OWBC Ch. 4


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OWBC Ch. 4

  1. 1. Wacky Boolpropia arrived home from work early in a beat up old clunker. She had been demoted all the way backdown to the starting level in her career after losing a battle to a robot. Everyone had started to question her ability tocontinue on as an elder Captain Hero and so her boss had taken away the rockets for her boots and sent her home.
  2. 2. Wacky wasn’t upset though. “Who needs a job anyway when my daughter and her fiancé are arriving home today andsoon there will be grandkids to watch over and play with!” she said to herself as she headed inside.
  3. 3. So without any hesitation whatsoever, Wacky headed to the phone and called her boss. “So I’ve decided to retire. NoI don’t want to try and work my way back up in the company. I’ll be quite happy with the modest little pension for theentry level job. I have more important things to do!”
  4. 4. As soon as Wacky hung up the phone she heard the front door open.“Mom? Dad? Benjamin? We’re home!” Ori called as she followed Phillip in the front door.
  5. 5. “You’re back!” Wacky cried running out of the kitchen to greet them.“It’s good to see you both,” Pao said as he too came into the room.“It’s good to be home,” Ori replied. “Now if you’ll excuse us. I think it’s time to find some better outfits!”
  6. 6. Wacky and Phillip weren’t the only ones to arrive back at the main house that day. Omar had talked it over with hissister and agreed to move in briefly to bring in some extra career rewards for the main house. After a quick spree withthree different jobs he gave his sister the rewards and happily moved out to his own apartment.
  7. 7. The first order of business once everyone was settled in their new homes was to throw a wedding party. Wacky hadbeen busy with the preparations before Ori and Phillip had even arrived home and so in what seemed like no time at allOri was preparing herself for her wedding.“You look great,” Benjamin said as Ori fussed with her hair, Wacky had asked him to go make sure that Ori was ready.“You should probably be heading out there, you know, the guests are all here.”“Thanks Benjamin,” Ori replied. “I’m just a little nervous.”
  8. 8. In the living room Ori’s brother Ben and her namesake, Orikes Simself, were waiting for Ori to emerge.“What do you think is taking her so long?” Ben asked as he made faces at the fish.“Well, we girls have to make sure everything is just perfect,” Orikes replied as she made a claw out of her hands to tryand scare the fish that were closest to her.
  9. 9. It was at that moment that Ori and Benjamin emerged.“Hey guys! What’s up?” Ori grinned giving her brother and friend a thumbs up.
  10. 10. “Took you long enough,” Ben replied.Ori grinned, “Sorry! I had to be sure I was all cleaned up though. Something you and your lack of neat points couldnever understand.”“I am not afraid to noogie my younger sister on her wedding day,” Ben warned.“You wouldn’t dare because you know I’ll get you back!” Ori replied.“You won’t see me tying the knot,” Ben grimaced a bit at the thought, so I don’t know how you would do that.“Don’t you wish you knew,” Ori said batting her eyelashes innocently before turning towards the door. “Now I believe Ihave a wedding to get to!”
  11. 11. Phillip had been waiting for Ori out in the yard.“You look gorgeous,” he whispered as she joined him under the temporary arch that had been put up.“Thanks,” Ori smiled and blushed a bit. “You clean up pretty well yourself.”
  12. 12. The guests assembled in the yard to watch the ceremony. Most of the guests were family but, as he had promised,Phillip had invited Ricky along to the party. Wacky was sure to take a spot front and center where she could seeeverything.“I can’t believe my baby is getting married already!” she said. “And you as well in just a few days,” she continued asshe turned to Windling, who was standing beside her.
  13. 13. The guests quieted down as the ceremony began.“Phillip, I’m so glad that you never gave up on me even after I first turned you down. You make me the happiest girl inthe world and I love you more than anything.”
  14. 14. “Ori, I knew you were the one from the moment I saw you. You smart and beautiful and I promise to support you ineverything that being heiress in this family requires. I love you too.”
