context i.t.o. her as disciple/apostle) …To disciples AND apostles (people who are sent)
  15. 15. SACRED VS. SECULAR Church was place we went to: Hide from the world Rest from the world Problem is when “secular” (area of the laity)is seen in opposition to the world.
  16. 16. SACRED VS. SECULAR John Paul II: “Secular” is theological term The place to where we are sent Locus where we achieve holiness Laity possess “secular character” (cf charism)
  17. 17. NEW EVANGELIZATION Paradigms are shifting: In terms of Church Paradigm: Not just the parish area… From model where campus, rectory, convent, etc…support the church building and the school.. Moving into the home, workplace, university, entertainmentcenters …
  18. 18. NEW EVANGELIZATION In terms of Personal Paradigm: From street corner, testimonial, Bible thumping To Pope John Paul II’s “New Humanism.” Exactly what you are, who you are, what you do naturally ,what you do well, where you are. Bringing Christ to others in a redemptive way. Confer Gabe Lyons, “Next Christians.”
  19. 19. NEW EVANGELIZATION Grace flows through us in exactly the wayGod has made you. Sharing your “faith experiences” with others by: Simply being who you are, and…. Using your gifts in a natural way.
  20. 20. VATICAN II If sent, you need to know:Where you are sent.To whom you are sentWhat to do once you get there.
  21. 21. Pathway – Wednesday Charisms, Personalities andDiscernment Signs of Charisms Evaluation Additional Resources Next Steps
  22. 22. The “Affirmative Way” ALL Catholics have been givena mandate: Authority Power Jurisdiction ALL Catholics are consecratedfor mission: Catholics find themselves in the world, Directed towards and for the world, And achieve holiness within the world.
  23. 23. The “Affirmative Way” All Catholics are called to spiritual transformation.. In the midst of loving the world, ..and being in the midst of the world. The world is the “agent” of your holiness. Bishops and priests provide the tradition Narrow focus The laity take it, and apply it in the world Broad focus From Catherine of Siena to Palestrina.
  24. 24. The “Affirmative Way” The world is the “agent” of your holiness. Bishops and priests provide the tradition Narrow focus The laity take it, and apply it in the world Broad focus From Catherine of Siena to Palestrina.
  26. 26. HOWEVER….The “Affirmative Way”
  27. 27. THIS IS NOT A USER FRIENDLY WORLD VIEWThe “Affirmative Way”
  28. 28. BUT IT IS A SCRIPTURAL WORLD VIEWThe “Affirmative Way”
  29. 29. Charisms in Scripture Examples: Romans 12 I Corinthians 12 Ephesians 4 Elsewhere ..
  30. 30. Signs of Charisms Christians are to expect that charisms are to be present. Scriptural basis of what it means to be “Catholic.” (Yet, prudence and wisdom in dispensing the gift/charism.) This has not been the case/experience of most Catholics. Exceptions – Charismatic Renewal, Cursillo, Marriage Encounter Beginning to manifest itself as fewer priests/sisters available.
  31. 31. END OF PART IChanging Water Into WineBecoming the Person God Created You To BeD I R E C T O R S / C O O R D I N A T O R S O F R E L I G I O U S E D U C A T I O NM A L V E R N R E T R E A T H O U S EJ U N E 4 - 5 , 2 0 1 3
  32. 32. B E G I N N I N G O F O F F I C E A N D J U R I S D I C T I O NInterim
  34. 34. OFFICE = 3 Components:AuthorityPowerJurisdiction
  35. 35. AUTHORITY Ability to act: In the place of Jesus or.. In the place of the Church Priest by nature of Sacramentof Ordination Laity by nature of Sacramentof Baptism
  36. 36. POWER Practical ability to do something and get something done. To do the job for which you have been sent.
  37. 37. JURISDICTION A setting, occasion, arena or an area of life… ..in which power and authority are exercised. Example: Parents (not the Archbishop) have jurisdiction over thehousehold. Pastor (not the parents) has jurisdiction over the parish. Principal (not the Pastor) has jurisdiction over the school.
  38. 38. LAY JURISDICTIONTemporary or Permanent? Examples: Parents’ jurisdiction overtheir children (permanent). Counseling a friend about arelationship, job or vocation(temporary).
