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HES Syllabus Pennington

  1. 1. Honors Earth Science Mr. Pennington Classroom: Room 120 Office: Science Office 101 E-mail: mpennington@hinsdale86.org Voicemail: (630) 468-4502 Why Study Earth Science? Studying our subject will help you to: Get to know your home planet Earth Science is, literally, the study of our entire planet, its past history and evolution, its present activity, and the way that it will change in the future. This is a big subject for a dynamic planet, so Earth Science can’t help but be a living, expanding subject, covering so many fields that Earth Scientists are among the most widely educated scientists of all Get in touch with crucial environmental issues! Earth Science recognizes that everything and everyone on the planet is affected by its natural processes and the way we use and exploit its natural resources. Our demands on the Earth and our use of its raw materials produce environmental problems that you need to know about and be able to solve. COURSE DESCRIPTION Great scientists are recognized for their ability to create as well as evaluate ideas put forth by their predecessors and peers. Students enrolled in my Earth Science class for the 2004-05 school year will develop an understanding for Earth and all its functions by questioning, analyzing, experimenting, and evaluating their discoveries in the classroom, laboratory, and out in the field.
  2. 2. We will develop hands on problem solving strategies throughout the year that will provide you with the structure you need to succeed when difficult situations arise both academically and socially. COURSE OBJECTIVES -To establish a comfortable atmosphere conducive to learning -To develop a strong foundation for problem solving -Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of earth science concepts and principles -To analyze and relate science to everyday life -To visualize and analyze graphical and pictorial information -To collect data, analyze it and submit reports which demonstrate comprehension of the principles and processes involved. -To compare and contrast science and science fiction SUPPLIES (You need the following items with you in class everyday) • Textbook – Earth Science, 9th Ed, Tarbuck, E.; Lutgens, F. Publisher: Prentice Hall, 2000 • Pen & Pencil with an eraser • Three ring binder with dividers and loose leaf paper (Just For Science) • Colored pencils • Ruler • Hinsdale South Student Planner ***All the above supplies must be brought to class everyday unless otherwise noted.*** I will do random materials checks throughout each quarter. This is an easy way to gain points, so I suggest you come prepared every day. I will also periodically collect your binder to check your class work and some homework. Keep it neat, organized, and up to date. CLASSROOM WEBSITE - SHAREPOINT SharePoint is a website that will help you be successful in this course. Check it often for updates! 1. Go to the Hinsdale South website – www.south.hinsdale86.org 2. On the right side under “Quick Links”, click on “SharePoint for Students” 3. Login to the website using your student ID 4. Click on Honors Earth Science under “My SharePoint Sites” • If you do not have a course please email me (mpennington@hinsdale86.org) On the main page you will see general announcements and a calendar. Check the calendar for upcoming test/quiz dates. Also, each day will have a summary of what was done in class along with the homework assignment (This is a great tool to use when you are absent!). _____________________________________________________________________________ _
  3. 3. GRADING GRADING SCALE WEIGHTING SEMESTER GRADES Quarter 1 40% Quarter 2 40% Final Exam 20% Quarter 3 40% Quarter 4 40% Final Exam 20% The grade you earn is based on the following criteria: Homework: (~10% of your grade) Homework will usually be assigned 3 times a week. However, this can vary depending on the chapter that is being covered. Homework will consist of assigned readings, note taking exercises, short writing assignments and pre-labs. Keeping up with your homework and reading is essential in being successful in this class! Preparation is the Key to Success! All assignments will be labeled: Name ________________ Date _________________ Pd ____ Assign. Name ________________ Class Work: (~30% of your grade) Teamwork is an important part of the scientific process. Therefore, labs will usually be done in groups. Participating in labs and doing YOUR part for your group will be accounted for in all lab grades. Your composition book will be a large portion of this grade. Be sure to keep it neat and organized! Laboratory: If you are provided with a lab handout prior to an experiment, you are expected to have read it (Hint…anticipate a quiz!!) Your laboratories will be assessed based on quality, neatness, attention to detail, preparation, and clean up. You will lose points on your lab write up if you are deficient in any of these areas, and you will lose participation points for inappropriate behavior. Quizzes: (~10% of your grade) Quizzes will be given in order to check for your understanding of a concept throughout the unit. Quizzes may be announced or unannounced and can cover pre-lab, assigned readings and course content. On certain quizzes you may be able to use your notes so it is important that you take good notes and bring them to class everyday. Tests: (~ 40% of your grade)