  15. 15. Ori and Phillip sealed their vows with a kiss as the guests applauded.
  16. 16. Well most of them anyway…
  17. 17. Everyone had a great time at the rest of the party and the bride, groom, and guests smutsled long into the night.
  18. 18. Before life could settle into any sort of a routine, however, there was one more wedding to attend. After dating foralmost half of their lives, Windling and Ivy were eager to tie the knot and get started on their own family. They had abeautiful ceremony in their side yard.
  19. 19. With almost the exact same guests that were in attendance at Ori and Phillip’s wedding.
  20. 20. And again the party lasted well into the early hours of the morning.
  21. 21. It wasn’t too long after their wedding that Ivy and Windling announced that they were expecting.
  22. 22. And soon they were the proud parents of twins.
  23. 23. Mint had inherited her father’s skin tone and her mother’s facial features.
  24. 24. While Cedar got her mother’s skin tone and her father’s features.
  25. 25. There could be no doubt that Windling and Ivy were thrilled to be parents.
  26. 26. But starting a family of their own was not an immediate priority for Phillip and Ori. There were some important thingsthat they needed to take care of first, such as achieving career goals.
  27. 27. Painting family portraits.
  28. 28. And searching for aliens.
  29. 29. One thing that Ori hoped to do before she started having kids was to build up the family business, a clubhouse called“The Pink Flamingo”“So what do you think, Phillip?” Ori called.
  30. 30. “Well it looks a lot different from what I was expecting,” Phillip replied. “Didn’t you describe this place to me once as abox with some hot tubs to attract the simselves?”“I did,” Ori replied. “Because that is what it looked like when I was growing up.”
  31. 31. “I’ve made a few improvements in the last few weeks though once Mom said I could have the property.”
  32. 32. Among the new features were a comfortable employee break room, a snack area where customers could refuel, and agame room.
  33. 33. The upstairs area also had work benches where Ori, Pao, and Phillip were able to master the art of making robots.
  34. 34. The customers really seemed to enjoy the improvements and soon sims and simselves from all over Boolpropia wereflocking to the club.
  35. 35. The larger client base meant that Pao also had ample opportunities to fulfill his lifelong dream of having 20 bestfriends.
  36. 36. The club even began to attract some more unusual clientele. It seemed that the gossip about how the Boolpropias hada werewolf living with them had traveled far and wide and sims who were often ridiculed in other areas wanted to see ifthey might fit in.
  37. 37. Ori was particularly interested in Sharon, a witch who said she came from the north, and would often join her in the hottub to chat.“So how did you become a witch or were you born that way?” Ori asked one day.“No I wasn’t born this way,” Sharon replied. “Although some people seem to have more genetic aptitude for magicanyone can become one. I was given my power as a gift by my mentor.”“So how long have you been a witch then?”“Since I was a teen.”“Can adults learn?” Ori asked.
  38. 38. Sharon gave Ori a sharp look. “Are you perhaps interested in becoming a witch?” she asked.“Yes,” Ori replied without much hesitation. “The whole idea fascinates me.”“Well if you are that interested then I might be willing to be your mentor. It will take some time though. I must knowthat you are serious before I transform you.”“Understood,” Ori replied. “When can we start?”
  39. 39. Later that evening after the club had closed Ori and Phillip took an opportunity to relax together in one of the hot tubs.“Would you still love me if I became a witch?” Ori asked Phillip as she snuggled into his arms.“Do you want to become one then?” Phillip asked. “I’ve noticed how much you seem to enjoy talking to Sharon whenshe comes to the club.”“Yes. She said today that she’d be willing to be my mentor if I wanted but I want to make sure that’s okay with you.”“Honey I’m a knowledge sim. If anything you’ll be even more attractive to me as a witch, although I must say I thinkyou getting any hotter is impossible.”Ori just laughed and kissed him, “Thanks.”
  40. 40. Before Ori could begin her instruction with Sharon, however, she and Phillip decided to go on a slightly latehoneymoon.
