OWBC Ch. 3


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OWBC Ch. 3

  1. 1. Llamas, cows, and drama professors…it must be an Officially Wacky Boolprop Challenge College Chapter!Hello and welcome once again to my OWBC! Uh…long time, no see, I guess, since the last time I updated this storywas almost exactly 3 years ago in March 2008… Sorry about that. There was a broken motherboard, a turn on theboolprop round robin legacy, and then lots of other real life things that got in the way. Since it has been so long Ithought I would give a brief recap of highlights of the first two chapters in case you don’t feel like reading them again.So, this challenge was founded by Wacky Boolpropia, an eccentric sim who looks strangely similar to my simself.Wacky enjoys strange decorating styles and loves pink flamingos. She is a popularity sim who also wanted to raise afamily.
  2. 2. It took her a little while to find a man who understood her various quirks but the day that she introduced herself to Paothe mailman she knew he was the one.
  3. 3. It wasn’t long before they were married in a short but sweet ceremony in their side yard.
  4. 4. Wacky and Pao wasted no time in starting their family and had three children together. The first to arrive was a son,Ben, who has become a romancer and is very popular with the ladies. He managed to juggle 5 girlfriends as a teenand is hoping to have quite a few more in college. He dreams of becoming a professional athlete.
  5. 5. Their only daughter, Ori, came next. She’s a fortune sim determined to build the family’s wealth through a life of crime.
  6. 6. Their youngest is a boy named Omar who enjoys making and playing in messes. He is also a fortune sim who wantsto be a chief of staff, which is a bit worrying given his lack of personal hygiene.
  7. 7. There was one last baby added to the household after Pao was abducted one evening.
  8. 8. The result was Windling, a quiet family sim who believes he has found his one true love with townie teen Ivy Copur.He hopes to one day celebrate their golden anniversary.
  9. 9. There is one other important resident of the Boolpropia household. Shortly after her first son, Ben, was born Wackydecided that she needed help around the house so she asked long time friend Benjamin Long to move in to help withthe kids and to keep Pao company while stargazing. Unbeknownst to Wacky, however, Benjamin was deeply in lovewith her and spent many hours daydreaming about the life that he believed Wacky wanted with him.
  10. 10. Benjamin’s dreams came crashing down the night that Wacky transitioned to an elder and asked Benjamin to stayforever young to watch over her family. In that moment he realized that he had lost his chance to be with Wacky manyyears ago.
  11. 11. Benjamin was distraught and feeling rather useless since all of the kids had left for college. In an attempt to keephimself busy he tried to find a mate for the familys pet wolf Missy. Instead Benjamin was bitten by the leader of thepack and became a werewolf. As a knowledge sim he thinks this is fantastic but the change certainly frightened therest of the family.And that, my friends, catches us up to the current point in the story!
  12. 12. Ben, Ori, Omar, and Windling had all just arrived at their dorm at Sim State University.“College,” Ben said with a grin. “Imagine all the possibilities…”“Yeah, it’s exciting isn’t it?” Ori replied. “Shall we get settled in?”
  13. 13. The four set about unpacking and decorating their rooms and it wasn’t long before Wacky called the dorms to makesure that her children were settling in okay. She also had some important information to share with Ori.“I’ve been made the heiress?” Ori asked with some surprise. “I mean I know Ben hasn’t really shown any interest insettling down, that Windling wasn’t eligible, and that Omar hasn’t shown any interesting in…well…anything exceptmaking huge messes. But I guess I never really thought about being picked. Thanks Mom!”
  14. 14. She listened for a few minutes as Wacky filled her in on some important details.“Wow! That’s quite a list of things to do!” Ori replied. “But I’ll get started on them as soon as I can!”
  15. 15. According to Wacky, being the heiress was going to require some very specific skills, including learning how to performa xylophone trick on the pool table. This was apparently useful to know for entertaining guests at parties, which Oriwas going to be required to throw at least once each season. Really when she thought about it, all of the requirementssounded pretty fun so Ori set to work on building up her pool skills.
  16. 16. Meanwhile, Ben had finished unpacking and was going around the dorm meeting the various residents. He wasthrilled when he discovered that all the other dormies were female.
  17. 17. He knew he wouldn’t have any competition for the various ladies’ affections as Windling was quick to rekindle hisrelationship with Ivy as soon as he was settled. She had been assigned to a different dorm but it was obvious that shewould be spending a lot of time over at the Boolpropias’ dorm.
  18. 18. And, well, Omar was Omar. Ben wasn’t sure the boy would ever be able to attract a girl or if Omar was eveninterested in romance in the first place.
  19. 19. The first semester of college for the Boolpropia children was all about getting used to the routine of dorm life andschoolwork.
