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Veterans Benefits


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My basic presentation on Veterans Resources and Benefits. With discussion this takes about an hour.

  • It is ridiculous and outrageous to charge beterns for what they can get for free form any accredited Veteran Service Office accredited through the Department of Veteran Affairs. Are you accedited NO! Go see your local Veterans Service Officer to learn the new way to file your claims as a fully developed claims. Look up fully developed claim on
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Veterans Benefits

  1. 1. Veterans Benefits Josh Penner Veterans Program ManagerChihak & Gustad, Disability Attorneys
  2. 2. AssumptionEvery Veteran you’ll ever work with may needyour help in accessing some level of benefitsfrom somewhere.
  3. 3. What are benefits?• Housing• Cash Assistance• Education• Burial• Disability• Recognition• Whatever you find – whatever you’re looking for
  4. 4. Considerations• Discharge Status• Length of Service• Type of Service• Job Role• Location(s) of Service• Type of Separation
  5. 5. Considerations• Discharge Status – Honorable – General – OTH – BCD – ELS – Dishonorable
  6. 6. Considerations• Type of Separation (Less than Honorable) – Administrative – Court Martial
  7. 7. Considerations• Length of Service – Title 10 – Regular Duty – Reserve / NG Duty – Sea Service / Deployment
  8. 8. Considerations• Type of Service – Active Duty – Reserve – National Guard – Other?
  9. 9. Considerations• Job Role – Grunt – POG – Arty – Medic / Corpsman – Comm – Flightline
  10. 10. Considerations• Location of Service – Combat Zone • Where? How Long? – CONUS v OCONUS
  11. 11. ServiceDD214 Name Record of Service Medals, Awards, Decorations (“Snapshot” of service history”) Military Education General Remarks Discharge Type
  12. 12. Where to Look for Benefits?
  13. 13. Where to Look for Benefits?• For – Federal• Soldiers – State• Continue – County• Looking – Local
  14. 14. FederalResources
  15. 15. Federal Level (For)• VA• Other Considerations – SSA – DOD
  16. 16. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) DVA Veterans Veterans National Benefits Health CemeteryAdministration Administration Administration
  17. 17. What can the VA do for YOU?• Health Care – Physical – Mental – Hospitals – CBOC• Compensation for Service Connected Disabilities• VA Pension (NSC, MOH)• Education and (re)Training• Home Loan Guaranty• Life Insurance• Burial and Memorial Benefits• Partnerships with Service Organizations• Vet Centers• VASH
  18. 18. How to work with the VA• Think – Who – What – When – Where – Why – How
  19. 19. How to work with the VA• Think – Who is the VA looking for? – What are the VA’s eligibility requirements? – When do you need services, can you work other options while waiting for the VA? – Where is the best VA office for your need(s)? – Why are you going to the VA? – How to get services from the VA?
  20. 20. VA Eligibility Requirements• “Eligibility for most veterans’ … benefits is based solely on active military service in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or Coast Guard (or Merchant Marines during WW II), and discharged under other than dishonorable conditions.” 
  21. 21. VA Eligibility Requirements• Active Duty = 2 years or more• Reserve/NG = 180+ Days under Title 10 orders* There are exceptions to these guidelines
  22. 22. Record of ServiceMedals, Awards, Decorations(“Snapshot” of servicehistory”) Discharge Type
  23. 23. How to work with the VA• Start local – – Website – Vet Centers – 1-800-827-1000 – Local Advocates – State & County Veterans Program – Hospital – Federal Building*Always try to obtain/bring a copy of DD214
  24. 24. Other Federal Benefits• Social Security – SSI • Cannot work / federal welfare • $674/mo vs $985/mo for NSC* – SSDI • Insurance Program, out of work 12+ months • Fully compatible with Service Connected Disability
  25. 25. StateResources
  26. 26. WDVA• Washington Department of Veterans Affairs – Mission Statement: “Serving Those Who Served” • Serve as their advocate for all VA entitlements; • Help Heal their seen and unseen wounds of war; • Give Help to the homeless; • Provide quality Care in our Veterans Homes • Honor Veterans in their final resting place. • Counseling for War Trauma/PTSD
  27. 27. Other Services By the WDVA• Emergency Financial Assistance• Veterans Conservation Corps• License Plates• Veteran Service Officers• Homeless Veterans Reintegration• Incarcerated Veterans Reintegration*• PTSD Counseling• Reduced Fee Passes – Hunting, Fishing, Public Transportation – 30% disabled – Free National Park Access
  28. 28. Secondary Benefits?• Knowledge Base! – Most/all of the WDVA employees are extraordinarily helpful.
  29. 29. How to I Engage the WDVA?• Central Office: 1-800-562-0132• King County Call Center 1-877- 904-VETS (8387)•• Email a Benefits Specialist: –
  30. 30. CountyResources
  31. 31. County Level Benefits• All counties in WA have Veterans ‘Programs’• – County Veterans Coalition (CVC) – Provides County by County Veterans assistance information • County Programs/ contact • Service Offices • Points of Contac•
  32. 32. King County Benefits• King County Veterans Program – Offices in Seattle and Renton, Outlets in Auburn, Carnation, Lake City, Enumclaw, Federal Way, Kirkland, Maple Valley, & Redmond (2011) – Offers emergency financial, Veterans Incarcerated Project (VIP)*, Employment assistance, Case Management, and… Specialized knowledge of Local Resources
  33. 33. Contacting KCVP•• Make an appointment: 206-296-7656• Unemployed – Frank Pratt and team host a twice monthly Veterans Orientation to benefits and resources in Renton.
  34. 34. Other County Business• King County Veterans and Human Services Levy
  35. 35. LocalResources
  36. 36. Local Resources? How to find them:• Become a Google Warrior!• What is available on the local level. – Recipient of much of the $ from a higher level • End user housing, mental health, medical, education, work placement assistance• Think local & ‘non-local’ non-profits and charities.
  37. 37. Recap:
  38. 38. Recap:1) Every Veteran qualifies for resources/benefits from at some level2) Know what the pertinent history of the Veteran is: DD214 and/or other source documentation.3) For Soldiers Continue Looking
  39. 39. Recap:Example:
  40. 40. Questions? Josh Penner