  41. 41. They had decided to visit Three Lakes and checked into the camp grounds there in order to save some money.
  42. 42. They had a good time visiting the local sites and trying out new activities.
  43. 43. Ori got lessons in deep tissue massage.
  44. 44. And then spent lots of time practicing on Phillip.
  45. 45. The highlight of the trip for both of them was meeting Bigfoot.
  46. 46. But mostly they just enjoyed spending time with each other.
  47. 47. They were lucky with the weather for most of their stay but on the last evening the temperatures dropped and evenbuilding a campfire wasn’t enough to keep them warm.
  48. 48. As the snow piled up around their tent they came up with some other activities to try and keep from freezing.
  49. 49. And in the morning they were quite happy to get into the warm airport shuttle and head home.
  50. 50. They were met with a few surprises when they walked in the door.“We’re home!” Ori began to call and then she stopped dead in her tracks and gasped, “Ben! What happened to you?”
  51. 51. “Well it’s kind of a funny story,” Benjamin began.
  52. 52. “You see the garden was getting overrun with bugs and it seemed like I was out there spraying the trees and plantsalmost constantly!”
  53. 53. “And then one night while I was spraying I was overcome with a fit of coughing as this strange cloud of chemicalssurrounded me. I guess maybe I had sprayed too much at once? And when I finally stopped coughing I felt reallythirsty and strange and discovered that I was covered in leaves!”
  54. 54. “Isn’t it weird?” Ori asked.“Not any weirder than being a werewolf,” Benjamin replied. “Besides there are some perks to being a plant as well. Inever have to sleep anymore and well pranks are just more fun.”
  55. 55. “Well as long as you are happy,” Ori said.“I think it’s pretty awesome actually,” Phillip chimed in.“Me too,” Benjamin agreed.
  56. 56. Wacky had also managed to finish her family history narrative while Ori and Phillip were away.
  57. 57. The book, titled “How Pao Met the Aliens,” had been delivered that afternoon.
  58. 58. Pao of course was the first to read it. In general he thought it was good but Wacky had fabricated a story of whathappened on the spaceship to make up for the gap in Pao’s memory.“Oh plumbob! I hope that’s not what really happened!” Pao muttered as he read.
  59. 59. But those wasn’t the only surprises in store for the family. That evening Ori began her job in the criminal underworld, adream she had had since she was young.
  60. 60. She came home the next morning as a Criminal Mastermind, having won a match of wits with the head of theorganization. But she didn’t have a chance to enjoy the feeling of fulfillment that achieving her goal brought with it.
  61. 61. Instead she made a mad dash to the bathroom where she proceeded to throw up. Thinking back to their vacation Oriwondered if perhaps the next generation was on its way.
  62. 62. She didn’t have to wait long to know for sure as her baby bump began to show the next afternoon.“Phillip? Mom?” she called.
  63. 63. He and Wacky came running when they heard Ori’s yell.“Guess what!” She said with a huge grin.“Oh wow! I’m going to be a Dad?” Phillip asked.“Yep,” Ori replied.“Well I think this calls for a celebration,” Wacky said. “I’ll just go make some phone calls.”
  64. 64. In almost no time at all Wacky had assembled all of her children and some close family friends.
  65. 65. It was a fairly low key party but everyone still had a good time.
  66. 66. Later that evening, after Ori had gone to bed, Phillip and Benjamin took up their nightly post at the telescopes. Phillipcould not stop babbling happily about the fact that Ori was pregnant.“I just can’t wait to meet him or her,” he said. “It’s going to be so much fun to have a little one to teach.”Benjamin nodded, as a knowledge sim himself he thought that he understood how Phillip was feeling completely.
  67. 67. “Babies and toddlers are handfuls though,” he said smiling as he remembered helping to raise Ori and her siblings.“But it’ll be totally worth it,” Phillip replied. “I can’t wait to call Ricky and tell him tomorrow. He’s going to be so excitedfor me.”
