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2012 saturday presentation

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2012 saturday presentation

  1. 1. “Created for the gloryand praise of God.”
  2. 2. Catholic Church - Context  Radical shifts in secular culture  Rapid change in Western Catholic culture  Diversity of expectations for priests and laity (especially women)  Decrease in candidates for priesthood
  3. 3. Catholic Church - Needs New Fire of Jesus the High Priest  His love  His vision  “New Evangelization” (“Year of Faith”) New relationships between laity and priests based on…. Clear understanding of:  Identity
  4. 4. Roles and Identity (Christifideles Laici) Only from inside the Churchs mystery of communion is the "identity" of the lay faithful made known, and their fundamental dignity revealed. Only within the context of this dignity can their vocation and mission in the Church and in the world be defined (and renewed).
  5. 5. The need today:The Holy Spirit continues to renew ...the...Church and ... has inspired newaspirations towards holiness and theparticipation of so many lay faithful.
  6. 6. The Challenge and Approach Moving from “theory” to “practice” Aka, “Formation”
  7. 7. Formation – What and Why What: A Continual Process of Maturation  A Comprehensive Integrated Program for Living an Integrated Life Why:  Discovervocation and mission  “Renew the face of the earth”
  8. 8. Lay Formation Two Approaches
  9. 9. Discovery – Vocation andMission Legionaries of Christ: Personal Prayer Communal Prayer Vocation “Apostolate"
  10. 10. Discovery - Vocation and Mission “I Will give You Shepherds” Human (You) Intellectual (You) Spiritual (You) Pastoral (Them)
  11. 11. Lay Formation Gifts and Charisms
  12. 12. Gifts and Charisms Gifts  Galatians 5:22-23, Aquinas, Catechism (and elsewhere)  Given to us  Purpose: for our inner transformation Charisms:  Talents to be given to others  How God enters world through our consent
  13. 13. Gifts and Charisms Key:  An awareness of one’s own ”Spiritual Gifts”  An awareness of one’s own “Human Charisms”  Individual and parish level Leads to  Betterunderstanding of one’s specific vocation.
  14. 14. Lay Faithful (Closing Thought) Lay faithful must be formed according to the union which exists from their being members of the Church and citizens of human society. There cannot be two parallel lives in their existence: on the one hand, the so-called "spiritual" life, with its values and demands; and on the other, the so-called "secular" life, that is, life in a family, at work, in social relationships, in the responsibilities of public life and in culture. (Charles Chaput)