  39. 39. LAY JURISDICTION Let’s say…someone seeks Christ in some way. Your call to act is NOT VAGUE. It is specific! You have been chosen, called and sent: To that particular person/group, In a particular situation/moment, With your particular charism(s), For a particular mission.
  40. 40. LAY JURISDICTION If you do NOT act, The person may be lost or, May have lost the opportunity to encounter Jesusin that particular moment.
  41. 41. “OFFICIAL” LAY JURISDICTION Vatican II and reform of Canon Law First half of new Code talks about laity: Rights Responsibilities Duties Obligations Jurisdiction Mandate to Act
  43. 43. CONSECRATION AND MISSION From Yves Congar, O.P. With Baptism, You have been consecrated (“set apart”) For something or for someone.
  44. 44. The “Affirmative Way” St. Francis of Xavier on the shores of Japan Had a mission, a mandate… Didn’t have a CLUE on what to do. Takes vision, creativity and imagination. A LONG WAY from “pray, pay and obey.”
  45. 45. E N D O F O F F I C E A N D J U R I S D I C T I O NInterim
  46. 46. Changing Water Into WineD I R E C T O R S / C O O R D I N A T O R S O F R E L I G I O U S E D U C A T I O NM A L V E R N R E T R E A T H O U S EJ U N E 4 - 5 , 2 0 1 3
  47. 47. Catechists ...• Are called to holiness.• Are characterized by a love for God.• Live a life of faith, hope and love.• Manifests Christ by daily piety and life.• Possess an apostolic spirit and missionary zeal.• Love their brothers and sisters.• Are willing to give generous service.• Engage in personal prayer.• Participate in parish life.• Have a devotion to the Eucharist and Mary
  48. 48. Catechists need...• Level 1:▫ To grow as a person of faith.▫ Development of their a spiritual life.• Level 2:▫ Effective teaching/facilitating skills.▫ Essential areas of theological training (Scripture,Creed & morality).From Archdioceses of New York/Philadelphia
  49. 49. Faith in ActionMary as the Model
  50. 50. Faith Applied in Action:• Discern for yourself what the Lord is telling youduring your retreat this year.• Discuss this three times with at least one personover the course of the next year.
  51. 51. Faith Applied in Action:• There are 18 Marian celebrations and feastdays…• Celebrate just one of these days that honor Marythis year.
  52. 52. Faith Applied in Action:• Commit to saying the Rosary (or Divine Chaplet)daily during October, the month dedicated toOur Lady of the Rosary.
  53. 53. Faith Applied in Action:• Mary is mentioned close to 50 times in the NewTestament. …• Over the next year, chose and read just oneMarian story or passage. Sit with and pray withthis passage for one week from one Saturday tothe next.
  54. 54. Mary as the ModelWhat you might experience:When you do this:• Joy• Trepidation• Trust• Confusion• Wonder• Treasuring Memories▫ “Pondering”• Meditation▫ “Reflecting”• Tasting▫ The fruits
  55. 55. END OFPRESENTATIONChanging Water Into WineBecoming the Person God Created You To BeD I R E C T O R S / C O O R D I N A T O R S O F R E L I G I O U S E D U C A T I O NM A L V E R N R E T R E A T H O U S EJ U N E 4 - 5 , 2 0 1 3
  56. 56. WHAT’S OUT THERECatechesis for Youth:* Stewardship and Mission - Youth/Schools* Theology of the Body - Teens* Theology of the Body – Young Adults
  57. 57. What’s Out There... Youth Scripture Study Great Adventure Kids – Smaller Children(Ascension Press) Encounter – Middle School (Ascension Press) T# - Teen Timeline (Ascension Press) YDisciple (Augustine Institute)
  58. 58. What’s Out There... Adult Scripture Study Great Adventure – Entire Bible(Ascension Press) Great Adventure – Select Books(Ascension Press) Opening the Word (Augustine Institute)
  59. 59. WHAT’S OUT THEREAdult Catechesis and Faith Formation:* Alpha for Catholics* Theology of the Body* Walking with PurposeThe King’ Men
  60. 60. WHAT’S OUT THERELeadership:* Stewardship and Mission* Catholic Leadership Institute* Leadership Roundtable