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Case study of, and a call to arms for developers to apply their skills to make an impact for causes they care about.

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  • Build An App Start A Movement

    1. Build an App, Start a Movement RailsConf 2009
    2. Who are we?
    3. Wynn Netherland Jim Mulholland Bradley Joyce @pengwynn @mully @bradleyjoyce
    4. Why do you code?
    5. Paycheck?
    6. The great indoors?
    7. The groupies?
    8. Because you like to build stuff!
    9. All TPS reports and client work make Johnny a dull coder.
    10. Sharpen your skills. Build something you care about.
    11. OK. What to build?
    12. Good ideas may not seem obvious.
    13. From the Squeejee Camp re 12/4/2008
    14. “... OK so no one else thinks this is a good idea”
    15. Who cares? Just build it!
    16. The idea: A Twitter directory and aggregator for the US Congress
    17. A good name is everything.
    18. Tips for nding a good name Our faves: - - More: - evaluation-brand-evaluate-names.php - for-picking-a-domain-name/
    19. Avoid names like these
    20. Who Represents?
    22. Experts Exchange
    24. Pen Island
    26. Therapist Finder
    28. Speed of Art
    30. So you want to build a Twitter mashup?
    31. Client only options
    32. Tweet jQuery plugin from @seaofclouds Features: - Display tweets from Search API based on keyword, users, and search terms. - Get up and running fast Limitations: - Can only aggregate so many users - Search engines won’t index content as part of your site
    33. Server-side Ruby options
    34. Close to the metal JSON.parse Net::HTTP.get Pros: - No external dependencies Cons: - Must be very familiar with Twitter API - Myriad of error handling scenarios - URI escaping
    35. Grackle from @hayesdavis - Method based API calls that map to API end points - Returns OpenStructs - Dot notation, don’t handle the URLs as strings - method? = GET - method! = POST - API changes don’t require changes to gem - Supports OAuth and HTTP Basic
    36. Twitter from @jnunemaker - Complete Ruby wrapper for Twitter APIs - Robust, domain speci c error handling - Supports OAuth and HTTP Basic
    37. twitter_auth from @mbleigh - Restful Auth meets Twitter login - Updates user pro le info upon login - Authenticated client access to API from user object - Rails 2.3 Engine - Supports OAuth or HTTP Basic - No Search API support
    38. Choose your syntax - you gotta have friends # JSON.parse Net::HTTP.get Net::HTTP.get(URI.parse(quot; friends.json?screen_name=#{screen_name}quot;) # Grackle (@hayesdavis) client.statuses.friends :screen_name => screen_name # Twitter (@jnunemaker) client.friends(screen_name) # twitter_auth (@mbleigh) user.twitter.get(quot;/statuses/friends.json? screen_name=#{screen_name}quot;
    39. Pro tip #1: Don’t fear the reaper refactor.
    40. Pro tip #2: Get whitelisted! 20000 calls per hour - less than it sounds
    41. If you build it will they come? So how do we promote this thing?
    42. Promoting - Twitter! - Enter award competitions - Build relationships outside the tech world
    43. Who knows, maybe it will become
    44. a movement.
    45. Tweet Congress
    46. Our Mission We the Tweeple of the United States, in order to form a more perfect government, establish communication, and promote transparency do hereby Tweet the Congress of the United States of America. Tweet Congress
    47. Why?
    48. Transparency
    49. Communication
    50. We are all lobbyists now.
    51. Stats Congressional Tweeters 150 112.5 75 Dec. 08 37.5 Jan. 09 Feb. 09 0 Mar. 09 Apr. ‘09 Tweet Congress
    52. Stats Democrat Republican 34% 134 Total tweeters 66% Tweet Congress
    53. Stats D Tweeting D Non-Tweeting R Non-Tweeting R Tweeting 8% 14% 134 Total tweeters 31% 47% Tweet Congress
    54. Darn lies and statistics Launched December 12, 2008 Found or recruited 90+ reps to join Twitter Republicans have had 2-to-1 advantage over Democrats since launch #tweetcongress hashtag (last 200 tweets) reached 190k people Tweet Congress
    55. Who gets it? Claire McCaskill: @clairecmc Following: 1 Followers: 22610 @reply 4% John Culberson: @johnculberson Following: 11961 Followers: 10874 @reply 44% Tweet Congress
    56. Get involved! 1. Find 2. Follow 3. Tweet Tweet Congress
    57. Build your own! Introducing: Floxee Open Source (MIT) Host your own: Let us host it: Tweet Congress
    58. Build your own! Introducing: Floxee Open Source (MIT) Host your own: Let us host it: Tweet Congress
    59. Tweet us! @tweetcongress @pengwynn @mully @bradleyjoyce Tweet Congress