  4. 4. All tests will be announced and we will review in class the day before the test. Sometimes, a group project for a unit may be used in place of a test for a unit. Participation Points: (~10% of your grade) Being an active and engaged learner is a key to being successful in this class. Twice a quarter you will be evaluated in the form of a participation grade. Students can earn participation points by following the 5P’s which include completing classroom activities and following classroom expectations. Students will not earn class points by being unprepared, breaking lab safety rules and acting negatively towards classmates. The 5Ps are outlined in detail on the last page. Extra Credit: I will provide extra credit opportunities throughout the semester. In order to earn extra credit you must have no missing assignments for the quarter. _____________________________________________________________________________ _ LATE WORK Assignments are usually due at the beginning of class. Assignments that come in afterwards are considered late. Late assignments will receive a 50% grade deduction. If an assignment is required for a class activity that same day, then it CAN NOT be turned in late and will receive a “0” score. Late assignments CAN NOT be accepted if the assignment has already been graded and returned to other students. _____________________________________________________________________________ _ TARDIES If you are not physically in room 120 when the bell rings then you are considered tardy. Each semester you are allowed 2 tardies without any discipline (a call home will be made). Your 3 , rd 4 and 5 tardy will lead to a detention. After 6 tardies, a written referral will be issued to the th th Dean’s office where disciplinary action will be taken. _____________________________________________________________________________ _ ATTENDANCE Regular attendance is necessary for success in this course because students will be involved in many in class labs and group projects. If a student must be absent it is his or her responsibility to find out what they missed (Check Sharepoint!). If a student is absent for one day, they will have one day to make up all missing work. If they are absent for two days, they will have two days to make up missing work, etc. Extended absences will be dealt with on an individual basis. Five (5) unexcused absences is an automatic failure in the class for the semester and may be dropped from the class and placed in a study hall. If dropped, a withdraw fail (WF) grade will appear on the student’s permanent transcript. _____________________________________________________________________________
  5. 5. TECHNOLOGY Occasionally, we will be in the library computer lab doing various exercises like power point presentations, computer simulations, and research. I expect you to be on your best behavior, like always! Using the computer lab is a privilege, NOT a right! I will not hesitate to take that away from you, individually or as a class! Another note, we have a LCD projector, DVD, and speakers in our classroom which will be used on a daily basis. DO NOT touch any of this equipment unless we give you permission. Any destruction of the equipment will lead to discipline by the deans, as well as payment for damages. Respecting and protecting this technology is in your best interest. It will ultimately enhance your learning and success in our class! ____________________________________________________________________________ GENERAL CLASSROOM RULES You may have water in a regular sized clear water bottle (no flavored waters or teas). There is absolutely no food or candy permitted. This is for your personal safety. Science rooms must be kept absolutely clean. Do not ask to go to the bathroom or get a drink of water in the first or last 5 minutes of class. We will have composition book entries that you will need to complete during these times. _____________________________________________________________________________ _ CHEATING Don’t even think about it! Don’t jeopardize your grade, integrity, and future at Hinsdale South High School. If you’re caught copying another person’s homework, test, etc. both you and the person who let you copy their work will receive a “0” on the assignment. _____________________________________________________________________________ COURSE OUTLINE Unit 1: The Solid Earth Unit 2: The Oceans Unit 3: The Atmosphere Unit 4: Astronomy *Subject to change based on time _____________________________________________________________________________ EXTRA HELP
  6. 6. Honors Earth Science may be easy for some of you while it may be more difficult for others. When you are in class and do not understand something do not hesitate to raise your hand and ask. If you need additional help, I will always be willing to help you out. You can usually find me during 4/5/6 and 10 period or before and after school in the science office room 101. It is th th best to let me know ahead of time to guarantee I will be available. I hope you have a successful and enjoyable year. I look forward to having each of you in my class!  The 5 Ps Each P is worth 5 points (25 points total). Students will be evaluated based on these criterion twice a quarter. Present Punctual Professional Productive Prepared Physically present All materials Communicates Uses time during each class Arrive on time bought to class respectfully efficiently session and ready to go Mentally attentive Preparation work Turn in work on Takes care of during the entire Remains on-task completed by class time surroundings class session time Works on Mind on and Begin each Dresses assigned class focused during activity on time appropriately work class Be ready to go at Ready to go at the Has a positive and Completes all the start of each start of each helpful attitude assignments learning activity learning activity Takes responsibility Contributes to for actions team work Is attentive and Produces high conscientious quality work Acts in an ethical Uses activities to manner increase learning Takes responsibility for learning and academic growth