  68. 68. Perhaps it was because both men were distracted by their hopes for the future and their memories of the past butneither one of them noticed the faint green light in the sky that was growing brighter and brighter.
  69. 69. Or at least they didn’t notice it until it was too late.“What in the heck?” Phillip asked, sounding confused as a bright light surrounded him. Then understanding of whatwas happening hit him and he screamed in surprise.
  70. 70. And then he was gone.“Not again!!!” Benjamin cried. “I’ve been watching and waiting for you for a whole generation now!” He yelled at theretreating spaceship. “When is it going to be my turn!”
  71. 71. In frustration he stomped down to the garden to wait for the spaceship to return.
  72. 72. He was still there the next morning when he heard the tell-tale whooshing sound that meant the spaceship was back.
  73. 73. Ori too had been waiting in the yard since she had woken up to find that Phillip was gone. Pao, Wacky, and the wolvesalso hurried outside as the spaceship got closer.“Good heavens! That’s loud!” Pao cried.“You’re telling me!” Wacky responded.“Oh I can’t watch…” Ori moaned.
  74. 74. “Oof!” Phillip grunted as he smacked into the pavement. “You would think they could find a gentler way of getting rid ofyou,” he groaned.
  75. 75. “Are you alright?” Ori whimpered.“Yep, just fine,” Phillip answered as he gingerly stood up. “I feel a little funny and kind of sore though.”“Yes I remember that feeling well,” Pao said quietly.
  76. 76. The first thing Phillip did once he was back inside the house was sit down for some breakfast.“Man I’m starving!” he said as he wolfed down most of a bowl of cereal.“Yes, I’m not surprised,” Wacky said with a knowing smile.
  77. 77. “And what is that supposed to mean?” Phillip asked, pausing for a breath between bites.“Oh I just remember that Pao was just as hungry after his return from meeting the aliens and before Windling arrived.”“Wait…so what your saying is that I might be pregnant too?”“It’s very likely dear,” Wacky said with a grin.“Wicked!” Phillip exclaimed.
  78. 78. Phillip rushed to find Ori to tell her the news.“Guess what! Your Mom says that I might be alien pregnant! Isn’t that awesome!?!” Phillip exclaimed.Ori laughed, “I figured as much after Benjamin told me you were abducted last night. Don’t forget, I remember whenmy Dad was abducted and Windling arrived.”“Oh yeah! I should ask him if he has any advice for me shouldn’t I?”“It might help,” Ori replied with a smile.
  79. 79. As it turned out Pao had a few books on alien abduction and pregnancy that he had picked up after his experience andhe was happy to loan them to Phillip who absorbed every word.
  80. 80. The next few days were fairly quiet and uneventful as Phillip and Ori spent much of their time sleeping or eating or, inPhillip’s case, worshiping the porcelain gods.
  81. 81. Benjamin decided to take advantage of what might be the last quiet moments in the house to begin working on findinga mate for the family’s pet wolf, Missy. He found that the process had become much easier now that he was awerewolf and a quick howl was usually enough to bring several candidates to the front yard.
  82. 82. Eventually Benjamin selected Wang as Missy’s mate and easily convinced the wolf to move in.
  83. 83. Unfortunately house training him was another matter entirely…
  84. 84. Benjamin had been right about the last few days being the last quiet moments as Ori drew the whole family to her withher screaming the next morning.“What on earth is wrong?” Wacky asked as she entered the bathroom. “Did you see a huge spider in the tub again?”“No!” Ori said through gritted teeth. “I think the baby is coming!”
  85. 85. “Oh!” Wacky exclaimed. “Well in that case breath honey!”“I’m trying,” Ori puffed.
  86. 86. And then suddenly it was over and Ori was holding a little girl with Phillip’s blue eyes and her brown hair.“Well aren’t you sweet!” Ori whispered.