  20. 20. Ori, Omar, and Windling were usually busy studying but Ben had other plans which involved his professor and the Mr.Mickles doll that his father had earned while they were on the family vacation to Twikkii Island.
  21. 21. He quickly earned his A which left him free to do whatever he pleased for the rest of the semester.
  22. 22. So he spent his time building up a number of other girlfriends.
  23. 23. Once they had gotten used to the routine it was time for some fun so Ori scheduled her first party and invited herparents and Benjamin.
  24. 24. All the guests spread out throughout the dorm, enjoying the various games and music.
  25. 25. The party was just getting good when a cop showed up at the dorm. Apparently some of the residents in thesurrounding area were complaining about the noise and he had come to shut down the party.
  26. 26. Omar tried to comfort Ori over the mishap the next morning.“It was a good party, sis,” he began. “Next time we should invite the neighbors though. Then maybe they won’tcomplain.”“Yeah,” Ori sighed. “Although I think that perhaps we had better think instead about finding a place to rent outside ofthe dorms. There are some nice houses around the edge of campus where loud parties might be less of a problem.”“That does sound like a good idea!” Omar replied.“I know. The only problem is that we don’t have enough money to rent any of them.”“Oh,” Omar said. “But we’re fortune sims! We’ll just have to find some creative ways to earn the cash!”
  27. 27. So they began trying various schemes to earn some extra money beyond the grants they all knew they would begetting at the end of the semester. Given his love of dirt, Omar’s idea was to dig for treasure in various places aroundcampus but this idea was abandoned after only a few attempts. Ben in particular was annoyed about the sweaty laborthat interfered with his quest for romance.
  28. 28. Windling’s idea was to take a second job working for the school’s cafeterias. This one was more successful as theirfellow students preferred the food when Windling was the cook.
  29. 29. Especially because he never set the stove on fire or served charred meals. But the school did not pay very well andthey needed to earn money faster if they were going to be able to move out at the end of the year.
  30. 30. Eventually it was Ben who came up with the idea that was the most successful. He had been an excellent guitarplayer as a teen and with a bit of coaching was able to form a band with Omar and Windling. Their first gig was at theCampus Lounge, a popular student hangout.
  31. 31. Financially the venture was a success but Ben was a bit disappointed. He had hoped that being the lead singer andguitar player would net him a few girls for the weekend but it seemed that mostly men were hanging out at the CampusLounge that evening.
  32. 32. While her brothers were playing Ori decided to increase their profits by taking a job at the coffee bar in the samebuilding.
  33. 33. With so many students trying to ace midterms, coffee was a popular commodity and the students tended to tip fairlywell.
  34. 34. Although there were some downsides.“Hey hot stuff!” The guy had snuck around the counter and was leaning close to whisper in Ori’s ear. “How about youand me head downtown for a date after your shift is over? I know some nice places.”“Ugh!” Ori cried quickly stepping away. “Not interested! Now please get back on the other side of the counter!”
  35. 35. At the same time Ori had caught the eye of another student.Phillip Wong and Ricky Go had come to the Campus Lounge to take a break from their studies.“Wow! That girl is hot!” Phillip said as he watched Ori serve coffee.“She’s nice but not really my type,” Ricky replied. “I mean, she looks like she’s the kind of girl that likes expensivethings.”“Even so, she’s gorgeous,” Phillip replied.
  36. 36. “Well then, I dare you to ask her out,” Ricky said.“No way, man. A girl like that must have a boyfriend already who will beat me up for trying,” Phillip replied.“Double dog dare you,” Ricky said with a grin.“Dang it Ricky, why did you have to do that? You know I can’t turn that down.”“Exactly,” Ricky replied.
  37. 37. “What can I get for you?” Ori asked as Phillip approached just as Ori was trying to shoo away the guy bothering herbehind the counter.“Well, I’d like a plain black coffee and a date with you.”
  38. 38. “Sorry? But what was that second part?” Ori asked as she poured his coffee.“Umm…a date with you?” Phillip asked hopefully.Ori sighed, “What is up with the guys here today? I am tired of being hit on while I am trying to do my job! So, thanksbut no thanks.” Turning to the man behind her she said again, “And that goes for you too!”
  39. 39. “Oh. Sorry,” Phillip said feeling really embarrassed as Ori turned back to take his money. He left a good tip, grabbedhis coffee, and hurried back to his table.
  40. 40. “Soo…how did that go?” Ricky asked as Phillip sat down.“Dude, I do not even want to talk about it,” Phillip replied.
  41. 41. Working at the Campus Lounge became a fairly common occurrence after that first gig and the siblings began to builda small savings. Ori was relieved that after the first day the guys on campus seemed to get the hint that she wanted tobe left alone while working.
  42. 42. The band had other important impacts as well. Ben finally caught the notice of some of the ladies on campus and hebegan to enjoy having an even larger pool of potential dates.
  43. 43. Ori also began to make lots of friends, taking the time during breaks in her shift to meet other students.It was on one of these breaks that Ori met Cherry Zhang. The two quickly discovered that they had a lot in commonand became good friends. Although it seemed that usually Cherry just wanted to talk about Ori’s brother Ben.
  44. 44. Making new friends had unforeseen consequences, however.“Ori Boolpropia?” The office demanded.“Uh…yeah, that’s me,” Ori replied. “Who are you?”
  45. 45. “I’m officer Demi Love and you, miss, are under arrest.”“For what?” Ori cried angrily. “I have a right to know what I am being arrested for! I know you lot have had to comeand break up a few parties but last I checked that didn’t warrant a full on arrest!”
  46. 46. “That is enough out of you!” Demi said, handcuffing Ori behind her back.“Oh man this is so not cool! You are going to be hearing from my Uncle Ben and he’s a werewolf!”“Are you threatening me miss?” Demi snarled.“Umm…no,” Ori replied trying to sound meek. She didn’t want to get into any more trouble.
  47. 47. Ori was even more confused when she saw that the vehicle waiting outside was a limo and not a cop car.“What is going on?” she wondered. “You aren’t trying to kidnap me because I’m the heiress are you?” she asked.“Who are you working for?”“Why are they always hysterical,” Demi sighed under her breath. Out loud she replied, “Just sit down and shut up.”
  48. 48. Ori was very confused and a bit scared when the limo pulled up at a remote location, and Demi removed thehandcuffs, got back in the car and drove away.
  49. 49. In the darkness people were moving towards her but after a few moments of panic Ori realized that she recognizedmost of them.“Cherry?” Ori asked seeing her friend amongst the crowd. “What is going on?”
  50. 50. “Welcome to Sim State University’s Secret Society,” Cherry said as she draped a jacket exactly like the one she woreover Ori’s shoulders as the rest of the crowd began to cheer.“Secret society?”“Yeah! We’ve been watching you for awhile and you’ve been really outgoing and friendly and have the prestige ofbeing your family’s heiress so we decided to make you a member!”
  51. 51. “Wow! That is so cool!” Ori said enthusiastically, all fear and anger disappearing.
  52. 52. “Yeah! It is a secret though so don’t tell anyone about this okay? We’re planning on inducting at least your brotherBen as well and we don’t want him to know what was going on either.”“My lips are sealed,” Ori replied. “Besides, it will be hilarious to watch Ben get ‘arrested.’”
  53. 53. Ori made sure to hide her jacket before she was dropped back off at the dorm that evening.“And where have you been?” Ben asked as she walked in the door.“Out with some friends,” Ori replied.“Boys?” Ben asked narrowing his eyes. “Do I need to punch anyone?”
  54. 54. Ori sighed, “You are such a hypocrite sometimes, Ben. And no I wasn’t out with any boys. But I am tired now so Ithink I’m going to head to bed.”And with that she managed to avoid any more questioning for the time being.
  55. 55. Ori didn’t have to keep her secret for long though. Ori watched from an upstairs window trying not to laugh as DorianKauker accosted Ben. Apparently Demi had heard about Ben’s reputation with the ladies and didn’t want to have todeal with the jokes about her last name.“You, sir, are under arrest for blatant disrespect of women,” Dorian yelled, poking Ben in the chest.“That’s not a crime!” Ben cried back. “And I really respect women so I don’t know what you are talking about!”
  56. 56. “Tell it to them down at the station,” Dorian said as he handcuffed Ben.
  57. 57. Ben’s reaction once he found out what was going on was just as enthusiastic as Ori’s, albeit for different reasons.“Sweet! Look at all the girls here that I don’t know yet!”
  58. 58. After the excitement of the abductions campus life carried on as usual. Skills were mastered.
  59. 59. The cow mascot was annoying.
  60. 60. As was the llama mascot for that matter.
  61. 61. And Omar continued to be a loner that seemed to be followed by messes.
  62. 62. It wasn’t long before the end of their first year arrived and despite all of their hard work the Boolpropias were still a bitshort on cash.“I can’t find anything big enough for all of us that we can afford,” Ori said in frustration one afternoon as she searchedthe local listings.“Bummer,” Ben replied. “And I was so looking forward to having enough space for a double bed too…”“Well maybe we’ll be able to move out midway through our sophomore year if we just keep at it,” Ori sighed.
  63. 63. Despite their lack of cash Ori still insisted that they throw a party to celebrate the end of the semester and she invitedeveryone that she knew and told them to bring their friends along as well.