  87. 87. Wacky finally moved out of the doorway and let Phillip into the bathroom.“Sorry to make you miss that but I thought you might not want to watch considering you’ll be doing the same thingyourself in the not too distant future,” she said.“Thanks. I think,” Phillip replied as he walked over to Ori. “What do you want to name her?”“I was thinking Lulu?” Ori replied.“Sounds perfect to me.”*Lulu is named for loolooloo16play, Professor Butter’s screen name on the Sims 2 exchange.
  88. 88. As Ori went to get Lulu a bottle Phillip took care of adding three more flamingos to the lawn.
  89. 89. Benjamin was also thrilled at the new arrival.“Congrats!” he said to Pao as Pao introduced him to Lulu. “She’s very cute and she has your brown hair.”“Thank you,” Pao replied.
  90. 90. Lulu was adored by the whole family and it was often a race to see who would get to attend to her needs first.
  91. 91. So everyone was very excited when Phillip popped into his second trimester as that meant another baby would bethere that much sooner.
  92. 92. Ori was especially excited and supportive.“You’re going to be perfect just like your Daddy and your sister Lulu aren’t you?” she asked the baby one afternoon. “Imay not be your biological Mommy but I’m still just as excited to meet you.”
  93. 93. “I am a very lucky man,” Phillip said with a smile.“That you are,” Ori grinned back mischievously. “And a very sexy pregnant one too.”“Oh am I?” Phillip grinned back. “Perhaps we should take this conversation somewhere more private?”“That sounds like a good idea,” Ori replied.
  94. 94. No one in the family was surprised when the two retired to the bedroom a few minutes later.
  95. 95. Although Ori had been too tired to work with Sharon while she was pregnant she had not giving up on becoming awitch and devoted lots of time to studying with Sharon after Lulu was born and when Phillip was resting.She was very excited the day that Sharon said, “I think you are ready. Do you still want to be a witch?”“Yes!” Ori exclaimed.“Okay then close your eyes. And just so you are warned, this might tickle a bit.”
  96. 96. Ori gasped and tried not to laugh too much as she found herself surrounded by stars. Sharon was right. It did tickle!
  97. 97. And then suddenly the sparkles were gone and Ori was dressed in robes that matched Sharon’s.“The transformation is now complete,” Sharon said. “Use your gifts well.”“Wow! Thanks! I feel amazing!” Ori said.
  98. 98. Although her new robes were neat Ori decided that she would rather be a bit less conspicuous in public and quicklychanged back into her regular clothes.
  99. 99. That same line of thinking didn’t stop her from flying around the town though. Broomsticks were just too much fun togive up.
  100. 100. The one other change Ori decided to make was to study the neutral magics instead of trying to become infallibly good.It just seemed too weird for her to be head of the criminal empire and a good witch as well. Being a chaotic neutralwould be much better.
  101. 101. So over the next few days Ori honed her new skills.
  102. 102. As Phillip grew steadily larger.“You’re going to have a new brother or sister soon,” he told Lulu the morning of her birthday. “I hope you two will beclose and that you’ll watch out for each other.” Then he sighed, “I can’t believe that your baby days are already over!”
  103. 103. Later that afternoon friends and family gathered at the Boolpropia house to cheer Lulu into toddlerhood.
  104. 104. Phillip got the honors of bringing his daughter to the cake, albeit in his underwear.“Dude you really are pregnant!” Ricky said with a grin. “You’ll have to tell me all about meeting the aliens once Luluhas blown out her candles.”“I’ll tell you the parts I can remember anyway,” Phillip smiled at his best friend.
  105. 105. He rocked Lulu in his arms one more time as the guests all sang “Happy Birthday” and then leaned forward and blewout the candles.
  106. 106. And a few seconds later he was holding a precocious but bald toddler.“Oh dear we are going to have to fix that aren’t we,” he said with a smile.
  107. 107. After a quick trip to the mirror, wardrobe, and an emergency potty training session, Lulu was ready to be the center ofattention.
  108. 108. And she was quite the socialite, demanding attention from simselves…
  109. 109. …and family friends alike.“Well aren’t you just a little flirt,” Ricky said after Lulu demanded to be picked up. “Hey Phillip, buddy, I think you aregoing to have your hands full with this one.”“It looks like,” Phillip replied.