  64. 64. Of course this led to some unexpected surprises.“Oh dude, you did not tell me this was her party!” Phillip cried as he ducked hoping to hide from Ori’s sight.“How was I supposed to know what her name was? It wasn’t like you found that out when you attempted to ask herout,” Ricky replied. “All I heard was that the kids who live in this dorm know how to throw the best parties, when thecops don’t break them up that is. Or, come to think of it, maybe that’s why everyone says they throw the bestparties…”
  65. 65. “Shut up Ricky! What if she sees me?” Phillip whined.“Too late,” Ricky replied.“What?!”“I think she’s on her way over here.”
  66. 66. Ori was indeed walking their way, intending to go downstairs to grab a quick snack when she noticed Phillip and Ricky.She paused, “You look familiar. Do I know you?”“Umm…” Phillip rubbed the back of his neck embarrassed. “I think we met at the Campus Lounge earlier thissemester…”
  67. 67. “Oh yeah!” comprehension spread over Ori’s face. “You asked me out.”Ricky was trying not to laugh at Phillip’s embarrassment as Phillip mumbled, “Yeah I did.”“And I shot you down…” Ori continued. She gave Phillip an appraising look, noticing how very uncomfortable he was.“And very cute too,” she thought. Out loud she continued, “Sorry about that. I had had a long day and some gross guywas bugging me to go out with him so I kind of snapped.”“Oh…” Phillip replied. “Well I’m sorry to have added to the stress.”Ricky rolled his eyes and jumped into the conversation, “He was going on about how cute you were so I dared him togo ask you out.”
  68. 68. Ori looked surprised for a moment but then smiled, “And you are?”“I’m Ricky and this is Phillip,” he said pointing to his friend. “And I don’t think we ever did get your name.”“I’m Ori Boolpropia,” she replied. Then she turned to Phillip, “I was about to head downstairs to get a quick snack.Want to join me so we can try starting over?”“Uh…sure!” Phillip replied with a goofy smile breaking out over his face.Ricky gave him the thumbs up behind Ori’s back as the two headed downstairs.
  69. 69. Ori was hungry and she grabbed a plate of mac and cheese off the counter before sitting down at a table andbeckoning for Phillip to join her.“So Phillip,” Ori began. “I feel bad for turning you down that day since you seem nice so how about we try startingover?”“Okay…” Phillip replied, hardly daring to believe his luck.Ori smiled, “Cool. So since I don’t know anything about you how about we start there. What year are you and what’syour major?”“I just finished up my freshman year and I’m thinking about majoring in art but I haven’t declared it yet. How aboutyou?”
  70. 70. “Just finished freshman year as well,” Ori replied. “And I’m majoring in literature.”“That’s cool,” Phillip replied. “What do you want to do with that then?”“Oh I’m going to head home and take over the family house when I finish college. My Mom kind of has this legacything going on but I have to keep a whole bunch of weird rules for it.”“Oh?” Phillip asked.“Like we have an army of flamingos on our front lawn. Three for every person who lives in the house. And I’mrequired to throw a party every season.”“Wait your Mom encourages you to have parties?”
  71. 71. “Yep!’ Ori grinned. “So see they are weird but awesome.”“Totally,” Phillip couldn’t help grinning back.“So what about you?”“I haven’t really thought about what I’m going to do after college yet. It seems pretty far away doesn’t it?”Ori nodded, “I guess. It seems short to me but then I have this list of stuff I have to accomplish before I head home.”Phillip nodded and Ori had a few more bites of her food before the conversation continued.
  72. 72. “So your friend Ricky is pretty outspoken,” Ori said with a mischievous grin.Phillip felt himself blush, “Yeah…he doesn’t have much of a brain to mouth filter.”“I can see that,” Ori replied. She wanted to push further and ask Phillip if he really thought she was cute but she couldsee that the conversation was making him uncomfortable already. Instead she finished up her mac and cheese andthen stood up.
  73. 73. “I should go back to being a good hostess,” Ori said. “Thanks for keeping me company while I ate.”“No problem,” Phillip replied.Ori reached out and gave him a quick hug, “I think we’re going to be good friends.”
  74. 74. Phillip watched her go as she headed back upstairs to the party.“Yeah…friends…” he said quietly.
  75. 75. Shortly after heading back upstairs Ori ran into her longtime friend and namesake, the simself Orikes.“So celebrating getting to move out of the dorms then?” Orikes asked when she saw Ori.“I wish…” Ori replied. “But we are a bit short on cash. We’ll have to try and find a house another semester.”“Really? Well then, I have an idea. I have a house on campus that I could rent to you for pretty cheap.”
  76. 76. “Really? That would be awesome!” Ori practically squealed.Orikes laughed, “Well then. I’ll go make sure the house is set up.”
  77. 77. Orikes was true to her word and in just a few short days the four siblings found themselves in front of their new home.“Wow! This is even better than I imagined!” Omar said giving his sister the thumbs up.“Hey, I wouldn’t let you all down,” Ori replied.
  78. 78. And it was quite the improvement from their dorms. It even came fully furnished!
  79. 79. Windling was particularly excited because the size of the house meant that he could ask Ivy to move in with them.“Oh I’d love to!” Ivy said, giving Windling a winning smile.
  80. 80. Windling decided to show his excitement by pulling Ivy in for a kiss.
  81. 81. The first thing Ori did was register the house as a Greek house on campus. The next thing she did was to inviteeveryone she knew over for a party as she and her brothers agreed that having a toga party was really the only way toproperly celebrate the new house.
  82. 82. “So what do you think?” Orikes asked once she had arrived.“This has to be the most awesome house on the whole campus!” Ori replied.“Glad you like it,” Orikes said with a grin.
  83. 83. As the party got under way various small groups broke off to enjoy different activities.
  84. 84. And at one point Orikes ran into Phillip downstairs.Recognizing the sim Orikes cried out, “Charlie!” and hurried over to try and give Phillip a hug.“What?” Phillip said backing away. “Do I know you?”
  85. 85. “Charlie? It’s me Orikes! You know, you’re creator?”“Listen lady, I have no idea what you are talking about. My name is Phillip, not Charlie, and I would appreciate notbeing hugged by a complete stranger.”
  86. 86. “Oh sorry,” Orikes said and she walked away mumbling something that sounded like “I forgot the dormies don’t knowabout the multiverse here...”
  87. 87. “You’re friend is kind of strange,” Phillip whispered to Ori who had been standing nearby.“Yeah, but she’s fun and we have the same name so she gave us a sweet deal on this house,” Ori replied. “So don’tlet her hear you say that.”“I’ll keep it quiet,” Phillip replied.
  88. 88. In all it was an excellent party and the perfect way to break in the new house as far as Ori was concerned.
  89. 89. After their initial party the four siblings and Ivy began to settle into a routine. They enjoyed being able to cook forthemselves again and Ori frequently made grilled cheese, despite the fact that their mother no longer required them toonly eat the sandwiches.
  90. 90. Ben found living outside of the dorms much more conducive to his lifestyle, particularly because there was a muchlower chance of any of his lovers catching him cheating.
  91. 91. Then there was the fact that he now had access to a double bed.
  92. 92. Unfortunately he realized a bit too late that having dates on the front lawn was not a good idea after he seduced themail lady.
  93. 93. Windling and Ivy were also enjoying living together for the first time and could usually be found in each other’scompany.
  94. 94. They were also enjoying sharing a bedroom.
  95. 95. Omar, however, continued his loner tendencies. He especially enjoyed relaxing in the pool and hot tub that werelocated behind the house.
  96. 96. He could usually be found engaging in activities that involved water or making a mess in some way. Painting wasquickly becoming one of his favorite hobbies, especially because he could make money selling them as well as getpaint everywhere.
  97. 97. Despite being generally antisocial, however, Omar was also inducted into the Secret Society. Ben was particularlyupset when he found out that Demi had decided to come for his younger brother but not him.
  98. 98. His rather abrasive personality seemed to have preceded him, however, and there were much fewer people at theSociety to greet Omar when he arrived.“Well this is rather anti-climactic,” Omar said before calling for a ride home.
  99. 99. Ori was also keeping busy between classes. After mastering the xylophone trick she had started on another task thather mother had asked her to master, learning how to build robots.
  100. 100. But just because she was busy didn’t mean she didn’t make time for her friends as well. Phillip was becoming aregular visitor to the house and Ori’s brothers were beginning to notice.
  101. 101. “So…do you like him?” Windling asked one day at lunch.“I’m sorry, but what are we talking about?” Ori asked, confused.“Phillip,” Ben supplied. “We noticed he’s hanging around here quite a bit. Are you two dating?”“No, we’re just friends,” Ori replied.“He’d like to be more,” Ben said.“And how do you know that?” Ori asked, surprised to discover that the possibly that Phillip liked her gave her butterfliesin her stomach.“I’m a romance male. I can see it in his eyes.”“And didn’t you say he tried to ask you out the first time you met?” Windling added.
  102. 102. “You two are unbelievable,” Ori said as she made to get up from the table.“No just concerned,” Ben said as he stood up to block her path out of the dining room. “I know what he’s thinking and Idon’t like anyone thinking it about my sister.”“Also, you need to find someone to date since you are the heiress,” Windling supplied.“Thanks for the lecture guys but I’m perfectly capable of taking care of myself. Now can I go? I have to get to class,”Ori snapped before escaping from the room.