  110. 110. The party didn’t run too late and after everyone had left Phillip settled down to do some studying and watch Lulu playwith her birthday present.
  111. 111. And when she started to fuss he took her to her new toddler mat and watched her fall asleep.“You’re definitely Daddy’s little princess, aren’t you?” he whispered.
  112. 112. Everyone woke up bright and early the next morning, in part because Lulu did.
  113. 113. Phillip got started right away on teaching Lulu her skills and she proved to be a very fast learner.
  114. 114. While Ori worked on her bug collection, one of her duties to the family.
  115. 115. Unfortunately that meant that Ori didn’t hear Phillip when the labor pains started. He had just gone into the kitchen toget Lulu a bottle when he doubled over.“Oh dude! It hurts!” he gasped. “Can anyone hear me?” he cried.
  116. 116. As it turned out Benjamin was the only one inside the house and he came running as soon as he heard Phillip’s call.
  117. 117. “Just breath and it will be okay,” Benjamin instructed.“Did that work for Pao?” Phillip gasped.“Yes it did,” Benjamin said in what he hoped was a comforting voice.
  118. 118. “Wow!” Phillip said a few moments later as he looked into the face of his first son. “I have an even greater respect forwomen after going through that. But you were worth it weren’t you?”
  119. 119. The baby just smiled serenely back. He seemed to have gotten almost all of his features from his alien parent,including the green skin tone, black hair, and glowing red eyes.
  120. 120. Ori quickly joined them in the kitchen, having been called in from the yard by Benjamin.“Oh he’s adorable, Phillip!” she cried as Phillip passed the baby to her. “Did you pick a name yet?”“I like Tegenaria. I know it’s unusual but it just seems to fit him somehow, you know?”“Yeah it does. I like it,” Ori replied.* Tegenaria is not related to the direct line and as such is outside of the boolprop naming scheme. Thus I am followingmy tradition of naming alien children for other people’s legacies. Tegenaria is named for GintasticNecat’s legacyfamily as she was the one who created the multi-pollination technician hack that produced little Tegenaria here.
  121. 121. Ori snuggled Tegenaria close, “He’s perfect Phillip.”
  122. 122. And everyone agreed with Ori, especially Wacky who was thrilled to have another alien in the house. But Benjaminwas a bit frustrated, he had once again lost the chance to give Wacky something that she had truly wanted.
  123. 123. It didn’t take long for the news to spread to the extended family either and Windling arrived to greet the new baby amere half hour after his arrival.
  124. 124. Even Lulu understood despite her young age.“You have a new brother Lulu!” Wacky said sitting down next to her granddaughter.
  125. 125. “Aliwen bwother!” Lulu giggled back.“Why yes!” Wacky said rather surprised at Lulu’s understanding.“Like Uncle Wind’ing!” Lulu continued.
  126. 126. “Did I hear my name?” Windling asked, sitting down to join them after saying hello to Tegenaria.“You certainly did,” Wacky replied.“She seems to be very smart,” Windling said.“And uncannily aware of what is going on in the house,” Wacky replied.Lulu just giggled.
  127. 127. Although a bit puzzled by the fact that Lulu knew things that she should be too young to understand Ori and Phillipwere too tired from the day’s activities to worry about it and they went to bed early.
  128. 128. But Ori didn’t get to sleep for long. After just an hour or so she got up, feeling rather funny.“Oh!” she said with some surprise as she popped into maternity wear. “I’ve been so busy over the last few days Ididn’t even notice the signs!”
  129. 129. But then she smiled, “Phillip is going to be so excited!”
  130. 130. This seems like a good place to leave you, with a picture of the super adorable Lulu Boolpropia. Sorry for the delay inupdates I was stuck on this one for a long time and then this week it decided to write itself. Funny how that happens,isn’t it? I won’t make any promises on when the next update will come out but I can say that I am working on anotherPenguino chapter.In the meantime, happy simming!