  103. 103. “Well that was certainly not cool of them,” Ivy said to Ori later that evening as they were playing chess. Ori had beenfilling her in on the entire conversation with her brothers.“No kidding,” Ori replied. “I mean Ben basically has a revolving door on his bedroom and you and Windling livetogether and I never grill them about it.”“They probably just feel like they have to protect you,” Ivy replied. “Makes me glad I don’t have any older brothersthough.”
  104. 104. Still Ivy decided that perhaps she should say something to Windling about leaving his older sister alone.“Look I know you are concerned but she doesn’t pry into our relationship so you shouldn’t pry into any of hers,” shesaid one night as they had dinner on the porch.“But… I’m worried because she doesn’t seem to be looking for a spouse yet,” Windling began. “And I want to makesure she finds the right one.”“Windling not all of us are family sims. Just because we found each other as teens doesn’t mean it happens the sameway for everyone else. Just give her time. I’m sure she knows she needs to get married as the heiress and doesn’tneed you reminding her.”
  105. 105. Windling was about to argue his case further when two things happened at once. Ben came out to join them and DemiLove arrived to take Windling to the Secret Society.“Honestly, I’m a bit uncomfortable with you putting handcuffs on me, especially with my girlfriend watching,” Windlingcomplained.“I don’t mind though,” Ivy cut in with a smile on her face.“How come I’m the only one who didn’t get a hot female cop when I got abducted?” Ben complained under his breath.
  106. 106. “Windling Boolpropia, you are coming with me!” Demi said as she snapped the handcuffs around his wrists.“This is so humiliating,” Windling muttered.“Oh just try and enjoy it,” Ben replied.
  107. 107. But Windling hated every minute of the abduction and called for a taxi to come and get him as soon as he had arrived.
  108. 108. Despite Ivy’s lecture, Windling and Ben hadn’t given up on their role as protective brothers. So when Phillip stoppedby early one day to visit only to find that Ori had gone for a run Windling and Ben pounced.“So what are your intentions toward our sister?” Windling asked after serving Phillip some breakfast.Phillip nearly choked on his cornflakes, “I’m sorry but what?”“Our sister, Ori,” Ben said as he joined them. “We’ve both seen how you look at her and noticed that you are alwaysaround. Are you planning on asking her out or what?”“Dude that is none of your business,” Phillip replied. “We’re good friends.”
  109. 109. “But you’d like to be more,” Ben replied.“That is between her and me,” Phillip began.“It’s true though,” Windling cut in. “She told me that the first time you met you asked her out.”Phillip sighed and got up from the table, “Like I said. I don’t have to take this from either of you. I’m going to go waitfor Ori to get home somewhere that is not here.”
  110. 110. Phillip retreated to the dinning room where he attempted to work on his homework but he couldn’t seem toconcentrate. What Ben and Windling had said was making him think. He did really like Ori and just hadn’t asked herout again for fear of getting shot down a second time. Maybe he should stop being a coward and try again…
  111. 111. His train of thought was interrupted by Ori who had finally arrived back home.“Hey there!” she said. “Why the long face?”Phillip started, “Oh…just trying to work out this problem.” He forced a smile on his face, “How was your run?”“Good,” Ori replied. “How about we move to the living room where it’s more comfortable to hang out though. Maybestepping away from the assignment will help?”“Yeah, that sounds like a good idea,” Phillip said.
  112. 112. “So how are classes going?” Phillip asked as he and Ori played a game of red hands. He was hoping that shewouldn’t notice that his palms were sweating. He was trying to build himself up for what might be a rash action.But Ori did notice that he was acting a bit off. “Are you okay?” she asked. “You seem really distracted today.”“I’m fine…” Phillip began to say and then stopped.
  113. 113. He took a deep steadying breath and then said, “Actually there’s something I wanted to ask you.”“Oh?” Ori prompted.“I’m sure you remember how I asked you out the first time we met?”“Yeah,” Ori replied.“Well I know you weren’t interested then,” Phillip continued. “But I’m hoping that maybe now that you know me betteryou might be willing to try going out on a date with me.”
  114. 114. Ori felt her breath catch a little and was a bit surprised to discover that his request made her feel unbelievable happy.“I…yes I think I’d like that,” she replied.“Really?” Phillip was elated and couldn’t believe his luck.“Yeah. When and where?” Ori asked.“How about I pick you up for dinner later tonight?” Phillip asked.“Perfect,” Ori replied.
  115. 115. Phillip picked Ori up promptly at 6 later that evening and they headed downtown to get some dinner.
  116. 116. Then they went to the campus park where they had an enjoyable time looking at stars and just talking. As she laythere Ori realized just how right it felt to have Phillip’s arm around her and she wondered why it had taken her so longto realize how much she cared about him.
  117. 117. When they finally got back up to head home Phillip reached out and touched Ori’s cheek.“Would you mind if I kissed you?” he asked quietly.“Not at all,” she whispered in reply.
  118. 118. When Phillip dropped Ori back off at her house a little while later he leaned in for another kiss. As they separated Orisaid a little shyly, “So…would you like to come up and perhaps stay the night?”“I’d love to,” Phillip replied. “If you’re sure you want me to.”“I’m sure,” Ori answered.“You’re brothers are going to kill me.”“I’ll protect you,” Ori replied with a laugh.“Well I can’t say no to that then.”
  119. 119. Afterwards Phillip held her close as they drifted off to sleep. “Her brothers may kill me,” he thought. “But I’m still theluckiest man alive.”****
  120. 120. A few weeks later found Ori and Phillip joking and flirting in the kitchen. It seemed now that they were officially datingthat Phillip was spending more time at her house than he was in his dorm room. Thinking financially it seemed silly toOri for Phillip to be paying for a place he wasn’t really using and also she really missed him when he was gone.
  121. 121. As the laughter over the last joke Phillip had told died away Ori turned serious. “Phillip?” she asked.“Yes?”“I was wondering if maybe you want to move in here with me. After all you’re practically living here already.”Phillip grinned, “You’re brothers won’t mind?”Ori scoffed, “They’re not allowed to complain. Not with Windling and Ivy sharing a room and Ben bringing home adifferent girl every night.”“Then I’d love to,” Phillip replied as he caressed Ori’s cheek.
  122. 122. Ori gave a squeal of delight and leapt into Phillip’s arms. “This is going to be awesome!” she cried.
  123. 123. It didn’t take long for Phillip to feel at home.
  124. 124. And if Ori’s brothers had objected Phillip never heard a word about it.
  125. 125. Life at college went on as usual after that. Lots of pizza was consumed.
  126. 126. Term papers were written.
  127. 127. Bad weather was endured.
  128. 128. And romance abounded.
  129. 129. And in what seemed like no time at all the Boolpropias had reached the last semester of their senior year.
  130. 130. Realizing that they were so close to graduating prompted Windling to do something that he had been planning for quitesome time.One evening, after returning from a fun night on the town he stopped Ivy before they had reached the front door.
  131. 131. He dropped to one knee and said, “So Ivy, there has been something I’ve been meaning to ask you for some timenow.”Ivy’s breath caught in her chest, “Windling…” she began. “Are you…?”
  132. 132. “I am,” Windling replied. “Marry me, Ivy?”
  133. 133. Ivy squealed with delight and threw herself into Windling’s waiting arms, “Yes! Of course I will!”
  134. 134. “Hey everyone! Guess what!” Windling yelled as they entered the house a little while later. “Ivy said she’d marry me!”
  135. 135. Everyone quickly came running to congratulate the happy couple.
  136. 136. Seeing Ivy and Windling get engaged led Phillip to begin thinking about the future, so when Ricky asked him how hisrelationship with Ori was going one evening his plans came spilling out.“I think I’m going to ask her to marry me,” he replied.“Wow! That’s awesome, man! You think she’ll say yes?”“Well we’ve been living together for a few years so I certainly hope so.”“I’m sure she will. Do you have a ring and a plan for how to do it yet?”
  137. 137. “I do. I think I might take her out to the restaurant where we had our first date and ask her over dinner.”“Sounds like a great plan!” Ricky replied.
  138. 138. Unfortunately for Phillip things did not go as well on that date as he had hoped.
  139. 139. It began well enough. Phillip had reserved a table and they didn’t have to wait for a seat. They shared an appetizerand were having a good time.
  140. 140. Until the waitress, who was apparently fairly new, arrived at their table with the food.
  141. 141. Which she proceeded to dump all over Phillip.
  142. 142. As Ori tried desperately not to laugh.
  143. 143. “Oh my gosh I am so sorry!” she cried as Phillip wiped salad dressing out of his eyes. “Let me get you some napkinsand I promise tonight’s meal will be on the house.”She hurried away before Phillip could regain his voice and start yelling.
  144. 144. She was back with napkins and fresh food in almost no time at all but didn’t seem to want to stay near the table.“Enjoy! Let my manager know if you need anything!” she cried before hurrying off again.
  145. 145. Needless to say, Phillip wasn’t feeling all that romantic after that and so he decided to postpone asking Ori to marryhim, hoping that the velvet box in his pocket didn’t smell like Italian dressing.
  146. 146. After that Phillip had problems finding a time where he and Ori were alone. Finals were rapidly approaching andeveryone was studying hard.
  147. 147. So when they had a stress relief party shortly before exam week Phillip decided to make the setting work. Dropping toone knee he pulled the ring box (which did smell just a little bit like Italian dressing) out of his pocket.“Phillip? Is that what I think it is?” Ori asked, caught completely by surprise.“It is. Ori Boolpropia I have loved you from first sight. I promise to help you with all of your tasks as heiress and to doeverything I can to make you happy. Marry me?”
  148. 148. Ori grinned as she took the ring and place it on her finger, “Absolutely!”
  149. 149. A few minutes later Ricky stepped in to pull the couple back down to earth.“Hey lovebirds! Congrats but you should know your PDA is making a few of the guests uncomfortable.”
  150. 150. Ori laughed as she and Phillip separated. “Oops.”“So bedroom?” Phillip asked.“Definitely,” Ori replied and the two weren’t seen for the rest of the party.
  151. 151. It was only a few days later that all the members of the house successful passed their final exams. Graduation dayhad arrived!
  152. 152. To celebrate the Boolpropias threw their largest party yet.
  153. 153. During which Phillip was introduced to his future in-laws. Wacky liked him right away and could already tell he wouldhave all the qualities he needed to help Ori meet the requirements of being heiress.
  154. 154. Phillip was also introduced to Benjamin. Phillip was a little hesitant to meet the werewolf. He was intrigued byBenjamin’s transformation but he had also heard that werewolves could be dangerous and unpredictable.
  155. 155. He needn’t have worried, well, at least about being attacked by a werewolf.“So welcome to the family!” Ben said. “I’ll be your live in nanny of sorts and I’m sure we’ll also be spending a lot oftime stargazing together since Wacky is hoping for alien grandchildren.”
  156. 156. “Wait…alien grandchildren? Ori hasn’t said anything about that to me,” Phillip replied.
  157. 157. “Oh…umm…I guess I shouldn’t have said anything then. But, well, how do you think Windling over there got greenskin?” Benjamin continued. “You see it’s kind of expected that husbands will do their best to get abducted in thisfamily.”At this Phillip cracked a smile, “Well as long as I get to see the inside of a spaceship I think I can deal with giving birthto an alien baby.”“Knowledge sim?” Benjamin asked.“Knowledge sim,” Phillip replied.“I knew I was going to like you.”
  158. 158. As the party drew to an end there was one more task that Ori needed to take care of before leaving to head home.“Hey Ricky!” she said when she found Phillip’s best friend in the kitchen.“Hey yourself,” Ricky replied. “What’s up?”“Well I have a huge favor to ask of you,” Ori began. “I was wondering if you might want to watch the house for me andPhillip until our kids get here.”
  159. 159. Ricky pretended to think it over for a few minutes. “This whole giant place all to myself for a few years?” he asked.“Yep! To do with as you please so long as you don’t redecorate or destroy it,” Ori replied.“I’m in!” Ricky said with a grin.
  160. 160. “Thanks! That really means a lot to me and Ori,” Phillip said after hearing that Ricky had accepted the job ofplaceholder.“No problem. I expect lots of invites over to visit you though!” Ricky replied.“It’s a deal, dude,” Phillip answered.
  161. 161. As the party wound down Ori pulled Phillip in for a quick kiss. “See you back home in a few!” she said.“Looking forward to it,” Phillip replied.
  162. 162. Stepping back Ori felt the transition take over her. “Please don’t let me end up in an ugly outfit,” she whispered.
  163. 163. She swore just moments later when she discovered that her pleading hadn’t worked.“Hey I like the top,” Phillip said with a grin.“Well enjoy it while you can because it’s the last time you will ever see it,” Ori replied.
  164. 164. A few moments later Ben also followed Ori into adulthood. Although he grew up into a much more dignified outfit.“The ladies always like a suit,” he said with a smile while Ricky rolled his eyes.
  165. 165. Omar’s outfit also matched but he definitely preferred his sweatshirt and vowed to change when he arrived home.
  166. 166. Windling decided to say one more night with Ivy in the Greek house and grew up outside early the next morning. Ivyfollowed close behind him.
  167. 167. Phillip was the last to leave the house. When there was no one left to see he gave Ricky a quick hug. “Take care,man. I’m going to miss you,” he said.“Me too,” Ricky replied. “Don’t forget about inviting me to all of your parties.”“I won’t.”
  168. 168. Then Phillip also transitioned. Observing his clothing Phillip said, “Better change before I get to Ori’s house or she’ll bemad that she got the worst transition outfit of all of us.”With a final wave to Ricky he got into the cab to head to Ori’s home, ready to start the next chapter of their life.
  169. 169. Phew! Well that gets our gen 1 heiress out of college at last! I’ve played quite a bit further already so hopefully thenext chapter will be out in a month or two and not, you know, in another 3 years. Thanks for coming back and stickingwith this chapter as I got a feel for writing my characters again!As always, happy simming!